Report: Washington talked Su’a Cravens out of retirement

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When Washington took the practice field Sunday morning, starting safety Su'a Cravens wasn’t there.

And it apparently took some quick work by the front office to reel him back in.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Cravens told some teammates yesterday he intended to retire, but met with team officials and has changed his mind “for now.”

Cravens needed surgery in mid-August for a knee injury, and was expected to be back in time for the opener.

He was being moved to the secondary this year after playing a hybrid safety/linebacker role last year.

It’s unclear why he was ready to step away, or whether this is a permanent reconciliation. Mike Jones of the Washington Post said it’s not the first time Cravens has considered walking away, so this may be an ongoing situation.

11 responses to “Report: Washington talked Su’a Cravens out of retirement

  1. Su’a Cravens move to Safety and the signing of LB Zach Brown and S DJ Swearinger were the key catalyst to the defensive changes. Cravens is expected to have a huge year as a key piece, this could be crushing blow to a secondary that ranked 25 last year.

  2. dollars to donuts it’s consistent with the other deluge of sudden retirees lately. In nearly every case there is at least a thread of concussion and eventual CTE concern. You ever see those sumo wrestler suits (like giant bouncy balls) that enclose people who then ‘wrestle’ each other? I’ve seen them at county fairs, but mostly in the 90s at offsite office parties. Any two people can then run into each other, get bounced around — nearly harmless.

    Anyway, that is the only way football will be safe. Once you realize the brain floats in fluid and the inside of the skull is hard and somewhat spiny, it becomes physics. Hit the head with any force, and the brain inside travels the opposite direction until it hits an opposing force.

    Love football. Live for football season. I played, but did not let my sons play. Yeah, the hypocrisy is thick. Flame away if you must, but I am already as conflicted on the topic as I believe I can possibly get.

  3. It’s going to be hard to play if you’re not sure you want to. I used to listen to Bears great linebacker Doug Buffone on the radio who always said “Listen, when you’re done, you’re done”.

  4. he had a really scary concussion in his second ever game. Got hit so hard he needs glasses now (actual fact). I’m a huge Su’a fan, but I can see how that would really scare a 21-year-old.

  5. If a pro player is scared of getting another concussion at 22 years of age, it’s probably a good idea to step aside now. It’s unclear to me how someone aiming for a career in pro ball in college wouldn’t have thought of the CTE possibility. If Cravens retires, there are more than enough replacements on the way. You cannot play in the NFL without focus, and a realistic viewpoint of the physical toll of the sport.

  6. This article also fails to mention he had a concussion last year that messed with his vision. I’m a Skins fan, but if Cravens wants to retire with his health in mind, by all means, young man…life is a lot more than just football.

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