Washington puts Su’a Cravens on the “left squad” list

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Despite reports suggesting that Washington safety Su'a Cravens was talked out of retiring, the team’s official roster move regarding Cravens suggests he’s closer to walking away than staying.

Per a league source, Cravens is on the exempt/left squad list. If he doesn’t return within five days of receiving notice from the team regarding the consequences of not returning, he can be placed on the reserve/left squad list and done for the year.

By rule, the exemption will expire after four regular-season games. If Washington hasn’t placed Cravens on the reserve/left squad by then, the team will have to return him to the roster or make some other move.

34 responses to “Washington puts Su’a Cravens on the “left squad” list

  1. Cravens should be on the ‘right’ list… because… he is right to question his participation in a sport that could seriously impact his future health.

    His participation could limit the amount of time on Earth he gets to spend with his spouse/children.

    His participation could leave him disabled and “a burden” to his family.

  2. Maybe Scot isn’t as esteemed as he’s made out to be. This dude, fumbling RB, taking a guard in the top 5 team still al. Not resume worthy in my opinion.

  3. This guy is a head case. They’re trying to figure out how to get their money back.
    Hee may as well retire, no one will touch him now.
    Too many red flags

  4. So basically, it looks like Cravens is likely done with football. It really sets a team back when any of their top 2 round picks winds up, for whatever reason, fizzling out before their rookie contract is over.

  5. I hope this jerk never plays again and that the Redskins force him into bankruptcy for his selfish actions. The time to pull this stunt was at the end of last year; his timing is reason he should be held in contempt by all Redskins’ fans.

  6. “I hope this jerk never plays again and that the Redskins force him into bankruptcy”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Classy fan.

    Maybe… Cravens didn’t want to be moved to safety?!?

  7. doctorrustbelt says:
    September 3, 2017 at 7:15 pm
    “I hope this jerk never plays again and that the Redskins force him into bankruptcy”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Classy fan.

    Maybe… Cravens didn’t want to be moved to safety?!?

    Reports are that Cravens himself requested the move from linebacker to safety.

    Apparently he’s homesick – he’s very tight with his family (in fact, he moved them up here to be closer to him). I think he’s gun-shy about injury and maybe a bit depressed (armchair psychiatry only here).

    I still wish him well in whatever he decides to do.

  8. This is no different than you our I leaving a job that we were not 100% committed to. Granted he’s leaving millions but money isn’t everything and can only buy you happiness for so long…

  9. Give me a couple of million a year for 5 years and if it puts me in a wheel chair, so be it. My family is financial secure. My job is done.

  10. Guy took a hard hit last year , has vision issues from the concussion , probably still dealing with symptoms . If he’s not committed 100% he needs to walk away . More to life than the NFL

  11. I love how every article mentions the teams name NOT their city in the title except the Redskins, it says Washington. Between that and the 1 thousand Kapernick stories no doubt about Florio or anyone else on this site’s political affiliation. Would be nice to see unbiased media somewhere that just reported the news rather then pushing their personal agendas. Country’s in deep trouble when the reporters have lost all credibility!

  12. Geez, a guy who’s thinking of retiring, and the team puts him on the left team list? Great all he has to do is not report and he’s finished with the team for at least a year, and since he hasn’t retired, the team can’t claw back the full portion of his signing bonus.

    If I were him, I’d simply report, do lousy and wait for the team to cut him. That way he keeps his signing bonus, and can carry on with his life.

  13. When you are on notice that your team name is offensive to members of a race of people that were, through genocide and racism, nearly exterminated from the face of the Earth and you ignore it or pretend it’s not an issue, you inherit something called BAD JU JU. Bad ju ju is also known as bad karma and nothing really good usually comes from it. Don’t get your hopes up if you’re a fan of this team.

  14. One question- Do the Redskins retain his rights, in case he changes his mind, so he can’t then go sign elsewhere? Not accusing him of fishy business but just wondering

  15. Dude got hit so hard he requires glasses permanently for the rest of his life. Think about that… I’d be shook too thinking what one more good hit would do.

  16. Didn’t know that about the glasses…that’d make most of us think twice….perhaps he’s lost the fearlessness you need to play at the NFL level?

    If I’m the Redskins, I’d be calling Will Blackmon back. Don’t understand why they cut him & kept DeAngelo Hall, at this point I’d think they could get more out of Blackmon

  17. Crazy how i was upset the redskins took him, i wanted the cowboys to snatch him up…but seeing how this is playing out and all the other stuff with the Cowboys have going on glad hes not a cowboy!!

  18. nomoreseasontix says:
    September 3, 2017 at 6:43 pm
    This guy is a head case. They’re trying to figure out how to get their money back.
    Hee may as well retire, no one will touch him now.
    Too many red flags
    I dont really see a lot of “red flags”, just the one– in his second ever game Cravens got a concussion so bad he nearly lost his eyesight (actual fact). I think he’s just been shook ever since. Unfortunate, but understandable.

    If he has lost his passion, he should walk away, no use hurting the rest of the team by forcing himself to play a game he doesnt want to.

  19. I always thought tag football was just another name for flag football – my bad. Looks like Cravens could win it for Skins but should they really be playing it this close to start of regular season?

  20. So just retire. No one is forcing anyone to play football and earn millions of dollars. It’s a dangerous job. We get it. NFL football is also the highest paying dangerous job in the world. By a mile.

  21. Well, glad we got some safeties… cb’s… and LB’s this year in the draft & FA… He is expendable but just stinks we wasted a pick on a guy that apparently doesn’t really like the game of football. It seems the physical nature of the sport and the risk of injury which is very real is not for him. I just don’t like the timing of it all… You are penciled in as the starting SS and you just FLAKE OUT with a week to go?

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