Ray Lewis: Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend kept him from getting signed by Ravens

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Finally, the world knows why the Ravens didn’t sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick. According to former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, it was Kaepernick’s girlfriend’s fault.

“When me and Steve Bisciotti were talking, this is what we were talking about,” Lewis said on Showtime’s Inside The NFL. “We were talking about giving this kid an opportunity to get back in the National Football League. Look, this is what I wanted to share with people. I have been fighting for this kid behind the table like nobody has. . . . I’ve never been against Colin Kaepernick. But I am against the way he’s done it.”

But it’s not just Kaepernick who has contributed to his unemployment. According to Lewis, the last straw in Baltimore came from something Kaepernick’s girlfriend did.

“Then, his girl [Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend] goes out and put out this racist gesture and doesn’t know we are in the back office about to try to get this guy signed,” Lewis said. “Steve Bisciotti has said it himself, ‘How can you crucify Ray Lewis when Ray Lewis is the one calling for Colin Kaepernick?'”

Lewis apparently is referring to the photo posted by Kaepernick’s girlfriend of Lewis embracing Bisciotti, with a photo of Samuel L. Jackson embracing Leonardo DiCaprio’s slave-owning character in Django Unchained.

“When they called me, it was to say, ‘Yes’ or ‘No,'” Lewis said. “We were going to close the deal to sign him. . . . Steve Bisciotti said, ‘I want to hear Colin Kaeperkick speak to let me know that he wants to play football.’ . . . And it never happens because that picture comes up the next day.”

Lewis made it clear that, absent that image posted by Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Kaepernick would have been a Ravens.

“Then he’s flying him to Baltimore,” Lewis said.

So to summarize, the Ravens had a chance to improve their quarterback situation, they crowdsourced the issue regarding the potential backlash against Kaepernick for his anthem protests of a year ago, and they ultimately didn’t sign him because his girlfriend — not his wife or mother or sister, his girlfriend — posted an image on Twitter in response to Ray’s nonsensical ramblings on FS1 about Kaepernick?

I suspect Ray thought his explanation would make the situation better. It actually makes the situation worse. If Lewis is telling the truth, an NFL franchise actually spurned a player not because of something he did but because of something his girlfriend did.

If it’s true, it’s lame. If it’s cover for the broader reluctance to risk riling up portions of the fan base, it’s even more lame — because it’s more evidence of the BS that has been propagated for months to justify Kaepernick’s unemployment.

164 responses to “Ray Lewis: Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend kept him from getting signed by Ravens

  1. So I’m all for Kaepernick getting another chance but is it really that hard to believe that the Ravens were already on the fence about signing him and then this action by his girlfriend made them change their minds? Why is it unfair for the team to draw a line and get fed up because of negative attention that he or the people surrounding him would bring?

  2. I dunno. If they are signing him as a backup, then they want 0 headaches. Nobody can provide bigger headaches than a spouse/girlfriend. Miko Grimes, maybe, as an example? I don’t think he was trying to say that the insult to him was the reason, but the personage behind it was the reason. I have zero regard for Ray Lewis, but I would not be at all surprised if he was correct and the owner just didn’t want to have to deal with a girlfriend who is a loose cannon. She isn’t under contract, and clearly has no regard for the league, team, or sport. She sound a lot like someone with an agenda that prioritizes ruining the NFL as we know over her boyfriend’s team winning. This is the first explanation that sounds honest.

  3. “If Lewis is telling the truth, an NFL franchise actually spurned a player not because of something he did but because of something his girlfriend did.”

    Like the NFL did Elliot?

  4. Or it’s evidence that a one dimensional subpar mediocre QB with delusions of grandeur has no control over his life. Would you give an opportunity to a project employee who would allow that level of chaos in his life? If you would, you are far more charitable than I.

  5. I find it extremely difficult to believe any intelligent person could base such a decision on anything Ray Ray Lewis said because I find it extremely difficult to believe any intelligent person could understand anything Ray Ray Lewis said.

