Jason Garrett: Ezekiel Elliott “will practice until someone tells him not to”

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Cowboys players were off Monday, their regular off day, but Ezekiel Elliott will return to practice Tuesday for the first time in more than a week. He missed last week while preparing for and attending his appeals hearing in New York.

The star running back took part in Saturday’s meetings and walk-through at the team’s training facility.

“He’s just focused on getting back to work,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Monday, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “I think Zeke has done an excellent job focusing on what he needs to do to get himself ready to play. I think our team has done that.”

The Cowboys are preparing as if Elliott will play in Sunday’s season opener.

“We’re just going to prepare for the Giants,” Garrett said. “Zeke will practice until someone tells him not to and the other guys will get ready to play.”

Arbitrator Harold Henderson didn’t issue a ruling on Elliott’s appeal Monday, and he has to rule by 4 p.m. ET Tuesday or Elliott automatically becomes eligible to play the season opener. At 6 p.m. ET, Judge Amos L. Mazzant III will hear arguments regarding the effort to block the suspension pending outcome of the lawsuit filed by Elliott on Friday.

Elliott’s chances of playing Week 1 are improving every hour as the clock ticks toward kickoff.

15 responses to “Jason Garrett: Ezekiel Elliott “will practice until someone tells him not to”

  1. This has been a perplexing case from the beginning. I’m sure all parties just want a verdict. He is certainly a loss if upheld

  2. The Cowboys are showing how classy they are by supporting this woman beating piece of garbage.

    The only right thing to do is cut him.

  3. Expect it by end of tomorrow. I’ve been saying for ages it’ll be reduced to 4, then maybe 2 if he agrees to drop his battle – and I still think so. It won’t be vacated entirely because the league has indicated it’s about more than just the alleged GF stuff…

    But that’s ONLY if the league doesn’t do what it did to Pats & Saints and double-down on it’s BS because ultimately the CBA allows them to suspend at will (as the NY 2nd court confirmed).

  4. “because the league has indicated it’s about more than just the alleged GF stuff…”

    I hate to be the 500th person to mention this but, in the NFLs Elliott ruling they specifically stated thst he was ONLY being suspended because of the DV incident. And as others have pointed out given that they boxed themselves in on the DV case they can’t very well shift the reason for suspension at this point.

  5. A story Zeke gave to the press was his ex girlfriend received those bruises in the pictures from a bar fight she had wth another woman. Find the other woman and witnesses to the fight (which should be easy enough since it was in a bar) who can corroborate his story and this ends quickly. I would think this other woman would love to come forward and show that Zeke’s ex is a lier. Not sure why he did not have this other woman show up to testify at his hearing. Even Hamilton Burger would drop all charges with this defense evidence.

  6. Someone should have the guts to cut a high draft choice and say: ‘If this kind of conduct is intolerable, we simply won’t tolerate having a domestic abuser on our team.’ Whatever coach or owner did so would have his stature enhanced, even at the cost of a losing season or having the player come back to haunt him. There has to be a point when owners don’t tolerate having people of Elliot’s character on their rosters. Otherwise, people like me may not follow the sport for much longer.

  7. The owners have to know how awful this looks. Some are idiot scions but most are successful billionaires.

    My guess is The owners have told Rog to stick it to the players so they spend their efforts on changes to disciplinary procedures during the upcoming CBA talks instead of asking for more money.

  8. I don’t know what all the whining is about. You guys say just take your punishment like a man. Goodell has the power the nflpa bargained and everyone should just accept it, right?

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