Chiefs G.M.: Patrick Mahomes is not “even close” to Alex Smith

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Thursday’s preason finale resulted in the first NFL start for Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. And Mahomes generated rave reviews for a seeing-eye rocket launched on the run. It was enough to give Alex Smith the body language of a guy whose body eventually will be spending a lot of time holding a clipboard.

But it wasn’t enough to change the party line in Missouri. Chiefs coach Andy Reid has insisted that Smith remains the starter. On Saturday, G.M. Brett Veach echoed that sentiment.

“Coach made a statement a few days back,” Veach told reporters, “there’s no gray area. Alex is our quarterback. Alex is so far advanced from the mental side of things in regards to his ability to read coverages, to shift to better plays and really play the chess game. He’s so far ahead of what Pat is. I don’t think it’s even close right now. But going back to Pat, the development he has made and the strides he has taken in those departments has exceeded our expectations to this point. So we’re excited where we are and again the longer that Alex and Pat are together, the better we will be.”

That’s what they need to say. The reality, however, is that the Chiefs didn’t invest two first-round picks and a third-round pick on a five-year lease of a Ferrari with no intent of driving it. Alex and Pat will be together for maybe a year. Maybe at some point this year Mahomes will get a chance to do more of what he did on Thursday.

Sure, the Chiefs support Smith. Until they don’t. The moment it’s in their interests not to, they won’t.

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  1. As a Chiefs fan that is excited about the future potential of Mahomes – Veach and Reid are right. It’s not just a ‘party line’. Alex Smith doesn’t get enough respect. His upside is not high – I get that. But there are a lot of things that go into playing the QB position – and he does many of them well.

    Yes, Mahomes made several very exciting plays Thursday. But man, if we take off our Chiefs glasses, he was pretty bad on a lot of plays too. Those 50 yard bombs get cancelled out if you turn around the next position and toss it to a safety because you still lack experience reading defenses, making decisions etc.

    There should be zero QB controversy among Chiefs Mgmt, and Chiefs fans. We are really in a pretty good spot here. A proven, winning veteran (Smith haters can continue their thing if they want – but his record the last several years is real), and a high upside future QB in development.

  2. Alex Smith is not an NFL qb. Don’t know how he is still in this league. He is the most overrated QB.

    Would I like to see him do well? Yes, because I like underdog stories, however , he has been Blah his whole career and isn’t a true winner.

  3. Patrick Mahomes is a future HOFer and will lead the Chiefs to multiple Super Bowls.
    However, Alex Smith will start the season as the leader. If/when the Chiefs struggle to put points on the board this year, is when the team installs Mahomes as leader.
    Either way, Alex loses his starting job by week 12, or at the latest, come playoff time.

    The Chiefs absolutely stole Mahomes in this draft, and the Bills, along with 9 other teams will regret their 2017 1st round draft decision for decades.

  4. I say throw him out there against the Patriots on opening night.
    -If he outscores the Patriots offense and wins, you know you have a huge star on the rise.
    -If he gets shattered, it will humble him for the foreseeable future.
    -If he plays decent and loses, you know he can handle the bright lights of a season opening night game.
    -No matter the outcome, you can fall back on “We were playing the Patriots” and how nobody expected a victory.
    -Really is no downside in this move.

    This is nothing against Alex Smith. IMO, he’s probably the 10-12th best QB in the game. But there is a sizable drop after the top 6 or so. Smith will get you to the playoffs but you’re not winning a Super Bowl with him at the helm. Mahomes COULD BE a mega star one day…

  5. The chiefs gm is wrong. I know he has to say these things, but the eyes do not lie. Pat mahomes is the next Aaron Rodgers. Sucks a year if his career will be wasted while crappy Alex smith plays.

  6. KCFLAKE, “chiefs gm is wrong”
    “Mahomes is the next Aaron Rodgers “. Do you realize rodgers sat for YEARS before he took over the job?

  7. Not the party line. AS has been in the league for 10+ years. Mahomes just started his first pre-season game.
    This article’s attempt to paint the Chiefs brass as some diabolical group that will only do what’s in the best interest of the team, and this is somehow evil, makes no sense.