  6. Or ray lewis is still mad at kaeps girl for offending him and he wants to put all the blame on her and make kaep and all his supporters mad at her.

  7. How is this a lame excuse? I buy it 100%. Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend has the maturity of a 5 year old. She posts a picture on social media mocking the owner of the Baltimore Ravens. I don’t know about you, but I would be pretty ticked off if I was Steven Bisciotti. This isn’t the first time jobs have been lost or denied because of social media activity, and it sure won’t be the last.

  8. Ray Lewis is a damn fool. I used to be real fan early in his career. Then eh became a caricature. He’s basically Donald Trump, who used to play football. He’s embarrassed by the reaction to his initial position and wants to make amends. He has no clue how to reverse his stance, yet make us believe he’s been working “behind the table”. Whatever the hell that means.

  9. His girlfriend tweets just sealed the deal, and lol at him helping any situation. Let’s not forget Kaep quit his last job voluntarily, so sad, too bad.

  10. Well, everything these days with the NFL doesn’t make sense, so who knows maybe Ray is right in his assessment. It seems these days the NFL is totally afraid of a PR backlash. From stupid suspensions and investigations to players not standing for the national anthem, the NFL teams are not sure what type of backlash they get if they make a controversial move. Mark Cuban a couple years ago, said the the NFL was so big that it eventually will fall maybe we are starting to see the beginnings of that.

  11. I have been behind Kap for most of this. Not a fan of his protest or his socks with the pigs, but I do believe in his message. After reading this I realize that it isnt his message at all. Kap is a puppet for someone else and now his life will change dramatically because of it. No more million dollar giveaways. No more football. The only thing being played is you Kap.

  12. Kaepernick is NOT an NFL QB. GET OVER IT!

    Yes, if it weren’t for his protest, he probably would’ve found a home in the offseason. But he would not have made the 53-man roster. He is a read-option QB that cannot play from the pocket.

    I almost want him to get signed next offseason so you can see how bad of a QB he really is.

  13. Again, Colin Kaepernick has too much non football baggage to be signed by a team. On the scales, his talent (or lack thereof) is not greater than the baggage he brings. Simple as that.

    That, and he does obviously not eat, breathe and live to play football. Football is not the most important thing to him. When football becomes the most important thing to him, he’ll get signed…..

  14. Don’t think he wants to get signed. He likes the whole “whoa is me” role! Case if he played everyone will recognize he is a joke as a QB and forget about his social role. No one rally cares anyways!

  15. Lame? Essentially being called a racist is one of the worst things that a person can be called. The owner, at that point, had to ask himself: do I really want to bring the Kaepernick circus to this team?

  16. I watched Inside the NFL tonight, same as I have most weeks during the season for the past 40 years. But when they compared J.J. Watt’s fundraising for Houston victims to Kaepernick’s protests, asking why one is ok and the other isn’t, I lost my —-.

    Never going to watch the show again.

  17. its not lame bro. its about distractions and the guy has another distraction added by his stupid gf. Look at brent grimes wife. She basically cost him any chance at going back to his old teams by what she said. Why would anyone want to waste their time with that?

  18. How is it lame Mike? If he is still with his girlfriend then I’d think they share similar views. Personally, if I had a girlfriend fly off the handle and chop me down whether through losing a job (like what happened to Kap with the Ravens) embarrassing me, stating views associated to me that I don’t agree with, etc. I’d kick her to the curb.

    Mike, I understand your view and sometimes even agree with it, but Kap has done NOTHING to promote himself, prove he still loves and wants to play football, or explain he’s not anti-America but anti social injustices.

    There has since been a lot of players who kneel, sit, etc. to bring awareness but they also show signs of love for the game, are good teammates, and are are also good football players.

    Kap, Manziel, Tebow, Michael Sam,….are just no longer good enough to play in the NFL, plain and simple.

    You are making it a race and injustice issue by making it one.

