Duane Brown says he will end his holdout, but doesn’t say when

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Texans offensive tackle Duane Brown is still holding out, with the team’s regular-season opener just six days away. And he’s not ready to commit to a return date.

Brown told reporters at a Hurricane Harvey relief event today that he’ll play this season, but he wouldn’t say when he’ll play.

“I’m definitely playing football this year,” Brown said.

When asked when he’ll play, Brown answered, “I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Brown said he would like to be with his teammates but he’d also like to get a better contract than the $7 million base salary he’s set to make this season on his current contract.

“It’s tough,” he said. “That’s what I love to do. Those are my brothers. So it’s tough, but like I said I’m not getting into it too much.”

Brown also said he’ll be ready to play as soon as he reports.

“I’m always in shape. I’m in shape year round, 24/7, 365, so I’m just working out, doing what I do and when I’m out there I’ll handle business,” Brown said.

Brown will lose $411,000 in salary for each week he’s absent. Under the Joey Galloway rule, Brown could skip as many as eight weeks before he has to report in order to get credit for a contract year. So while Brown has now confirmed publicly that he’s not going to sit out the entire year, it’s possible the Texans won’t see Brown until Week Nine.

6 responses to “Duane Brown says he will end his holdout, but doesn’t say when

  1. Week one, week nine…
    Regardless, midway thru the second quarter he will be taking himself out of the game for a break.
    If he doesn’t pull a hammy first.

  2. He is just “keeping it real”..have a feeling this is going to end up as a “When keeping it real goes wrong” moment for him…he holds out 4 weeks into season “keeping it real” reports and the Texans cut him

  3. Math skills. $411k per week for 8 weeks is $3.3 million. He isn’t getting a contract for double digits. So this seems mildly ill-advised. Let him sit. I prefer hungry, talented – and not greedy.

  4. I have a hard time feeling sorry for him when he’s making $7M per year with two years left on his deal. Others will make the argument that GMs can cut a player at any point because contracts aren’t guaranteed, but GMs cannot cut a player and not abide by the terms of his agreement. When players are taking a silly stance such as this, they are going against the very agreement that the signed in the first place.

    Report to the team and earn your next paycheque. At this point you are just hurting yourself

  5. Honor your contract and your team. Not a penny more! Greed never takes a day off.You won’t be as good as you could have been had you been a teammate and practiced.

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