Jermaine Kearse focused on learning playbook, not change in circumstances


If prognosticators are correct, wide receiver Jermaine Kearse left a team that will return to the playoffs for one that will challenge for the worst record in the league when he was traded from the Seahawks to the Jets.

Kearse said that change in circumstances doesn’t have a prominent place in his mind after starting work with the Jets on Monday.

“I mean, I’m not here to compare Seattle to the Jets,” Kearse said, via “I’m here to work and do whatever I can to help this team win football games. And that’s all I’m focused on.”

Kearse said that learning the new offense on the fly “has its challenges,” but the Jets have talked up his leadership as a way he can impact the team while picking up the nuances of the scheme. Kearse certainly has a big edge in experience over his fellow wideouts.

Robby Anderson and Charone Peake are the only ones that have caught passes in the regular season and Kearse has more than doubled their production by himself. That may not be a path to great team success, but Kearse should get plenty of opportunities to catch the ball before and after he’s totally up to speed on the offense.

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  1. This Seahawk fan will always remember Kearse for his role in four or five moments of absolute elation in my life. Pure happiness is rare and I thank him for those clutch moments. Maybe the biggest one was catching the bomb in OT to win the NFCC vs GB.

    That was the game where he also beefed three or four perfect passes that led to interceptions and a GB lead so he kind of Andrew Luck’d it I guess but it was still clutch.

  2. In adddition to the OT winner, his amazing on the back catch to setup Seattle inside the 10 in the final minute in the SB vs the Pats would be played for decades if it wasn’t overshadowed by the poor clock management which occurred the play before, and after this one, which burned two time outs. Because of that lack of timeouts, it lead directly to a play call (pass) that they shouldn’t have had to make, and poor execution on it which lead to the devastating INT.

    Regardless of the situation that was an amazing catch; to have made it in that scenario to directly give the team a excellent chance at a back to back super bowl title puts its significance through the roof.

  3. As an undrafted free agent that beat the odds to make a career in the NFL, he certainly can be a leader on a team of young unknowns. I hope he has a great season and many to follow.

  4. Live you whole life in the Seattle Metro then get sent to NYC. Hey, you’re playing for a crap team but you’re doing it in the center of the known universe. Just catch the ball. You’ll get lots of opportunity. And get an apartment in the village. Don’t live in Jersey.

  5. I love Kearse as a Seahawk, but I have to say this may be a good thing for his career. He has a SB ring, and now he can focus on being the go-to person on a team. 2 years of that and he can then go where he wants.

  6. His game against GB in the NFC title game was one of the finest examples of sports greatness I’ve ever witnessed.

    He HAD to have been in such a crappy headspace after dropping so many passes… but he just kept pushing and trying and trying and eventually he got the one that mattered most.

    Rock bottom to absolute top in one game.

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