Raiders put the eleventh-hour salary squeeze on Janikowski

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The Sebastian Janikowski era in Oakland could be ending.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Raiders and the first-round pick in the 2000 draft currently are at odds regarding Janikowski’s salary for 2017. He’s due to make $4 million, the Raiders want him to take less, and to date the two sides haven’t agreed on a compromise.

If the Raiders are going to dump Janikowski, they’ll need to do it soon. If he’s on the Week One roster, his salary will as a practical matter be fully guaranteed.

To show they’re serious (or as an elaborate bluff) the Raiders gave tryouts to Mike Nugent, Josh Lambo, and Marshall Koehn on Monday.

The Raiders are deploying a common tactic, squeezing a veteran to take less money so late in the process that the player has no other options. With kickers, however, it’s far easier land elsewhere. The real question is whether another team will pay Janikowski more than whatever the Raiders are offering.

For Janikowski’s agent, the challenge is to gauge the marker (a/k/a induce other teams to tamper) so that Janikowski will know what’s behind Door No. 2 before making a decision on Door No. 1.

54 responses to “Raiders put the eleventh-hour salary squeeze on Janikowski

  1. Kicked you through years of mediocrity and you want to put a longtime Oakland icon/legend in a tough cut throat situation like that. Stay classy Raiders…

  2. If I’ve played in the league for 17 yrs. I’d hold out for their 4 million…or …I’d play for less but somewhere else. Sometimes you’ve got to play hardball back at them.

  3. Sad to see Trump’s business tactics and lack of concern for human beings being put on full display in the NFL. I would expect it in that 3rd rate garbage USFL league Trump used to run, but not in the NFL.

  4. I was never a huge fan of Janikowski. He had some great years but also some very bad ones which would’ve got him cut long ago elsewhere. He could make some very long FGs, but he also had/has a penchant of missing chip-shots with games on the line. I think a big reason he lasted as long as he has was that Al Davis wanted to prove that he was a worthy 1st rounder after the selection was widely questioned. Among Raider PKs, I liked Chris Bahr and JEff Jaeger more than Janikowski.

  5. poseidon420247 says:
    September 4, 2017 at 8:07 pm
    Kicked you through years of mediocrity and you want to put a longtime Oakland icon/legend in a tough cut throat situation like that. Stay classy Raiders…

    Like it or not, this is what happens when you make your QB the highest paid guy or one of them in the league. It ALWAYS squeezes money out of other players and it is such a sad commentary. Pay the QB whatever he wants which turns out to be a stupid amount of money and sooooo much more than other positions its ridiculous and wrong and then you take away money you have already promised to someother player who has also performed AND WON GAMES. When will people learn. I don’t care how much the cap goes up, there is always a greedy over achiever who believes he is entitled to all of it!!! Football is a team sport and the kicker and other critical positions 4 million is not too much when generally kickers are the player on the team with the highest amount of points scored.

  6. They won’t cut him – but they are playing a stupid money game.

    Nobody out there available that can give them the consistency and presence Janikowski can.

  7. 4 million is a ton of money for a kicker, in fact it has to be top 3 in the NFL, maybe even the most. Raiders have the most expensive OL, 2nd most expensive QB, and are about to give the largest contract to a defensive player in NFL history. Then there’s Penn, who deserves a raise (from Jano’s pocket right into Penns, lol). That’s not to mention that they still need veteran help @ ILB this season. Sucks, but that’s how it shook out for the Raiders, who didn’t plan on Penn holding out or the ILB’s failing to become starting caliber. Is what it is.

  8. Any chance this is a desperation move to free up cap space to sign a veteran MLB who was just cut? Raiders have done nothing during cutdown to improve a woefully weak linebacker corps.

  9. briang123 says:
    September 4, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    Sad to see Trump’s business tactics and lack of concern for human beings being put on full display in the NFL. I would expect it in that 3rd rate garbage USFL league Trump used to run, but not in the NFL.
    Get lost you divisive Alt-left tool. This is a football forum. Take your brain-dead Antifa idiocy elsewhere, like Venezuela.

  10. Nugent is good for 3 or 4 loses. The Raiders should count their blessings that they have a solid kicker.

  11. Both sides will come to terms. Jano has been paid very well over the years. They have been loyal to each other. The team is on the cusp of potential greatness. This is why he’s stayed there all these years. Jano wants to see this thing through. Hell, this may be his final season for all we know.

  12. He’s only at 80% for his career and that’s not very good these days. Cut him loose so he can go back to Florida and win a ring with the Buccaneers!

  13. “Hey, now that we’ve made all out cuts and out final 53 is set….let’s see if we can squeeze Janikowski for a couple million bucks.”

    This comes across as a poorly timed and poorly conceived decision that should have been made 2-4 weeks ago….not a few days before the season opener.

  14. There sure are a lot of people on here that act like he’s one of the better kickers in the league. From my point of view he should be cut and replaced by almost anyone he has cost us so many games with his lack of accuracy and now he’s losing his power so why keep him? I would not and I’ve been a Raiders fan my whole life but at a certain point you gotta let go.

