Joe Flacco: It was awesome being back on the field

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When Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco‘s back injury was first announced in late July, Flacco said he hoped he would miss a week of work while resting before returning to the field.

Things did not work out that way. Flacco missed more than a month before finally returning to practice on Sunday. Flacco is set to speak to the media on Wednesday, traditionally the day starting quarterbacks speak to reporters before a game, but released a statement on Sunday.

“It feels good to be back out here with the guys and be a part of everything again,” Flacco said. “Really, it’s been a weird situation the last few weeks, because it’s just something you have to wait out. You’re putting in all the hard work you can, but at the same time, it’s a waiting game. You definitely have to fight against not doing anything, but also keep your mind fresh. But for today, it was awesome being back on the field — just like it always is — and to be with my guys. I feel excited about the season we have coming up.”

In his press conference, coach John Harbaugh said Flacco “looked good” and they hope his body responds well to the work. The same is true of wide receiver Breshad Perriman, running back Danny Woodhead and left tackle Ronnie Stanley, all of whom also returned to practice on Sunday. Harbaugh said having them on hand allowed the Ravens to “actually see what [their offense] looks like” after spending much of the summer imagining it.

The returning pieces will have a week to knock off the rust before opening the season against the Bengals.

13 responses to “Joe Flacco: It was awesome being back on the field

  1. Eli had 2 magical postseasons and Joe had 1 but that’s all that counts. Out paced or kept pace with Rodgers, Farve, Marino, And other HoF QB’s.

  2. me1633 says:
    September 3, 2017 at 8:04 am
    Eli had 2 magical postseasons and Joe had 1 but that’s all that counts. Out paced or kept pace with Rodgers, Farve, Marino, And other HoF QB’s.

    8 8 Rate This


    even a blind squirrel finds some nuts once in a while

    neither is hof material

    eli and flacco’s careers have been mediocre overall

  3. That roster is so hamstrung by this deal. I’m still confused, though. Ozzy can usually draft or at least acquire talent and that team seems to have no talent to speak of.

  4. If not for some terrible safety play in Denver the Ravens would have a whole lot more cap room probably mire then one playoff appearance in the past four years

    A ridiculous comment.
    # 1 That play only ties the game. It didn’t lose it for the Broncos. I would point more, to a Manning int. in OT, that lost the game.
    # 2. You fail to mention, after that game, Joe had to beat Brady in Foxboro, to win the AFCCG and go & WIN the SB.
    #3. AND, win the SBMVP.
    #4. You also failed to mention Joe’s other 6, SIX playoff wins in his career.
    The Ravens have enough cap room to sign the players they want. Leave it up to other teams to overpay.

  5. nepatriot1 says:
    September 3, 2017 at 12:33 pm
    Flacco won in spite of himself, even Dilfer won one. He is terrible.


    LOL says a lot if this terrible QB has thrown for a combined 7 TDs against your beloved Patriots in the playoffs the past two times we have faced you and would have won both both games instead of just one if we our defense didn’t blow two 14 point leads in the 2015 playoffs.

  6. Flacci may be mediocre much of the time but he comes to play in the postseason. He has given the Pats all they can handle numerous times. He is the complete opposite of Andy Dalton. You

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