Colts G.M. makes it official: Andrew Luck won’t play this week


It seemed apparent, considering he hasn’t practiced with his teammates since shoulder surgery.

But Colts General Manager Chris Ballard made it official this morning — quarterback Andrew Luck won’t play this week against the Rams.

He’s a competitor,” Ballard said, via Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star. “You’ve been around Andrew… Mentally, he’s in the best place he’s been.”

Of course, that leaves the physical part, and it’s clear Luck’s not in the best place he’s been in that regard.

Ballard said that Scott Tolzien would start this week against the Rams, emphasizing that their trade for Jacoby Brissett was a long-term consideration.

29 responses to “Colts G.M. makes it official: Andrew Luck won’t play this week

  1. It wasn’t long ago the Colts were the best team in the AFC south. If they go 6-10 this would be a wildly successful season for them.

  2. The Colts are fast becoming irrelevant in the post-Manning era. Certainly not good for Colts’ fans. We need something to cheer about and also dream about. Maybe Irsay can suit up as quarterback against the Rams.

  3. Andrew Luck isn’t going to get anywhere if he stays with the Colts because clearly they don’t care about giving him a decent o line so that he doesn’t get slaughtered every week.

  4. Luck will be fine. He took Colts to playoffs 1st 3 years and won multiple playoff games. Not many QB’s do that with a Colts poor roster. Luck was top 10 QB last year while playing injured.

    Don’t understand the hate towards Luck. He’s going to be good as long as he learns to avoid the hits outside the pocket. Colts are building the right way now. It may take a few years but they will be back.

  5. Jimmysee,

    These kinds of decisions are organizational decisions….head coach, gm, owner, medical staff likely all weighted in. It doesn’t matter who delivered the message.

  6. He is out until week 10, but after two years of lying about his injury in order to keep ticket sales up why would you stop now.

  7. walker1191 says:
    September 4, 2017 at 11:21 am
    Remember the coronation of this guy on draft day? That seems like a long time ago now
    BTW I am a Dolphin fan. But the criticism of Luck is not deserved,
    All this shows you is that football in the NFL is a team sport and there is only so much a QB can do.
    Andrew Luck passed for over 4200 yards, 31 TD and a 96.4 QB rating. He was ahead of Big Ben and Russell Wilson in all three categories.
    But because he plays for a lousy team he was only able to compile an 8-8 record and he is blamed for that.

  8. “Don’t understand the hate towards Luck” …

    Think it’s more the hate towards the Colts, Irsay, etc., Luck is a great talent and appears to be a good guy.

  9. But we are supremely confident that Andrew might or might not yet be playing the following week…
    The trade for Brissett says more than the Colts’ front office ever says.

  10. Luck and colts fans keep hoping…dreaming…making excuses.

    Meanwhile Russell Wilson continues to ball out not having missed a game in his career.

  11. Andrew Luck passed for over 4200 yards, 31 TD and a 96.4 QB rating. He was ahead of Big Ben and Russell Wilson in all three categories.


    -Career qb rating-


    ANDREW LUCK 87.3

    I won’t get into playoff and sb wins. Volume numbers like total yards and TDs dont tell the whole story. How many attempts? Completion percentage? I noticed you left out interceptions…

    Russell hasn’t missed one game his whole career playing through tough injuries instead of sitting. He is so tough pysically and mentally.

    I almost miss the Andrew Luck vs Russell Wilson debate. Used to have to debate RW vs Kaepernick and RGIII as well. Good times!

    All those debates are old and decided at this point.

  12. weepingjebus says:
    September 4, 2017 at 12:11 pm
    He is out until week 10
    Then they would have put him on the IR….which would have kept him out for a min of 6 weeks.
    You don’t know to much about how that works, eh?

  13. No hate towards Luck. He had the misfortune of being part of the Grigson era where an O-Line was not important. The owner was probably to wasted to clearly see what was happening and took to long to make a change. I think the Colts are about as bad as they can be right now talent-wise. It will take Chris Ballard a few years to right the ship, assuming Irsay stays out of the way.

  14. I see very little hatred for Luck, but a lot of indirect and direct criticism of the Colts organization. I don’t think that’s unfair. As a Texans fan (we hate Colts), I’ll be disgusted with the Colts if Luck somehow gets through his career without winning a Superbowl. Is it going out on a limb to say that the Colts organization hasn’t taken very good care of their franchise player?
    And as much as I love Russell Wilson (he is clearly a special man), I’d gladly trade him for Luck.

  15. When the colts bailed out of Baltimore in 1983 there was a curse placed on them. 1 title in the 34 years since then, and now they’re a joke. If the irsay family had left the name and the colors when they skedaddled out of town (literally) in the middle of the night they would be better off by now.

    When they play the Ravens (nevermore) in Baltimore the scoreboard says ‘Indy’ – it will NEVER say ‘Colts’.

    I remember Johnny Unitas, Lenny Moore, Alan ‘the horse’ Ameche, Art Donovan, Gino Marchetti, Don Joyce, Jim Parker, Raymond (Don’t call me Ray) Berry, L. G. Dupre, Weeb Ewbank, and many others, and I especially remember the 1958 title game, aka ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’.

    Yes I’m an old coot – I’m more than that, I’m a CERTIFIED Old Coot, and proud and grateful to be so.

  16. And as much as I love Russell Wilson (he is clearly a special man), I’d gladly trade him for Luck.


    As a Texas fan you probably wish you could have either and don’t have RW to trade in the first place.

    Of course you’re entitled to your opinion but I would guess that if you had watched every single play of Russell Wilson’s career as a Seahawk fan you would never consider trading him for anything. He doesn’t have an offensive line either in case you hadn’t heard and somehow he still gets it done.

    I am no Luck hater, I like the guy. I am more like a RW hater hater. Luck fans who still dismiss Russell need to open their eyes.

  17. I live in Indy, and I’m from Indiana, but I won’t watch the Colts until the drunken drug addict and huge embarrassment Irsay is no longer a part of the team. The way he handled shafting Peyton was trashy, just like he is. Have $10,000 in cash on the seat next to you, and you drive high?

    As to Luck, they crowned him the next king before he had even thrown a ball as a Colt. Overrated, overpaid, and part of a dismal team.

  18. I don’t know anything about the long tern plans for the coaching staff, but I think those plans include Andrew Luck and Chris Ballard. Ballard is thinking a lot more about the next 7 years, than he is the next 7 days. Luck will be ready to roll soon, and Ballard isn’t worried. The Colts are a good team.

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