Rams may have record PSLs at new stadium

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For Rams games at the team’s new stadium, the best seats in the house will require an upfront payment that fans could otherwise use to buy one.

Via the Los Angeles Times, the highest level of Personal Seat Licenses at the Inglewood venue could range from $175,000 to $225,000. The current record for PSLs belongs to AT&T Stadium at $150,000. After paying the fees for the privilege of buying tickets, the most expensive tickets will cost between $350 and $400 per game.

But there’s good news. The PSLs for Rams games at the new stadium will be refundable. Without interest. After 50 years.

The numbers are tentative at this point, and the lowest-priced licenses could be as little as $500, with tickets priced at $50 per game. Per the report, virtually every seat in the stadium will require a PSL of some type for Rams games. The Chargers have not yet created a PSL program, but the other team that will be playing in the $2.6 billion facility expects at least some type of PSL for most of the seats.

Like any business, the challenge for the Rams and Chargers will be picking the right price point. Aim too high, and PSLs won’t be sold. Aim too low, and money will be left on the table.

Aim way too high, and L.A. fans will invest their money in traveling back and forth to Las Vegas for Raiders games.

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  1. The ilk that is Stan Kroenke, non competitive teams with high priced tickets.
    However, fans have the right to prove the saying “If you build it they will come”
    won’t work for the NFL in LA. There are too many options for entertainment in the LA area and bad football isn’t one of them.

  2. Normally, PSL’s also give you first crack at any event / concert at that stadium.

    However, when 2 teams share a stadium, 2 people have PSL’s on the same seat. So, you only get the chance to buy tickets for half the events.

    Many Jets / Giants fans were not happy about this when big events cane to town.

  3. This is a little frustrating for me, been a Rams fan since I was a kid, I have season tickets now, but have no idea if we can afford the PSL’s

  4. “Aim way too high, and L.A. fans will invest their money in traveling back and forth to Las Vegas for Raiders games.”

    Of course that assumes Raiders PSLs will be reasonably priced, which is a pretty big assumption in it’s own right.

  5. This is just such an obvious money grab and it willl imo end up pushing people away from putting their fanny in a seat. In the end they Rams will fail miserably in terms of filling the stadium as people in LA have never been able to support one NFL team, let alone two.

  6. Given how amazingly good the Rams have been over the last 15 years I’m sure they will have no difficulty selling out. What with 5 super bowls in 15 years … oopps .. wrong team.

    Seriously, the Rams? They are horrible, with no assurances of getting better.
    I would pay to watch the visiting teams, not the Rams.

    No way I’d pay 100K for a Rams PSL (or any PSL).

  7. Anyone that pays one dime toward a PSL is a moron. I’ve been a Jags season ticket holder for 10 years and if a new stadium was ever built and they wanted a PSL I’d laugh. And it’s not because we suck it’s because with RedZone and TV there’s no reason to go to a game anymore. The NFL is slowly killing its fan base by greed – TV ratings are down and they are going international to drum up more money. Teams moving because cities don’t fall to the threats of moving anymore, it’s just not worth the “investment” to keep a football team in town.

  8. Well, fan is a more polite word for sucker. Concussions, corrupt leadership, arrogant owners, and placing two very bad teams in the second largest media market in the country. What could the league do for an encore?

  9. How are PSLs even legal? It’s ponzi-on-acid extortion. One of the things I really like about Kraft is that he built his stadium with purely private money and has been true to his promise never to resort to PSLs. OK, so his stadium’s hotdogs aren’t cheap, but that’s because they aren’t subsidized with your taxdollars or any money ponzied out of your hard earned salary.

  10. Eh, the owner is trying to get the stadium filled up with celebrity types for the TV cameras. He’s hoping Jack Nicholson will attend every game.

  11. psl’s are an absolutely atrocious money grab. so i get to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to have the rights to buy a ticket? idiots

  12. Be concerned for the state of NFL on over the air network broadcasts. Owners are really over reaching with PSL’s, and if fans stop going because the home experience is better and less expensive than being at the game… The leverage for removal from free viewing will be next.

  13. People aren’t reading the article. The PSL for the *highest* level at AT&T stadium might be $150k, but the average ones are like $3k, which is about what I paid at First Energy in Cleveland a few years back. I am quite sure it is the same for LA. No business could survive otherwise. Relax people. Most of us were never meant to buy the highest level of PSL.

  14. People in LA buy season tickets to see the Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Ducks, Bruins, Trojans, and all the other teams. They buy season passes to Disneyland, Universal City Studios, Six Flags, Knott’s Berry Farm, and other amusement parks. There is no shortage of cash in the LA metropolitan area to pay for PSLs and tickets, no matter what many of you think.

  15. justanotherfan101 is right. You folks just don’t understand how much expendable cash people in So Cal have. Stan will have no problem moving these PSLs.

