Le’Veon Bell is officially back

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He returned on Friday, but he’s officially back today.

Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell has signed his one-year, $12.1 million franchise tender. The team announced the development on Monday morning.

The team also noted that it has received a two-week roster exemption for Bell. This allows them to carry 54 players until Bell is activated, which could (and likely will) happen before Sunday’s game at Cleveland.

Bell exercised his right to avoid all of the offseason, training camp, and the preseason after the Steelers exercised their right to apply the franchise tag. The Steelers could have rescinded the tender before it was signed; now that it’s been signed, the $12.1 million salary is fully guaranteed.

After the season, the Steelers will have to decide whether to sign Bell to a long-term contract, to apply the franchise tender again (by rule, he’d be entitled to $14.56 million), or to allow him to become a free agent.

26 responses to “Le’Veon Bell is officially back

  1. I say they let him walk after this season. I don’t think they will find any kind of common ground with how much this guy wants to make.

  2. For the record I think the Steelers should let him go after this season, he is not worth 17 million per year. You can sign 2 backs that can meet 80 percent of his production and an extra offensive lineman (non tackle) for that.

  3. So Goodell gives them a roster exemption because Bell acted like a childish turd?

    Corruption runs deep in Roger Goodell’s National Integrity League.

  4. Well, hopefully he has his head on straight (or as straight as possible), and is ready to contribute.
    The Steelers will most likely see how this season plays out, how much Bell plays and produces, as well as gauging the development of James Connor and Terrell Watson, before making a decision on Bell. At any rate, that decision’s been deferred ’til next season…

  5. Will be interesting to see what kind of market interest Bell can drum up after this season. It’s safe to say Pittsburgh has no stomach for the kind of money he wants, but the NFL in the 2000s is a numbers game… I still can’t see him ever getting another offer as generous as the one he just turned down; and significant missed game time to injuries this season would kick him into the year-to-year club.

    If he has a monster year, than some silly franchise with no future and zero debt would give him a completely gonzo contract, of which he’d be lucky to get one or two years out of before getting cut by the new housecleaning team.

    So was it the agent or player that ultimately turned down the mega-offer by the Steelers?

  6. Will be injured by week 3. Lack of training camp and live preseason hits will effect him. No RB is worth that much coin in today’s league

  7. Lots of superfluous comments being made. Let’s see how the season
    unfolds, then they can decide what’s the right approach to take.
    Time and cooler heads often add clarity to the situation, and
    hopefully, Le’Veon will temper his expectations.

  8. Whew nowhere near in regular season game shape. If he plays in the opener he’ll be lucky if he only has a sub par game. Far greater likelihood of getting injured and missing more time.

  9. Love the commenter infatuated with Ryan Shazier.Every post his name gets bought up,should be concerned with Dont’a I’m on the pup Hightower instead of Shazier.If you think he is so fragile big boy stand and let him hit you.Then we will see how injury prone he is.

  10. Want to win the SB? How do you think Belichick would have handled this troublesome manchild?

  11. Want to win the SB? How do you think Belichick would have handled this troublesome manchild?

    Cheated, that’s my best guess. The Steelers have one some SBs without Cheating Bills help why start now?

  12. Roster exemption only lasts until activated or 2 weeks, whichever is sooner. My guess is that he will be activated by Friday unless Tomlin wants to send a message. I feel that the Steelers need him as soon as possible but the Browns’ new defense hits hard and often. If he is going to get hurt, it will be next week.

  13. I have this feeling that the steelers will ride him into the ground and that he wont finish the season healthy. They might as well use him and abuse him this year i dont see him getting signed long term.

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