Steelers trade Sammie Coates to Browns

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In a surprise move, the Browns have traded a draft pick for a player.

The Steelers sent receiver Sammie Coates and a 2019 seventh-round draft pick to Cleveland for a sixth-round pick in 2018, the team announced.

In Pittsburgh, Coates became expendable when Martavis Bryant was cleared to return from a substance-abuse suspension. The Browns wanted to give rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer another target, and now they have.

The trade is a surprise because the Browns have been adamant about adding to their haul of draft picks, not trading picks away. Coates has two more years on his contract at very affordable salaries of $615,000 this year and $705,000 next year, however, so the Browns think he fits in what they’re trying to do.

The Browns and Steelers meet in Week One, when Coates may get matched up with Steelers cornerback Joe Haden, who left Cleveland for Pittsburgh this week.

36 responses to “Steelers trade Sammie Coates to Browns

  1. Meh. Decent trade for both teams. Coates mostly plays like a 6th rounder, with some flashes of talent every now and then.

  2. I dont get it… Sammie proved when he was on top of him game he was a game changer and did it many times for Pitt… so why face him 2 times a year BY CHOICE… this must be the back side to the Joe Haden thing…

  3. Steelers have too many receivers and Coates has shown flashes of quality but became unreliable with hands of stone. He’s a good guy sentenced to serve in Cleveland for his past mistakes (drops).

  4. As a life long Browns fan, it cant hurt to pick him up. I sill think we add one WW WR pick up. WR seem real weak. Now pick up a CB, S, OL, LB

  5. After watching Sammie Coates I’m not sure he is worth a 6th round pick. He dropped a ball in the AFCC game last year that would have changed momentum. He had quite a few drops in preseason as well. The Steelers did well on this trade.

  6. Surprising Steelers was able to unload Coates, he has done nothing since the finger got broke, showed nothing in preseason. I guess Cleveland likes the little cash used.

  7. A deep threat should loosen up the box for the ground game and pounding the rock should open up the deep game, the pieces are slowly coming together. Respect will be earned this year, #GOBROWNS

  8. Everyone comparing what Coates did with a REAL NFL QB, he’s now on a rebuilding team with a rookie QB. Kizer could be a good player someday but Coates won’t be around IF Browns become a good team, good trade for Pitt but not sure why CLE choose Coates as a player to give up draft pick for when there current strategy is to amass every pick possible

  9. Normally you would think the Browns might get info on the Steelers from Coates. But the guy is such a moron I doubt he will be able to tell them anything. They will love how he blocks in the back on punt returns.

  10. I remember when steered fans were saying he was the next breakout superstar. You know, the way they think about their whole roster. I wonder who gets blamed for losing to the Pats this yr.

  11. Dropped passes are like turnovers. They kill drives. You only get so many drives per game. This moves actually improves the Steelers, even if they miss on the draft pick they acquired. This is a perfect example of addition by subtraction.

  12. “why face him 2 times a year BY CHOICE…”

    Coates had 21 catches, 435 yds and 2 TDs. I don’t think he presents a huge threat to the Steelers. The one good stat you can pull out of that is he averages over 20 yards a catch, so when he does haul one in its usually for a first down.

  13. Don’t look now, but the Browns are making sweet moves. Coleman runs a 4.37, Coates runs a 4.43, and Britt runs 4.45. Haden is too slow to keep up with any of those guys and Kizer’s got a cannon.

  14. Goodell to Rooney….ya know we couda slapped you for tampering with Haden……trow da dawgs a bone and we’ll call it even.

  15. tylawspick6 says:
    September 2, 2017 at 1:49 pm
    colbert fleeced

    coates is a good young wr and when ben retires they will
    need a system guy to help with the new qb


    A far cry from you calling him a third round bust last year huh.

  16. tedmurph says:
    September 2, 2017 at 1:20 pm
    I remember when steered fans were saying he was the next breakout superstar. You know, the way they think about their whole roster.


    Over the past ten years, the Steelers have been one of the best at drafting and developing WRs in-house. That’s the reason fans were excited about Coates. He never performed to expectation. They can’t all turn out great.

  17. We are in the middle of a team building experiment

    I generally like what they are doing

    if it works, the whole league will adopt it

  18. Sammie Coates has a lot of natural ability. If healthy, he could be a weapon for the Browns, but that’s a big IF?! The Steelers didn’t need him, the Browns could probably use him, so the trade might work out for both teams.

  19. The Steelers have drafted well@WR, But they’ve also srafres dogs like LSweed,MWheaton and WAllace, who they were happy to let walk.I would also argue BRyant just isn’t worth it.And now Coats.My major point was, Steelers fans tend to put all their players in Canton 5 mins after they’re drafted.
    My other point was the excuse making. The AFCC gm was 33-9 after 3 qtrs. A couple of drops weren’t gonna change that. Until the Steelers prove differently, the Pats are just better.

  20. “We are in the middle of a team building experiment

    if it works, the whole league will adopt it”

    If you mean the Browns I doubt very much many teams around the league will adopt their strategy. Which BTW is the owner fleecing the fans again. 49 mil under the cap last year, 41 under it this year last time I looked a couple days ago. And in life you usually get what you pay for and not a whole lot more.

    Expect then last in the AFCN again.

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