Sheldon Richardson excited to join Seahawks’ “crazy” locker room


Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson didn’t want to give out details of exactly what happened during his first time meeting with the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, but it’s clear he was the butt of the joke.

“Team meeting is nuts,” Richardson said after his first practice in Seattle. “Team meeting is a little different. They got me today, cracked a little joke on me in the team meeting – don’t want to go into it – but it was fun. Fun environment.”

“These guys are crazy, in a good way,” Richardson said of Seattle’s locker room. “Everybody is laid back. Everybody is family. They are real big on that. I’m used to a locker room like that, so just come on in and be a part of the family.”

Richardson joins a Seattle defense that was already loaded with talent. The Seahawks now have a total of eight players on defense that have made the Pro Bowl a combined 21 times. That doesn’t include defensive end Frank Clark, who posted 10 sacks last year as a rotational pass rusher behind Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett.

“This will fit together really well,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “We should be good up front against the running game, which is always crucial to us. We’ll see how well we can build our pass rush. I like the mix that we have. This will make a really good matchup for Mike (Bennett) on the inside with Sheldon on one side and Mike on the other. The combination of guys with Cliff (Avril), Marcus (Smith) and Frank (Clark) outside, that’s a good matchup for us. We like those guys, like the group. Hopefully they’ll be very productive.”

Richardson feels like he’s back in his best position at tackle and believes he has a tremendous chance laid out in front of him.

“It’s huge, it’s huge,” he said. “I have a good opportunity here, and I plan to make the most of it.”

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  1. I like the comment Sheldon made about 3 tech being his home and he said Pete knew to put him right there where he could best succeed. They seem to have a lot of respect for each other already. Pete always did know how to talk to guys.

    Bennett and Avri. Sherman, BamBam and Earl all around. Sheldon is like the young guy. He probably respects the he’ll out of those dudes. I expect 100% effort and he is going to wreck the league.

    “And I am going to make the most of this”. I can’t wait for sunday!

  2. “Everybody is family. They are real big on that. I’m used to a locker room like that”

    Considering that he’s coming from the Jets, the Seahawks must be one heck of a dysfunctional family…

  3. Damn right. Still the most exciting team in the league to be a fan of outside of Foxboro. If the hawks had the trophies they’d be much more interesting than the patriots but they don’t. Hope they can get one this year. Gonna be a fun ride regardless.

  4. I realize it only counts when games are played, but on paper it doesn’t look any better than this for our D. If I had semi-confidence in our o-line I would be talking Superbowl….but at this point its more like “figures-crossed” hope that unit doesn’t blow the whole season.

  5. Hard to see him signing a new deal that the team could afford, but I still like the trade and look forward to seeing him out there this season.

    Kinda sad to see Rubin go but hey that’s the way it goes

  6. The Jets defensive minded HC Todd Bowels was unable to get much out of Richardson.
    Let’s see how Pete Carrol does. Richardson was acting up, missing team meetings. Can he become the star he was only a couple of years ago?

  7. Mitchell J. Comstein says:
    September 5, 2017 at 12:47 pm
    Most (highly)rated defense in the league and it’s not even close.
    There, pretty sure that’s what you meant.

  8. “Everybody is family. They are real big on that. I’m used to a locker room like that”

    Considering that he’s coming from the Jets, the Seahawks must be one heck of a dysfunctional family…

    You know I noticed this too and at first thought it must have been a misprint where they just left out the word “not”.

    Then I listen to the actual presser and realize that that is indeed what he said so now I’m pretty much convinced that he is going full classy on the way out, not dogging his old organization in any way. I for one respect that I think that says something about his character.

    Another option is that he indeed did love his brothers in the locker room and on the DL like a family(excluding Brandon Marshall who, let’s be honest here, is a real piece of work and has a history of locker room issues)…and that’s good too right?

    Sheldons issues if any were with being such losers every single year, how the team was run, and probably being stuck at olb, out of position where he couldn’t be the monster he was used to being(although he doesn’t say that because he is a team guy and just wants to be out there where the oach tells him to go). He said as much in the presser and I respect that.

    There is no negative here, just a lot of potential energy ready to be unleashed upon the NFC.

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