Cowboys trade for Jayrone Elliott, cut Cedric Thornton

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The Cowboys claimed defensive tackle Brian Price off of waivers from the Packers on Sunday and they also traded for one of his defensive teammates from Green Bay.

According to reports in both Dallas and Green Bay, the Cowboys have traded a conditional 2018 seventh-round pick for outside linebacker Jayrone Elliott. Elliott made the Packers as an undrafted rookie in 2014 and posted four sacks, an interception and a forced fumble in 38 games for Green Bay over the last three seasons.

The Packers claimed Chris Odom off of waivers from the Falcons on Sunday. He had two sacks for the Falcons in four preseason outings.

Todd Archer of reports that the Cowboys have also released defensive tackle Cedric Thornton. Thornton signed a four-year deal with the team last year and has a guaranteed $3 million salary that should cushion the blow while he looks for another team for the 2017 season.

19 responses to “Cowboys trade for Jayrone Elliott, cut Cedric Thornton

  1. Ah, if this was the 50s, it’s the old switcheroo. Which Elliot is it on the field, the one supposed to be suspended or the new guy?

  2. What a disappointment Thornton was. Never seen a lazier professional athlete in my lifetime, with so little will to compete–just cashed out. From what I’ve read the two new aquisitions, Price and Elliott are good workers and that is the type of employee Rod likes to work with.

  3. Jayrone is good people and he could be a contributor. He didn’t get many opportunities in GB behind Matthews and Peppers. When he did get on the field he looked good. He just needs some game experience. He’s a speed edge guy. He can get after the QB once he figures out how to use his hands and leverage better. I was surprised GB cut Price. I thought he would make the squad.
    Guess not. Price had said he was expecting to be cut but was sure he would be on the GB practice squad.

  4. Thornton isnt lazy hes a gap filling run stuffer. He holds his ground. Thats what he does. It might look lazy but not being moved takes a lot of work in the NFL. Its not his fault the Cowboys paid a gap clogging 3-4 DE to play as an attacking 4-3 DT.

    What did you want him to do? Not take nearly 3x the salary per year from the Cowboys then he did from the Eagles? Its not his fault that the guy that makes the decision in Dallas learned to be a GM from the back of a cereal box.

  5. Cowboy fans beware of Jayrone Elliott, he flashes every August against second and third stringers only to disappear when the games count. He’s big, he’s fast and he has only one rush move (speed rush up the field beating the tackle to the outside) so I don’t know your expectations but if they are low, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

    The Packers had the 24th ranked defense last year and the Cowboys just took an ex Packer off of waivers and traded up for back up that rarely got playing time. Just how this improves your team remains to be seen.

  6. jaron had plenty of opportunity to earn a lot more playing time but never could quite make it. great guy though.

  7. Well, should’ve seen this coming – Jerrah was always supremely confident Elliott would be available week 1 but he didn’t say which Elliott.

  8. I think the Cowboys know what to expect from Jayrone Elliot.
    He’s decent, not great, hard worker.
    He’s not really stout against the run, but has the speed to get after the QB.
    Which is exactly why he’s always been situational in Green Bay.

    Though it’s true he has always flashed big in August against lesser competition, I still think he provides quality snaps and experience.
    It’s obvious his perceived upside’s been tapped out, at least from Green Bay’s perspective, but he’ll still give you an honest effort.
    Overall, he’s a really good kid, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any upcoming suspensions.

    My only real takeaway from this, does this move mean Kyler Fackrell’s spot is safe on the roster?

  9. Thornton wasnt lazy? Then why are the Cowboys paying him 3 mil to go away? Answer is that his ineffectual play along with work ethic. Love how the Cowboys are no longer beholden to the old adage of, “oh well, we’ve already paid him so we might as well keep him.” If you’re a bum you get s canned out the door.

  10. I’m pretty ticked that GB let go of Brian Price – a good run stuffer. To keep the bottom 3 crappy OL reserves. Ugh.
    I think the reason they kept the extra off linemen was because they are scanning the waiver wire for OL help. The team is budgeted for 10 OLineman. This way they don’t have to cut a player at another position when they find OLine help. They need a backup G/C player and another swing Tackle. The Browns cut a veteran guard / center swingman Greco – good player, he’s 32,a good 1 year fit. Browns going with younger players. Might be a Packer soon.
    Brian Price, he’s a lot like C Ringo and they kept Ringo because he’s got some experience.
    Price will be a good back up in Dallas. If Dallas lets him go the Packers will get him back for the P Squad, sign him to a higher salary contract so he doesn’t get claimed again.

  11. Cowboys do and say whatever they want because Jerry acts like they are the entertainment center of the NFL. Thing is, if you eliminated them from the league, it would be just fine.

  12. yeah, your roster is so deep you might only get slightly embarrassed in the playoffs again this year instead of the usual completely embarrassed again in the playoffs this year.

  13. yeah, your roster is so deep you might only get slightly embarrassed in the playoffs again this year instead of the usual completely embarrassed again in the playoffs this year.
    This is not right. It’s not even wrong.

  14. Frazier28/7 says:
    September 3, 2017 at 7:21 pm
    yeah, your roster is so deep you might only get slightly embarrassed in the playoffs again this year instead of the usual completely embarrassed again in the playoffs this year.

    A viking fan talking about the playoffs like he has any clue as to what they even are.
    Run along junior, the playoff teams are conducting business.

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