Malik McDowell to join Seahawks more regularly, still no timeline for football return


While there is no timetable for Seahawks defensive tackle Malik McDowell to return to football activities, the team’s second-round draft pick will begin to show up to the team’s facility far more often in the coming weeks.

“He’ll be with us in and out more regularly now just to kind of start the process of having him re-enter,” head coach Pete Carroll said on Monday.

“We are trying to work him back in with us and just reconnect and make sure that he has a sense of coming to work and all that kind of stuff and he feels comfortable about that with no demands on him at this time.”

McDowell sustained significant injuries – at least a concussion and facial injuries – in an ATV accident in July that has brought his entire 2017 season into doubt. While McDowell pledged a return to the field in the near future, the reality is that McDowell isn’t close to resuming football activities.

He did not report to the team for the start of training camp as he elected to remain in Michigan while healing from his injuries. He finally reported to the team several days into camp and was placed on the non-football injury list, where he’ll remain for at least the first six weeks of the regular season.

Carroll had no update on if McDowell would be able to play this season. It was McDowell’s accident that sparked Seattle’s search for help at defensive tackle, which culminated in the addition of Sheldon Richardson from the New York Jets this weekend.

“When we realized we weren’t going to have Malik, it made us look to see if we could find some way to help that spot,’’ Carroll said.

With so few details about McDowell’s condition being revealed, he will remain an enigma until he can return to the practice field. When, or if, that happens continues to be unknown.

10 responses to “Malik McDowell to join Seahawks more regularly, still no timeline for football return

  1. What the heck happened to him?? Some details would be nice for a change. I’m tired of this generic speech. He has a concussion and…..??? Why can’t he work out?

  2. I think if I had a chance to make millions and be set for life I might not be getting on an ATV.

  3. Yeah I Have had 4 concussions and none took me out for over a month and a half. What are the details of the injury and why was it so severe. Fans like to be updated on these sorts of things.

  4. The facial injuries are probably keeping him off the field. If the wounds have not healed, and if it hurts even if his helmet is lightly touched, since the padding of the helmet is a tight fit to the face, then he obviously cannot play.

  5. He suffered off field injuries. He has the same right to medical privacy that you and I do. Without the player’s express permission the Seahawks legally can offer only non-specific cooments. Rather than give permission to the Seahawks to disclose more, they have placed significant restrictions on what the Seahawks may say. Don’t expect anything more.

    Some are speculating that is because the injuries are so severe but his hometown paper says that is not so but said his family is contemplating legal action and doesn’t want any disclosure until they make their court filing.

  6. I’m betting it’s a major eye injury, or loss of an eye… it’s the only facial injury I can think of that he may be able to return, or never play again…. but who knows, info would be nice!

  7. It’s very possible, if not likely, he has suffered some level of TBI…. Traumatic Brain Injury. Much more significant than a concussion. Initial reports were that he was lucky to be alive… and we know the injury was to the head. Concussions typically wouldn’t leave someone out 4 months or a year; A TBI would however and could jeopardize his entire career. That’s what it has sounded like to me from the beginning. I hope he heals.

  8. I wish him the best and a quick recovery to live your life away from NFL football. Take care of yourself. Maximize your happiness with the those you love and love you! Have a blast!!!

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