J.J. Watt’s fundraising effort tops $18 million as aid distributions begin

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The NFL might as well go ahead and give J.J. Watt the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.

The Texans defensive end began an online fundraising page last Sunday, seeking $200,000 in donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey. In a week, more than 169,000 people have donated more than $18 million with the goal now set at $20 million.

“We’re pushing toward 20 [million dollars],” Watt said in an NFL Network video as distribution began Sunday. “I can’t say thank you enough to the people around the world, the people around America, the people of Texas, showing their compassion, showing their true colors, showing that when times get tough, humans step up to help other humans.”

Watt and his posse — teammates and volunteers — began distributing food, water, clothing and other necessities to the community. Ten semis departed for four distribution centers in the hardest-hit areas.

Watt said everything distributed Sunday was donated, with “not a single dollar” of the millions raised having yet been spent.

“We’re already going out and making a big impact, and that’s a testament to the community and the people,” Watt said.

You can help here.

14 responses to “J.J. Watt’s fundraising effort tops $18 million as aid distributions begin

  1. Glad to hear BLM leadership has also organized and provided so much assistance….they have, haven’t they?

  2. Dan Muston: Actually, protest and charitable acts aren’t mutually exclusive. Since last spring, Colin Kaepernick has donated a $100,000 a month to various charities around the country and the world. I know you guys hate him, but his efforts are real.

  3. rcali: The Black Lives Matter Houston Chapter has in fact been gathering food for shelters and school supplies for kids. I don’t expect the good and wonderful folks at Fox News have been exactly excited to report that, though.

  4. I just spent the last 2 days in houses that were flooded. Everybody is helping to clean up and nobody cares what you look like. Take your petty squabbles somewhere else. Houston is not interested.

  5. @Jets210spygate: I live in Austin and have many friends in Houston. My church has been heavily involved in support efforts. This is not a “petty squabble,” just me setting the record straight. Long after the recovery effort, there will still work to be done in terms of securing civil rights for all citizens. I’m sure all of your closest black friends would agree.

  6. vjllsduckfan65
    Sep 3, 2017, 8:47 PM EDT
    alanhaysgrant Fox News reports ALL the news, unlike CNN & MSNBC, which it sounds like you follow.

    Uh huh. You keep telling yourself that, buddy boy.

  7. Back on topic:

    All other crap aside, Watt has been out doing things to help out the folks in his adopted city NOW. I understand that he’s already started distributing funds to those who need help NOW. If he can use his fame to do so — more power to him and to the folks in Houston….and I’ll bet that he’ll make sure the funding gets to people who need it NOW.

    You look at all the houses that have been severely impacted (you can tell by the personal property out on the curb) and know that the State of Texas just essentially gave insurance companies the legal right to flip off policy holders … and the National Flood Insurance Plan was a great big kiss on the lips for insurance companies — those people need help NOW.

    Don’t be baggin’ on Watt. He didn’t HAVE to do anything. Critics can back away from their keyboard and just shut the heck up.

  8. Once again Politics further divide our nation… it was a catastrophic disaster. BLM, Republicans, CNN has nothing to do with it! It is a year later and in NC the victims of Hurricane Matthew are still recovering. Ask them about Kaepernick or Trump or Antifa… they just want their lives back to normal. Houston and related area is 6 times the size. Even the remnants of Sandy still exist. These storms are devastating and long lasting. I think JJ Watt is a hero.. His efforts and dedication to Texas should be admired, especially for not being a native and from Wisconsin. He did not have to do anything. This is a American Patriot!

  9. People are dead. Lives uprooted. So many folks from all walks of life have been affected.

    Why can’t you guys too it for 8 seconds, donate 10 bucks, and agree that we’re all just people man.

    You are embarrassing yourselves.

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