  15. His rank in field goal percentage the last few years:
    2013 – 5th
    2014 – 11th
    2015 – 27th
    2016 – 20th

    Stop being homers, he doesn’t deserve to be the second highest paid kicker. He ranks 18th overall career field goal percentage among active kickers and 40th all time, so it’s not like we’re talking about one of the best all time. Remember the year he only hit 66%? I do. He’s not as good as you’re imagining.

  16. Having just had Lambo as a kicker I’d say it’s a pretty laughable ruse. If not you’re going to seriously degrade your special teams so you can save a million, maybe 1.5 million bucks ? Seems pretty stupid to me. Nugent had a moment but it’s come and gone hence him not being on a team in Sep. and the other guy I’ve never heard of but maybe you should cut a Raider icon so you can roll into the playoffs with that guy.

  17. He’s a good kicker, not a special one, and he’s massively overpaid. Raiders are doing the right thing here.


    Who of those three middling kickers is worth saving a couple million and risking losing more games?

  18. Considering Las Vegas is putting up $750m of taxpayer money for the Raiders’ new stadium, you’d think Davis would think that $4m is pocket change for the kicker who has been with them for over a decade. Also, doesn’t Davis want to do everything in his power to win a SB for his beloved city of Oakland, whom he obviously cares so much about that he loses sleep every night thinking about moving away?

  19. For the money my Raiders are paying him, he should at least learn how to do an on-side kick, because he is terrible at it!

  20. Meanwhile, has Reggie done anything about the raiders biggest need? Linebackers? Nothing in the draft, nothing in free agency, nothing after the mandatory cut down to 53. Raiders had a cake schedule last year and they still had to come from behind late, to win 8 games. Raiders have a much more difficult schedule this year and their defense is still soft. Buckle up Nation, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  21. Let’s see. Have a team possibly in the mix for a Superbowl, and stupidly decide to screw a long term vet kicker at the end of pre-season.

    Good call. I’m sure Raider Nation is ecstatic about potentially losing games specifically because the owner is cheap, while they have well over 10 million in cap space going into a season yet want to get rid of their kicker. ROFL

  22. Seabass has been paid over $40 million in his Raiders career, this has to be the most money for any NFL kicker in history (or close). This is for a guy who has made 1 pro bowl in 17 seasons (and that was as an alternate). His is beloved by the Nation but in reality he has been simply average for most of his career and in many times less than that and has never been considered a clutch kicker. The team that has paid you so much money for so long now asks you to take a pay cut at 39 (when you havent’ been a top ten kicker in years and no other team would play you anything other than league minimum, if that), you say yes! If Brady does it and he’s the MVP – you can too Jano.

  23. exinsidetrader says:
    September 4, 2017 at 8:37 pm
    Raiders will finish with 9 wins or less this year. I bet it.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Thats as good as a Superbowl for the Raiders…they’d have a parade and everything!

  24. One of 6 kickers over 4 mill against the cap. He can hit the long ones which is why he’s making so much. As this is the last year of his contract he is making the most this year and also has the least guaranteed if he were cut (360k). This is pretty much what every team does when they have a guy they still want but is making too much. Except most teams do it during camp.

  25. As a Raiders fan my first thought was to simply pay him for his last year of his contract and then let him retire, or find employment elsewhere. When you get into the details though he’s the 4th highest paid kicker this year, but was the 12th rated kicker last year. In the three years before that he wasn’t even a top 20 kicker. It’s also been said he has back problems and has looked aweful in practice. He still thinks he’s worth that 4 million?????

  26. I’m sure there’s a number of teams who’d love to upgrade their kicker, like the Bengals for example. They just spent a 5th round pick on a kicker and he didn’t make the roster. Janikowski would be a big upgrade.

  27. The Raiders should call the Broncos for advice on how to circumvent the salary cap (an offense far more egregious than any other, IMO):
    – get a table
    – put it in an empty room, no cameras just a dim bulb (insert joke here)
    – have Janikowski sit on one side of the table
    – send in HOFer Terrell Davis with the money in a briefcase
    – pass the briefcase under the table
    – repeat as needed in order to win 2 SB’s

  28. The Raiders have sucked for years but they seemed to turn a corner last year . Teams that do this sometimes have management over estimate exactly where the team is at and assume the upward trajectory continues . Thinking the Raiders are headed back to mediocrity because the quickest way to achieve that is to lose the locker room . Not saying both Penn and Janikowski are right but perception trumps reality in situations like this . McKenzie seems to be tone deaf when it comes understanding that playing hardball with veterans might be money wise but team foolish. Not a good message for a young team expected to take the next step this year .

  29. Seabass has been on the decline for a LONG time now. He was 2/8 from beyond 50. That was why he was making that money…because he USED to make those kicks. Now he doesn’t. He was ranked 20th among all Kickers last season. He’s now an average kicker…..and should be paid like it.

  30. This guy accounts for 1-2 wins that other kickers may not deliver, this guy’s cool as ice. Every season. $4 mil for 2 W’s… Serious no brainer. Sign him. Twice.

  31. Pay him or lose the two games he will win for you this year. Might be the difference between winning the Div or being a WC team…or missing the playoffs altogether. Choose wisely.

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