Report: Washington placing Su’a Cravens on exempt list

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Washington may not have been as successful at talking safety Su'a Cravens out of retiring as previously reported.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that the team is placing Cravens on the “non-football exempt list,” and that he’ll be gone for a month, at least.

The details still aren’t clear. And there are very few options for that kind of move because the league doesn’t want teams to be able to stash players on this list or that list or some other list. Players who are placed on the non-football injury/illness list from the outset of camp can be kept there for at least six weeks of the regular season. For Cravens, the traditional NFI approach is not an option, since he was on the active roster throughout training camp and the preseason.

In-season placement on NFI isn’t unprecedented. Four years ago, the 49ers did that with linebacker Aldon Smith in September. But, as one league source explains it, the league is more likely to make exceptions and grant exemptions when drug and alcohol issues are involved. With Cravens dealing with a knee injury and contemplating retirement, it won’t be easy to simply check a box and put Cravens on the shelf for a few weeks.

The easiest and cleanest move could be to simply put Cravens on injured reserve after 4:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, due to the knee problem. But that would take him out of game action for at least eight weeks. It also would ensure that he’ll make his full salary for 2017 and satisfy another 25 percent of his signing bonus. If he’s truly not interested in playing, it’s hard to imaging the franchise picking an option pays him to not play.

11 responses to “Report: Washington placing Su’a Cravens on exempt list

  1. So, Bruce Allen is the NFL Executive of the Year? Seems that a job where you do nothing but be a politician and make statements like “winning off the field” and spinning things (er, lying!) doesn’t actually do much for a team’s operations! Given Craven’s history; they should have been WAY ahead of this!

  2. Here we go Redskins fans..some BS to start the season..let the media circus begin. This is what we need for week 1..if a young 22 year old guy don’t have the love and passion for the game..cut ties with him because he obviously isn’t “all in”. His family or mother are big cowboys fans..wonder if that’s somthing to do with it? Is cravens trying to plot his way onto the cowboys roster?

  3. If the Redskins can keep Cravens it would pay dividends for the Redskins future. I like the kid, thought the Raiders might pick him but I give the Redskins mad props for taking him. I thought eventually he could fill the void in the Redskins secondary that Taylor filled all those years ago. Either way the Redskins will be ok.

  4. Not playing is his decision. To call a man soft because he is evaluating his life and options is just ignorant. There is no rule or law that he must play football just because he possesses the talent. This is his decision, no one else can make it for him. For you who have never played and only dream of the talent to play and the riches that come with it, to judge him is just a fruitless exercise. You have no idea the stress, physicality and emotion involved in playing in the NFL.

    Speculation on his reasons for his hesitancy to play is just foolishness. Only Su”a knows. He must decide his life’s course and walking away from a fortune may be the least important part of that equation for him.

  5. Wow, were they caught off guard by this? Was this a sudden decision by Cravens? Is there something fishy, as one person suspected in a previous post?
    I wish nothing but the best for this young man, but I hope he plays for the Redskins, and plays 100%
    Lotta questions we’ll see

  6. Why talk a guy into playing that doesn’t want to play? Especially after he’s hurt and trying a new position. Imagine if the Pats had tried to do this maneuver? Ted Wells would already be in the house.

  7. There’s a clip of him talking to Will Compton making the rounds right now. The guy does not want to play football. I don’t blame him, especially if nearly went blind in his second game ever.

  8. Could be a mental health issue related to his previous concussion. Mental health issues are probably handled a bit more discretely by the league than physical injuries.

  9. He needs time to make this life altering decision. It’s a good move to keep him from retiring (for now), but also for him to get away from the team and all the people who want his body for football: This time needs to be spent with his family (and maybe some independent doctors not on an NFL payroll), evaluating what’s best for the rest of his life.

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