John Elway: Brock Osweiler is coming back

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He’s baaa-aaack. Pending a physical.

Broncos G.M. John Elway told reporters on Saturday that quarterback Brock Osweiler will return to the team on Monday, if/when he passes a physical.

It will be a one-year deal for the sixth-year minimum, which means he’ll get $775,000 from the Broncos. The Browns will pay the other $15.225 million.

“I think with the opportunity we had to get Brock back, we’re excited about that opportunity to have that experience there with Brock,” Elway said. “Plus, with Paxton you never know with the throwing shoulder.”

There’s no guarantee Osweiler won’t be back on the market sooner than later. Once Paxton Lynch‘s shoulder heals, the Broncos may decide to keep only two quarterbacks.

“Yes, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” Elway said. “As you know, it’s always fluid, if so we’ll cross that bridge when Paxton gets healthy, we’ll see what we have and go from there.”

Rookie Chad Kelly has been placed on the non-football injury list, which means he’ll miss at least the first weeks of the season.

47 responses to “John Elway: Brock Osweiler is coming back

  1. There were at least one hundred posters joking about this possibility over the past few days. Can you imagine if he sees success? Oops, I cursed it!

  2. Rookie Chad Kelly has been placed on the non-football injury list, which means he’ll miss at least the first weeks of the season.

    Thank you for this reporting. First weeks of the season. Maybe in a follow up article we can put a number on that.

  3. Waiting for tylawpricksix to be shuffled through “moderate ” with his idiocy. Just rename it Mike. When Bill Billicheck retires, so does your fantasy.

  4. Big John GIVEWAY now has now hit the cap wall & is now cutting Pro-Bowlers & bringing back retreads that never had any tread on them in the first place ….LOL

    hopefully Mr. Von Miller can throw the ball cause lord knows there isnt anyone else in the building that can.

    Don’t worry bronco fans this franchise knows exactly what to do with their cap issues…

  5. Football is weird. Denver was on the hook for 16 million and traded him to Cleveland but now the Broncos have him back at 775K with Cleveland paying the rest. Crazy

  6. Meh. He was decent in Denver and showed some promise there. Was 5-2 during that championship run. They get him back for peanuts when they were willing to give him around 16 million last year. Seems like a no-brainer and a win for Elway.

  7. I knew he was a system player when Peyton Manning got benched and Osweiler came in and beat the Patriots. He’s only used to Denver but of course, some team had to pick up this one hit wonder. But I don’t blame Osweiler for cashing out when he could !

  8. this is laughable this guy may be the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf. I guess Elway wants Broncos fans to think this is a positive step in the right direction. would sign Kaepernick in a minute over this clown.

  9. Elway being a master of the draft is about as funny as Ozzie Newsome being so good at selecting. Choosing in the draft is a bit better than a crap shoot.

  10. thermo321 says:
    September 2, 2017 at 10:45 pm
    Football is weird. Denver was on the hook for 16 million and traded him to Cleveland but now the Broncos have him back at 775K with Cleveland paying the rest. Crazy

    Thermo, lay off the stuff – Brock left Denver as a free agent and Houston traded him to Cleveland.

  11. Elway needs to trade lynch before the deadline. Osewiller is just a filler. Simian did not look good. With defenses in their division improving, they will struggle. Broncos are in some trouble on offense.

  12. I’m a Broncos fan. And while I take comfort in Brock back for nothing, it tells me that we are still looking for a starting QB. That puts us in the same boat as half the league, but, not the contending half. The o-line stinks, and Brock isn’t exactly Mr. Durability. I hope we find a running game. Soon.

  13. Elway said. “Plus, with Paxton you never know with the throwing shoulder.” this is a VERY interesting quote. Will this get Denver out from under PL…? Do They want out…? Oh let the drama commence.

  14. Osweiler is a darn good QB. He’s a winner. He’s still very young. Elway got him for nothing. Elway will get the last laugh. He usually does. He’s already in the HOF as a player. He’ll be in a second time as a GM.

  15. Kerouac says:
    September 2, 2017 at 10:59 pm
    Raiders and Broncos: the best in the AFC West.


    Neither of you clowns can beat the Chiefs. You better do it this year, because we have a QB coming next season. Maybe this season if we’re lucky. We’ve been pounding you chumps without a QB to two years now. It’s gonna get worse for you, soon.

  16. Great for Brock as he left, secured far more GUARANTEED money, and now comes back to his old team. Whatever you say about him, you can’t say he didn’t make the correct move.

  17. rho1953 says:
    September 2, 2017 at 10:55 pm
    Wow. The Browns are paying his salary for them. Hilarious. He won’t be any better than he was last time.


    I don’t know how many times this has been reported but this was the Browns intention from day one with BO. They were buying a high draft pick not a QB. With their young roster they were going to have a problem hitting the cap floor with those contracts, and they offset the hit (likely) by moving Haden and Erving, two people who have underperformed in the previous years. In other sports this would be obvious, but apparently those who only read headlines don’t understand that an innovative deal was made here. That BO is going back to Denver I think isn’t much of a story because I doubt he will be on that roster too long.

    And to those that think Denver is in cap hell (mostly patsy fans), Denver is not in cap hell. Shrewd move losing Ward who wasn’t that strong in pass coverage. The trend in the NFL is going away from high priced veterans and more into talented value players on their first five year contracts. So every time someone leaves it isn’t because they are in cap hell. Keep dreaming.

  18. Don’t get the negatives. Elway saved the Broncos $37 mil (albeit unintentionally) and now has a familiar QB back to fill a need for next to nothing. Be happy Bronco fans, this signing is a no loss, lot to gain addition.

  19. @gah05 – Don’t get the negatives??? How is that possible.

    From a football standpoint… what exactly is there to gain?
    1) Does Brock miraculously start playing like his brains don’t fall out during games? He is what he is.
    2) He couldn’t even make the BROWNS… the CLEVELAND BROWNS roster… for 37 MIL they STILL have to pay. He’s bad.
    3) Brock has undoubtedly proven he’s a back up or even 2nd at best
    4) Now the Bronco’s have two backup quality QBs… one just happens to be starting for them. THREE back up quality QBs when Paxton returns.
    5) The D will have to just about do it all again.

    How can you not get those negatives?

  20. What i see through all of this is Kyle Sloter pretty much played lights out with his opportunity and was STILL cut. But Kelly, who has done nothing since he arrived, is still on the roster. They think Kelly could be their guy. Sucks about Sloter though.

  21. @ polegojim

    Don’t get me wrong Osweiler is not a franchise. I said he fills a need (injury to Lynch) and cost the Broncos virtually nothing. The fact that he grew up in the Broncos system, this is the best place for revival (if there is ever one). Not much to lose, much to gain here, and I know one person who agrees (Elway)

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