Broncos didn’t ask T.J. Ward to take a pay cut

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The Broncos decided to move on from veteran safety T.J. Ward and his $4.5 million salary. The Broncos did not try to get him to stick around for less money, according to G.M. John Elway.

“I talked to his agent, but knew that we weren’t going to,” Elway told reporters regarding a possible extension for Ward, whose contract was due to expire after this season. “We weren’t going to do that at that point of time.

“I would like to clear another thing up. We did not ask him to take a pay cut either. That was not in any discussions either, so just wanted to make that clear.”

Elway realizes that players may not agree with the move. Elway doesn’t seem to be worried about that.

“I will tell you I was in that locker room and I didn’t agree with every move that management made,” Elway said. “You create those relationships in that locker room and it’s important. T.J. was a big part of that, but I can tell you how many friends and people I had cut over my career and didn’t agree with all of them but that’s part of it. I think that they understand, at least I hope they understand, we had to do what we believe is best for the Denver Broncos. This is a situation — when you make tough ones like this they’re not always going to be popular but I think the young guys will step up and play well and fill those shoes very well.”

 Ward’s former teammates reportedly aren’t happy with the move, but they have no choice but to move forward with what they have and hope for the best.