Sean McDermott: Nathan Peterman is ready to start if needed

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The Bills signed Joe Webb on Monday in a move that gives them a quarterback option in the event neither Tyrod Taylor nor T.J. Yates is cleared from the concussion protocol in time for Sunday’s game against the Jets.

Webb would back up Nathan Peterman if that’s how things play out and starting the fifth-round pick in the first game of the year certainly isn’t how anyone in Buffalo drew things up. On Monday, though, coach Sean McDermott said that he thinks Peterman is ready to handle the job.

“He is ready,” McDermott said, via “When you look at what he’s done throughout the preseason. I’m confident and we’re extremely confident in Nathan. I expect that he’s only going to continue to get better, just like all of our young players, all of our players as a matter of fact. That’s what this is about. This about development in terms of a young player.”

McDermott and the Bills are holding out hope that Taylor will be able to play, but they’ll reach a point this week when they’ll have to make a choice to go “one way or the other” in order to make sure their quarterback is ready to go. McDermott didn’t say when they will reach that point, but it seems hard to imagine they’ll go much beyond Wednesday with uncertainty about who will be under center.

14 responses to “Sean McDermott: Nathan Peterman is ready to start if needed

  1. Peterman is a better long term QB anyway. And since the Bills are going nowhere this year, might as well play him and give him the experience.

  2. I have plenty of confidence in Peterman if he has to start. He has played well in the preseason and seems to fit this new offense very nicely (possibly better than Tyrod does…).

    You can see why many said he was the most pro ready QB in the draft. He picked up this offense very quickly, is able to go through his reads and find his open receivers, looks very comfortable playing in the pocket and his footwork on his 3,5,7 step drops is very good. He’s able to get the ball out quickly like Dennison wants and has done very well with all the new timing routes.

    I’d actually be truly excited to see him start week 1, and it’s not too often you say that about the backup QB.

  3. Tyrod Taylor is a good young QB, but it seems like it might be a situation where if he has two subpar games in a row, Peterman may get his chance sooner than later?!
    With the new coaching staff there, it seems as if they are pretty high on Nate Peterman. And with good reason, he has the ability/potential to be an excellent NFL QB.

  4. None of it matters, this team is so bad that you couldn’t tell if they were trying to tank or not, because the results would be the same.

    What a dumpster fire, 3 wins at best and maybe ZERO.

  5. McDermott doesn’t sound too convincing. They have no other real options to start at short notice. Peterman had accuracy problems coming out of college, was a bit of a project, so I suspect he might not be ready to go. Better hope that their rushing attack and defense can pick up the slack.

  6. Peterman looked OK in the preseason. If there is any comfort, it is that newly signed Joe Webb is as good as Tyrod Taylor. They are equal in many respects.

  7. The Bills seem to be in the mode of tearing apart everything that Doug Whaley put together. That would also include pulling the plug on Taylor. The Bills aren’t going to say so publicly, but they are obviously rebuilding the team. They’re probably quietly glad for the chance to start Peterman.

  8. Tyrod is neither good nor young. As a 17 year Bills season ticket holder – I am ready for Peterman. Now. Week 1.

  9. joetoronto says:

    September 4, 2017 at 11:52 am

    None of it matters, this team is so bad that you couldn’t tell if they were trying to tank or not, because the results would be the same.

    What a dumpster fire, 3 wins at best and maybe ZERO.
    Nobody cares what you think Joe, want don’t you get a job and go to work for a living instead of having 8 ID’s and trolling the Bills threads 24/7. Parents must be proud of you. No team, no life, no job and no hope.

  10. Copy and pasted.
    Tyrod has proven how good he is, which is not good enough. His 1st year was more a surprise to the league. 2nd year he regressed. This year he has gotten even worse. I went to 2 practices and saw a guy who did nothing remotely good from him each time. More regression. I went specifically to see 2 QB’s, Tyrod and Peterman. TT did not complete more than 2 passes in both practices. Peterman the 1st had one incompletion. The 2nd he completed every pass he attempted. I saw with my 2 eyes just how bad T was/is. It proved beyond any doubts, his regression was true. Then we get to his preseason games(2) and further showed how bad he truly is at the “Position” of QB. He is not an NFL starting QB. More like, maybe a back up QB. He is not a QB by “position” of QB. Still has no poise after his numerous years at the “position”. Peterman does play the “position of QB as a true QB. The biggest opposing thing some say is it was with the non starting O-Line. I say that is a feeble excuse. These non starters are still professional players. The best get for him is his continuing adaptation at the “position” regardless of who’s in front of him. HE is a true QB. I hope he takes over as our starter from game . Develop him the old fashioned way by playing him as much as possible. He is smart, knows where to throw, uses every pass catcher, throws to every part of the field. Things Tyrod just doesn’t do. I think Tyrod has been set up to fail. He is not the GM’s guy or the HC’s guy. He’s a Whaley guy. If you’ve been paying attention, we now have ONLY 6 players left from Whaley’s picks. Makes me think with everything I pointed out about Tyrod he will soon be gone as well.

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