Bears won’t identify No. 2, but want to keep developing Mitchell Trubisky


Bears coach John Fox isn’t giving away any important state secrets, even if it’s something as seemingly inconsequential as the identity of his backup quarterback.

But while he won’t confirm whether Mark Sanchez or Mitchell Trubisky will be No. 2 Sunday against the Falcons, he made it a point to mention that they’d continue to develop Trubisky, and that will likely mean plenty of regular season reps with the scout team — a duty normally given to the third quarterback if the team has one.

“Our coaches have done an excellent job getting him the time and the reps to develop in the preseason and much of the same will happen in the regular season,” Fox said of Trubisky, via Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune. “You get a lot of looks [running the scout team]. A lot of people do very similar things in our league. So it’s just being under center, seeing defenses, and I’m not saying he won’t get any of the regular reps throughout the season.

He’ll get a combination of both, just as all three of our quarterbacks will, primarily the 2 and 3.”

Trubisky was good enough in the preseason that it would be easy to justify making him the backup to Mike Glennon, but that would have also justified not needing Sanchez hanging around.

But the Bears have appeared serious about keeping the reins pulled back on Trubisky, and held onto Sanchez while playing him just two series in the preseason.

10 responses to “Bears won’t identify No. 2, but want to keep developing Mitchell Trubisky

  1. While plenty of jokes can be made at Mark Sanchez’s expense one thing he’s never been accused of is being a bad teammate. A veteran QB that’s had some pretty big ups and downs could be good for Trubisky’s development.

  2. He looks so much better than the other guys that’s there is no way the Bears can develop him for a whole season. Unless they are planning to go for another top draft pick again.

  3. I believe the game has passed John Fox by. These quotes sound more like someone rooted in their own personal philosophy rather than someone who understands how the game works today and wants to win a few along the way. The Bears have been making bad FO decisions for years – decades even – and it won’t surprise me to see that he is gone sometime this season or after the season. I think that would be the best decision the Bears have made in years.

  4. The Bears WRs are trash and they’re carrying 4 TEs and a FB on the roster. Translation, this is going to be a painfully one dimensional offense, ineffective and mind numbingly boring to watch besides. Trubisky has real talent and until and unless they are going to put legit weapons around him, I actually would rather they not put him out there. That likely doesn’t happen till next spring when they can leverage a Top 10 draft pick into a #1 WR.

  5. See these wide receivers play yet?? Which one of them do you think is Antonio Brown?? White looks slow, so tell me who is the #1? Bellamy? A team that was going into a season with Cam Meredith as it’s #1 receiver is laughable. They cut the guy who had the best preseason in Gentry. He is the exact same type of receiver as Meredith. You mistake reality for negativity from Bassplucker. Glennon is awful, but he will be just good enough to keep them out of the top 5 draft picks most likely. I don’t need to see the WRs play to know they’re average to below average. If they were better than average, they’d already have a longer contract and be on a squad not worrying about being cut. Better than average players get jobs.

  6. John Fox isn’t going to develop any QB. He wants to run the football and play good defense.

  7. Trubisky should be the number 2 QB. I don’t hold out much hope the Bears will win a whole lot this year so hope they resist starting the kid before week 8.

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