Report: T.J. McDonald gets four-year extension with Dolphins

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The Miami Dolphins signed former Los Angeles Rams safety T.J. McDonald in March knowing he was going to miss the first half of the season due to suspension.

Nevertheless, the Dolphins have been impressed enough by McDonald since joining the team that they’ve decided to commit to him for the long-term. According to James Walker of, the Dolphins signed McDonald to a four-year extension on Saturday worth $24 million with $10 million in guarantees.

McDonald played his first four seasons in the league with the Rams where he recorded 285 tackles, five sacks and four interceptions.

He was suspended in March for violating the league’s substance abuse policy just days before signing with Miami. He’ll be eligible for return for the Dolphins’ Week 9 game against the Oakland Raiders.

8 responses to “Report: T.J. McDonald gets four-year extension with Dolphins

  1. jaycutlerleadsdolphinstosuperbowl52 says:
    September 2, 2017 at 2:23 pm
    Great signing, very happy!

    So you aren’t the least bit leery of the sword hanging over his head? It’s a very good value on the extension IF he can keep his nose clean and a terrible one if he so much as stubs his toe while he is under the zero tolerance microscope of the substance abuse program. Obviously Grier feels confident and I feel good about that but until we see the terms and guarantees I am not so sure I would apply the word great considering all there is to go by right now is the risk side of the risk/reward equation. No matter how good a player is he can’t help when he isn’t even allowed on the field because of his own actions.

  2. I don’t question Gase but this one confuses me. Against philly he looked lost a few times add to that we haven’t seen him in a real game with Jones by his side. Him and Jones both play like a strong safety neither one is a true free safety.

    Landry can’t say anything about an extension right now…he doesn’t even know if he’ll play a full season due to possible suspension by the league.

  3. Wow, McDonald pleaded no contest to driving under the influence of prescription drugs, he hit a parked car. Half of the season is a lot for this but I’m not the commissioner of the NFL. I hope Roger Goodell makes a mistake, speeding, changing lanes etc…Well when one makes $34 million/year they have a limo with a personal driver. I still say it’s excessive and if a player who does not make that much money loses half his income for the season it hurts!

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