Rams may bring back Orlovsky after Week One

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The Rams have cut quarterback Dan Orlovsky, leaving the team with two for now. Coach Sean McVay told reporters on Saturday that the Rams could bring Orlovsky back after Week One.

“Dan’s definitely a possible guy that we’ll bring back on this roster, so by no means does that mean that we couldn’t see him Week Two,” McVay said. “I think very highly of Dan. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Dan from other people in the coaching world that have been with him and he certainly lived up to that reputation. He’s definitely a guy that could be a possibility for us to bring back in Week Two.”

Week Two becomes relevant to Orlovsky because players with four or more years of service can collect their full salary as termination pay if on the Week One roster and thereafter released. And it sounds like McVay wants him back.

“The value that Dan had for those guys especially being aware of how young Jared [Goff] and Sean [Mannion] both are, I thought Dan was a great example of kind of providing a mentorship role for them,” McVay said. “Being around some great players and then him having the experience that he’s had. I thought he was really helpful to those guys.”

They’ll have to get past the Colts without Orlovsky, before he can return. Maybe the Colts should sign Orlovsky, given the current quality of the depth chart there.

6 responses to “Rams may bring back Orlovsky after Week One

  1. So, this Orlovsky guy is supposed to be a huge help for the young QB’s on the roster. Exactly what are his stats? I believe he has two NFL wins to his entire career. Such high standards these NFL coaches have today. I just do not get it.

  2. Detroit now needs a practice squad guy, and he’s well liked over there.

    In terms of a mentor … why not hire someone who has actually started games and has seen plenty of game action? Shaun Hill comes to mind. Hill is a decent backup and is supposedly good at being the QB the defense faces during practice. He’s not an every week starter, but he’s shown that he can get the job done in a pinch.

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