Hue Jackson on latest roster moves: Our only agenda is winning


The Browns parted ways with cornerback Joe Haden and offensive lineman John Greco over the weekend and the departure of two more veterans leaves the team with the youngest roster in the league.

Those moves join the team’s recent habit of collecting draft picks anywhere they can find them to play into a notion that the Browns are putting player development ahead of winning in the short term. Coach Hue Jackson acknowledges that the team has worked to change over the roster, but says there is not “any other agenda” than winning as he starts his second year on the sideline.

“This is always about winning,” Jackson said, via “I don’t know any other way to do it. I think our players see it that way, too. We come out here every day and go into these meetings with one thing in mind: Let’s win and let’s find a way to win. That is not going to change. I understand where you are coming from and what it looks like, but I think every day everything we do is built toward winning.”

Neither Haden nor Greco nor any of the other veterans who have left Cleveland in the last two years were able to do much to help the team win during their time in Cleveland, so it’s hard to find much fault in trying to find players who will change that. Jackson believes the positive change is “happening pretty fast” and the coming months will show whether that will be reflected in the standings.

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  1. I have been a huge Browns fan living in the Bay Area for Haden’s entire career so maybe I don’t understand what Haden meant to the community. I only knows what he did on the field. All I will say is this: Watching Antonio Brown go for 100 + yards year after year after year for every time they matched up gets old real quick. I will challenge you if you say Briean Boddy-Calhoun will be even a worse match up because Calhoun has some serious talent that the Steelers are going to find all about come week 1.

  2. easydog100 says:
    September 4, 2017 at 4:17 pm
    I hated to Haden… especially to Pittsburgh but I believe overall they are moving in the right direction.
    CB Joe Haden is done, he was like the 3rd-4th best corner on CLVs roster at this point in his career which is why they decided to just let him go. Last season Haden ranked 88th of 110 CBs ranked with a grade of just 46.0 overall, anything below 60 is considered very poor and is below replacement quality level basically. Haden’s groin injuries/surgeries and foot/ankle injuries/surgeries over the years have robbed him a lot of his athleticism & of the quick feet/quick twitch/overall quickess & speed that made him a good corner, good receivers have no problem beating him at this point in his career. Haden also is very injury prone with serious health questions surrounding him at this point in his career, including concussions as one more could end his career. Last Season was his 1st healthy season and the first time he played the entire season in years, he was dealing with injuries again this pre-season so that could be a huge issue and something to keep an eye on.

    Due to all of the issues listed above I dont think he makes the Steelers secondary all that better. I mean he make PIT’s secondary better just because of how awful they are at CB but given his decline he still doesn’t make them any good at corner opposite Burns, as their starting #2CB he is going to get smoked this year if he lasts all year. Haden MOST DEF was not worth the 9$ Million per season the Steelers are paying him, thats top Corner money when he’s not a top CB.

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