Dolphins face no-win with season opener being moved or rescheduled

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The NFL is moving or rescheduling the Bucs-Dolphins game. That much we know. Neither option is good for the Dolphins.

ESPN reports the NFL likely will reschedule the game for Week 11 when both teams have byes. That means both team teams would play 16 consecutive weeks.

Dolphins players don’t like that option.

It would be tough,” quarterback Jay Cutler said earlier this week, via the Miami Herald. “It would be tough. Guys kind of need that bye week to get healthy and push through the second half of the season. This is latest bye week I ever had. It’s not an ideal situation not to have a bye for us.”

Cornerback Byron Maxwell said he prefers to play at a neutral site this weekend rather than move the game to Nov. 19. That’s the other option the NFL is considering, with New Orleans among the possibilities, according to Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

“I like my bye week,” Maxwell said. “For the most part, your body needs it, especially with the brutal NFL season. It’s a marathon. It’s not a sprint. If any way they can get the game this week, I would like that.”

But if the NFL moves the game, the Dolphins will have only six home games. They already gave up a home game to play in London. Moving the Bucs game also would give the Dolphins four consecutive games away from Hard Rock Stadium to start the season.

Miami’s next three games after the season opener are in Los Angeles, New York and London. They will not play at Hard Rock until Oct. 8.

“[We’re] going to keep preparing as if we’re playing Sunday. When and where we really don’t care,” Dolphins coach Adam Gase said earlier Tuesday.

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  1. The fact that homeowners have been preparing for the storm since Sunday and the NFL hasn’t figured out what it’s going to do two full days later on Tuesday shows that the league doesn’t really care about the precarious situation the Dolphins are in and are prepared to make these players go a full 16 weeks without rest.

    And yea. I get it tough-guys-behind-the-keyboard. “They didn’t have bye weeks before”. And that’s exactly why the rule was changed.

  2. They can’t expect these guys to play 16 weeks straight, for either team. That’s going to put both the Bucs and the Dolphins at an unfair disadvantage. Let’s say that either one of these teams makes the playoffs, the NFL expects them to play in a playoff game after playing 16 games in a row? Come on man.

  3. I remember when players were complaining about byes because it took away from the rythum of playing every week.

    Fans were complaining about byes because the NFL did it to make more money.


    It’s time to complain again.

  4. That London game should definitely be moved to Miami. Completely unfair what the fins have to go through and the season hasn’t even started yet. The traveling and the possibility of no bye week and only 6 home games. The fins are already in a position to fail.

  5. Why not play the game in Orlando? It’s a neutral site and you give fans of both teams an opportunity to get there. So you should still have a good sized crowd. If they play in NOLA they’ll be lucky to draw 15,000 people.

  6. There are plenty of neutral sites where they could play it. Also, move that stupid London game to Miami. Sorry, London. You’ll have to make do with the three other games being played there this season. London shouldn’t have nearly as many home games as Miami.

  7. Everyone is also making the assumption they are ‘only’ playing 16 straight wins. If either team is successful they would be at a major disadvantage for a playoff run… especially if they have a wildcard game and therefore a whole season without a break.

    Thats simply unfair and a competitive disadvantage.

  8. This storm is potentially devastating for Miami and Tampa Bay. Cancelling and letting these guys take care of family and property makes the most sense to me- a fan in Houston. It’s a life threatening situation, not a schedule dilemma, or a time to worry about what’s fair. If I were them, I would agree to count the game as a tie and hope the home stadium is playable the rest of the season.

  9. When Ike forced Baltimore and Houston to play 15 straight games in 2008…the Ravens went 11-5 and went to the AFC Championship game. The Texans went 8-8…but won 5 of their last 6…doesn’t seem they wore down from lack of a bye.

  10. Would is be possible to change the date the play in London? Maybe play in London this week then play in Miami on the original London date. They would have to act fast to sell the tickets if that was possible. Never mind, the NFL moves to slow to do anything.

  11. Even though Im a steelers fan I always thought the 08 Ravens got jobbed by having their bye week pushed to week 2, by the AFC title game the Ravens were playing for the 18th consecutive week.