  8. i love how everyone is a better judge of talent than nfl coaches, gms, scouts etc. you watched mahomes play against backups and vanilla defenses. you havent poured over hours of practice and game film. you probably dont even know what to look for in terms of mechanics. smith is the correct choice for the chiefs this year, if you feel differently you are simply wrong

  9. Chiefs GM is absolutely correct – Smith is head and shoulders their best QB, and it would likely be a disaster of epic proportion to watch Mahomes. He’s not close to ready, unless you believe having played preseason vs #3’s & #4’s on defense makes a QB ready; doesn’t.

    I also saw nothing to indicate Mahomes is best suited to even be the Chiefs #2 QB, aside PR/appearances sake. Tyler Bray is more ready, though both QBs are inexperienced, this a factor which may come back to haunt KC if/when Smith goes down 2017. What with his age & the reality NFL life considered, probably holds higher odds than not to occur some point; Chiefs rolling the dice with two inexperienced backup QB’s is on them.

    Having been a KC fan since 1963, have read media hype re: the latest flavor of the moment this wunderkind player or that one, more than half a century’s worth. Suffice to say that is why media writes & doesn’t GM: they’re nothing more than fans with a pen/keyboard, as you & I (not unlike pro football Hall of Fame voters same, but that’s another issue.)

    Upshot: Chiefs will sink or swim with Smith 2017 at minimum, and don’t bet the house he won’t also return to KC as the starter in 2018 or even beyond even: contract$ can & are reworked or worked around all the time. If as is the case 2017, Smith is still the best option in 2018 and beyond, he’ll be back…. book it, Dano.

  10. I’m actually not opposed to the team keeping Smith for another year after this one; we have to realize he has not had great weapons while with KC, and the longer Mahomes has to sit & learn, the better he’ll be. Charles was hurt for most of his tenure there, and Maclin, a #2 receiver, was his best target, outside of a TE. That being said, he’s still won a lot of games. He’s not going to throw for 5,000 yards and 40 TD’s, but he wins, he’s an A+ leader and face of the franchise, doesn’t make backbreaking mistakes, and sets an awesome tone in the locker room. He’s a teacher and his players play for him.

    Mahomes has otherwordly talent, but it will take him a year or two, maybe three, before he can carry a team like Smith does. This is Favre/Rodgers all over again…just like it should be.

  11. Mahomes is a HOF? lol… Dude hasn’t even taken a regular season NFL snap yet.. Dude has some of the worst footwork I’ve ever seen in a rookie.. he’s awful, he panics the first sign of pressure. If he thinks he can run around like a chicken with his head cutoff at the first sign of trouble he wont last 3 years in the NFL.. Yeah he threw some sand lot footballs in the air hoping his WR will come down with it but that was against players that aren’t even on an NFL team, that stuff aint gonna work against guys like Von, Mack and Bosa… he keeps that up and he’s gonna get drilled and get up looking out his ear hole- not to mention he’ll separate his should by his 3 game…

  12. I was really hoping the Texans would take Mahomes, but I’m okay with Watson. I believe both these kids, handled correctly, have bright futures. Let’s be patient and hope Smith and Savage take care of things until these two are ready.

  13. Thank goodbess he’s not Smith. I’m tired of not having a QB talented enough to come from behind. NE and Pitt embarassed him in the last two years, in games that mattered. I don’t doubt that Mahomes isn’t ready but he has intangibles that Smith never had, or won’t use.

    Smiths biggest weakness is his inability to his WR, in stride, for big plays. DB’s get to cheat when they play Smith and dare him to throw over the top. He throws darts instead of letting the WR run underneath it. He’s good for a 10-6 season but will never win more than 1 playoff game in a row.

  14. “I don’t doubt that Mahomes isn’t ready but he has intangibles that Smith never had, or won’t use.”

    No – he has TANGIBLES that Smith doesn’t have. The intangibles is exactly what he needs to develop.

  15. All those teams that need a QB (which is 70% of them), will regret letting the Chiefs jump up and taking Mahomes.

    He’s the next Aaron Rodgers.

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