  16. The resale price for PSLs at AT&T Stadium is about $2000 for the cheapest seats, plus you have to buy season tickets. The average price for Cowboys season tickets is about $2000 a year.

  17. “People in LA buy season tickets to see the Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Ducks, Bruins, Trojans, and all the other teams. They buy season passes to Disneyland, Universal City Studios, Six Flags, Knott’s Berry Farm, and other amusement parks. There is no shortage of cash in the LA metropolitan area to pay for PSLs and tickets, no matter what many of you think.”

    That doesn’t alter the fact that a Rams or Chargers PSL would not be worth their investment.

  18. Whether or not the price to see a game, go to an amusement park, see a movie, or whatever else a person chooses to spend their money on is up to them to determine. That’s know as a free market.

  19. The “Fan” is the basis for success in the NFL. With the exception of a few owners the NFL sees the “Fan” as a never ending money pot. They want “Fans” to pay for their new stadiums and they want “Fans” to buy expensive PSL’s, expensive game tickets, expensive parking and expensive concession prices. Currently, as seen by the NFL the “Fans” are “sources” and will pay anything to be at the game. This equation is changing. The NFL allows teams to re-locate, ignoring decades of “Fan” loyalty. Municipalities don’t have the money to build stadiums for billionaire owners as residents are already overtaxed.
    As “Fan Bases” developed over decades are betrayed by owners pulling out of their markets, the NFL is betraying the very market that built their business. They are wasting their integrity, character, loyalty and traditions which built their franchises. The Charger move is the first to “push this envelope” and it is unraveling. Their owners clearly want to sell the team to some unsuspecting billionaire who wants a new toy and were sold a flawed business model that they could get a higher price for the team if it was in LA. No egocentric billionaire is going to purchase a team with a back seat ride in a new stadium and pay somebody to use it. Billionaire egos are too much for that. The Chargers are now “sharing the city.”
    The entertainment dollar is spread too thin and it won’t work. What the Chargers should now do is get relief from the NFL, begin renovation of Qualcomm now while they’re out of town. return to San Diego for the 2018 season with the completed stadium by 2019. With “relief” from NFL owners, including Kroenke this could be done for probably $450 million. People make mistakes in business all the time. The trick is to minimize one’s losses, lick his wounds and rebuild in the city that has a fan base built over decades. The decision needs to be made soon in order to maintain the value of this once important NFL franchise.

  20. PSL’s are so 1990’s.

    It’s a poor investment for a shot at cheap entertainment. People in LA are long time fans of the Dodgers and Lakers. So they get season tickets. Corporations can unload their midweek games to businessmen traveling seeking entertainment. A litte different on the weekends in Southern California. The value of a new team is in it’s growing fanbase. The Rams have no real fanbase whatsoever (they have 100,000 fans max). By locking up these seats early, Kroenke takes the game away from a revolving and growing fanbase and puts the seats in the hands of the corporations to unload (and they are not about growing the Ram fanbase).

  21. @guyjuneguyjune

    The Chargers were offered a new stadium in Mission Valley, with money from the city and county of San Diego. And it didn’t required a 2/3 vote either. Spanos and Fabiani turned their noses up at that like they were whiffing a turd. The Chargers were never sincere about staying once they noticed that the NBA had auctioned off the Clippers for $2Billion. Spanos saw that and the cash registers in his eyes started rolling.
    Hate to say it, but the NFL ain’t coming back to San Diego anytime soon. Spanos went scorched earth in San Diego and burned his bridges. The team might be welcomed back, but it would have to be under new ownership. And new ownership was the whole point for this move. Once Alex Spanos kicks off, his son Dean won’t have the do-re-mi to pay the estate taxes, and will be forced to sell the team. They’re just praying Dad hangs on long enough to realize the gain.

  22. Much cheaper to boycott the NFL until they respect our country that allows a bunch of young men the freedom and privilege to become multi-millionaires by playing a game and then insult over half their customers by refusing to stand for their own flag and anthem in some sort of protest.

  23. Give me a freaking break. Kroenke is spending in excess of 2.3 billion dollars of his own money to build a football stadium in Inglewood. That’s one hell of a huge gamble. Will he recover his investment? I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. It was his choice to make, just like it’s the people’s choice of whether or not they want to spend a few bucks on a game. When Mark Walter and Guggenheim spent over 2 billion dollars to buy the Dodgers I that was foolish, but now it looks like a good investment. $500 for a PSL and $400 a year for season tickets is fairly cheap entertainment for the LA area.

  24. We got our new stadium in Phoenix in 2006. It’s an awesome facility by any measure, including having natural grass at an “indoor” (retractable roof) stadium, that slides out on a giant tray and is always outdoors, except for games. Final cost was under a half billion, there are NO PSL fees for ANY seats, and much of the reserved parking for season ticket holders is free.

    These PSL’s should be legislated out of existence.

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