    Bucs and Phins get screwed by having to go 16 straight but it would also mean the Dolphins would need to be the first team to play after playing in London.

  12. Seems kind of foolish to be worried about this given the danger the residents of South Florida could potentially have thrust onto them this weekend.

    That said, if both teams are open to playing at a neutral location, why not just move forward with that plan? Yes, it means fewer ticket sales, etc., but again, what’s REALLY important here? In fact, given the fact that hurricane season occurs EVERY late summer/fall as well as the uncertainty of heavy winter storms impacting many other teams, why don’t the NFL suits on Park Ave. just have a contingency plan in place EVERY week in case Mother Nature causes an issue?

  13. NFL use to have bye weeks every week of the year, including week 1 and week 17 . I remember the Chargers had a week 17 bye in 2001, they ended the season with like 12 straight loses which basically just ended their season a week early. my bet is they go that route because they would lose too much money holding the game in neutral territory .

  14. I think the most realistic solution is just moving the game to Week 11 when Miami and Tampa Bay were scheduled to have byes already. Yes, the teams will play 16 straight weeks but the narrative I’ve seen of “You’re taking away the team’s bye” isn’t accurate. The teams still get byes, just this week. Yes, that’s not the ideal solution, but you’re not going to find one. The problem with just moving the Week 1 game to a neutral site is that Miami already has lost one home game by playing in London Week 4. From a competitive advantage solution as well as the financial consideratons of lost revenue, I don’t think losing 2 games would be tolerated by the owner.

    Here is one solution I’ve come up with. Move the TB-MIA game to Atlanta. Then replace the scheduled MIA-NO game in London in Week 4 with the Buffalo at Atlanta game. Atlanta loses a home game but an agreement could be made where the Falcons receive at least a portion of the revenue from the MIA-TB game. Atlanta is already scheduled to have a bye week in Week 5 so they get rest coming back from London. Buffalo would have to play a game the next week(unfortunately also on the road at Cincinatti) but they do have a bye in Week 6. The main concern that would likely prevent this is the fact that Atlanta is opening a brand new stadium and they probably wouldn’t like to have the TB-MIA game be the first game there. However, Atlanta frequently gets awarded Super Bowls from the league so if I were the league I might just tell them if they want that continue then we expect cooperation.

  15. Better to lose a home game than the bye week, especially when its that late in the season. Sucks for the Fins either way.

  16. If any team can take the hit and come out shining, it’s the phins
    Hell, they’re the last team to go undefeated from week 1 thru the SB. Just ask them
    Compared to that, this little, bitty schedule snafu is a stroll in the park

  17. “Would is be possible to change the date the play in London? ”

    Nope. Far too close to arrange that. Premier league is in full swing, a lot of other things going on. UK NFL fans have their tix and made their plans, can’t expect them to change their lives around for this weekend instead of 3 months from now. Not to mention concessions, ushers and security staff that would have to be gotten in on the fly etc etc.

  18. oilerthentexandiehard says:
    September 5, 2017 at 7:25 pm
    This storm is potentially devastating for Miami and Tampa Bay. Cancelling and letting these guys take care of family and property makes the most sense to me- a fan in Houston. It’s a life threatening situation, not a schedule dilemma, or a time to worry about what’s fair. If I were them, I would agree to count the game as a tie and hope the home stadium is playable the rest of the season.
    I understand the reasoning but it is slightly different. The storm would not hit Miami or Tampa until Sunday anyway–and odds are there will be a mandatory evacuation in effect. These teams would just be doing that a bit earlier. Nothing says they can’t bring families along if they needed to.

  19. This is where the Thursday night game all teams play that all of you despise so much will become beneficial and can be used as a bye week for these 2 teams.

  20. I find it funny that some of you are bashing Cutler for what he said, but have nothing to say about Byron Maxwell. Hypocrites.

  21. This insanity of “we can’t move the game to the bye week it’s too hard” to play 16 games in a row is a joke.
    Years ago there was no such thing as the bye week.
    Today’s players are way too babied like most millenials, training camps used to be 5 to 6 weeks of hard work now training camp is two weeks with barely any contact.
    C’mon man, stop complaining and just play!

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