Sean McVay chasing Aaron Donald “like I’m chasing a girl in high school”


Of all the moves the Rams made on Saturday, none is likely to have more of an impact on the team than one they did not make.

They did not move defensive tackle Aaron Donald from the reserve/did not report list to the active roster, leaving them without their best defensive player with the start of the season a week away. A league source told PFT on Friday that the two sides are talk but “not close” to agreeing to a new contract that would end Donald’s holdout and put him back in the middle of L.A.’s defensive line.

Those contract talks don’t involve coach Sean McVay, but he said Saturday that he’s been in regular contact with Donald about football matters. While those chats may not involve salaries and bonuses, the coach suggested there is some cajoling going on about bringing Donald back into the fold that reminds him of his younger days.

“I’ve kind of been chasing him around like I’m chasing a girl in high school,” McVay said, via “… I’ve reached out to Aaron, but it’s kind of been a back-and-forth. He’s a guy that I enjoy talking to. I’ll enjoy it a lot more when I see him in person.”

McVay called himself “an optimistic guy” when asked if he thought Donald would show up this week, but he can only be sure of having the seven linemen who survived Saturday’s cuts when they host the Colts next Sunday.

11 responses to “Sean McVay chasing Aaron Donald “like I’m chasing a girl in high school”

  1. It wasn’t very long ago when he was chasing girls in high school. Some current players were already in the NFL then.

  2. Seahawks should trade Sheldon Richardson to the Rams for Aaron Donald, then sign Donald to long term deal. Win win!

    Or, just keep Richardson if he works out. But you never know!

  3. As my teenage son is a die hard Rams fan I find myself rooting for this situation to resolve itself. I am however not as optimistic as SM is.

  4. I hope McVay can keep his sense of humor and let this kind of thing roll off him. He should just focus on the things he can control, and not worry about contracts. He’ll age quickly if he lets everything bother him. I think he’s smart enough to figure that out. Stay optimistic and Donald will get there when he gets there. I have a feeling McVay didn’t have to work that hard to get that girl he was chasing in high school.

  5. McVay is the youngest head coach in the NFL, so him reminiscing about high school isn’t so far fetch. Although, that’s weird to hear from a professional head football coach.

  6. Rams continue to employ the softball, don’t step on his toes approach. I’ll refrain from pointing out the type of high school girl Donald is being.

    Those 40K a day fines for holding out were supposed to be a deterrent. It’s too bad players don’t take them seriously and the team doesn’t intend to enforce them. Donald would’ve been in camp weeks ago.

  7. Donald went to Pittsburgh and gained 60 pounds. This is a guy who won’t be ready to play till week 7. After that the Rams will be 1-6 and in the hunt for the overall pick in next’s years draft. This is about a player not honoring his contact, a player refusing to risk injury for a losing franchise, and a owner who won’t pay their best player fair value. The face of the franchise is gorging himself on Primanti Brothers.

  8. Both parties are at fault – Donald is reneging on a contract, wrong. Rams will not pay this guy what he deserves, but the end result is a fat and out of shape Donald, a Rams team that is going to lose heavily this year and he reminds me of a petulant child, seeking notoriety which is not deserved. In essence, Donald is a punk looking for more dough, and failing to meet his team in an honorable manner. I hope he never signs, the hell with him.

  9. No one doubts Donald is grossly underpaid and deserves to be one of the top if not the top highest paid defensive player in the game. With that being said he needs to realize he has zero leverage. The Rams control him for two more years and they can franchise him for two years after that. To get a new contract the Rams FO is going to have to either backload the contract or dump some current horrible contracts such as Tavon Austin and Trumaine Johnson.

  10. He does have leverage. If he doesn’t play it hurts the organization and discourages free agents from signing there. If you can’t pony up to pay the best defensive player in the league, who do you think is going to want to play for you?

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