  19. There are consequences for a lot of people in regards to the people they associate with, especially wife, husband and girlfriend/boyfriend. If its so egregious that the Ravens didn’t sign him because of his girlfriend. Then can’t the same be said about his girlfriend commenting or injecting herself into business she is not part of? It goes both ways.

  20. Ravens made a wise move, if the girlfriend holds that much influence of him, the were right to walk away.

  21. The girlfriend called the Biscotti a slave owner and inferred Ray Lewis was an Uncle Tom.

    Kaepernick has never apologized for the pig socks among other things.

    Pretending like Kaepernick’s causes are mainstream is garbage. Castro is a murderer. His white mother has called him out repeatedly for his hypocritical crap.

    There are people that are doing these protests the right way. I support Bennet on the seahawks to an extent for the way he is going about it. Kaepernick is not one of those people. The SJW crap has worn out it’s welcome everywhere but in liberal newsrooms.

    As soon as Kaepernick comes out and apologizes for the pig socks maybe we will take him seriously. But there is no way someone like him could go into a locker room and not be a distraction to the team.

  22. Actually, it’s not lame. It’s a pretty strong indication Kaep has not “let it go” and can’t solely concentrate on football. If he’s getting the hate rhetoric every night from honey dearest, I’d have to wonder too where his head is at. The other question is how much is Kaep being manipulated by this girl. She has popped up often on the radar screen with regards to Kaep, namely with her strong anti-American sentiments influencing the things he does.

  23. Why is it lame if it is true, if I was Steve Bisciotti I would be extremely offended by that comparison. I don’t disagree with his protests but the GF isn’t helping his cause.

  24. CK I has not been thinking with the brain in his head. He lets that women use him and he is a fool for doing such.
    Definitely not using any common sense, if he had any he wouldn’t have protested the way he did and we wouldn’t be reading these stories.

  25. Brent Grimes was released from Miami in large part because of his wife Miko. Her trash talking Ryan Tannehill didn’t sit well, and when he went to Tampa, some were reluctant to sign him out of fear that she’d poison the locker room and create more distractions.

    This isn’t new, unusual, or unfounded. Kaepernick supporters are delusional if they think was an unreasonable response. You aren’t required to hire someone, especially if that someone silently condones calling your boss a racist slave owner. Or, for that matter, calling the most legendary player in franchise history a slave and ally of slave owners

  26. It’s his fiancee….she has his ear & is full of hate…..It’s not nonsense or lame.It is important to care about what your fanbase thinks and with the fact that he is just not that good, has his protest baggage , loves Fidel , loves socks with Police portrayed as pigs, probably wants more than the average backup QB & his wife likes to throw racism darts ….perhaps he just not worth the aggravation instead of the nonsense conspiracy theory that is perpetually thrown around…..let him rot.

  27. This is a match made in heaven. It’s all about the lack of moral convictions and principles. Kap abandons his principles and states he will stand for the national anthem; because money is far more important. Ravens ownership abandons their convictions that Kap needs a second chance because of what someone’s girlfriend said. Sounds like they deserve each other in loser’s ville.

  28. Thank you Mike for culling through this and calling “BS” for what it truly is.
    The bottom line is the owners should have called meetings to address the reasons for his protest and not tried to ignore, punish and vilify him. The owners employ minority players but have no interest in them, their families or friends personal safety or well being when not performing is hypocrisy at its best. Again any NFL player that does not attempt to understand or respect the very long limb that Kap went out on to bring more attention to this issue is only fooling himself until it affects him directly.

  29. Freedom of Speech. Not Freedom from Consequences. If anyone close to me including a wife, mother or just a flat out friend insulted a prospective employer. I wouldn’t think it was “lame” they passed me over. I would be disappointed and angry at the offender not my prospective employer.

    Kaepernick’s girl knew good and well Baltimore was considering signing him. But she didn’t agree with how owner Steve Biscotti was handling the situation so she likened him to a slave owner and Ray Lewis a slave. But everything should be okay because it was just Kaep’s girlfriend. The same girlfriend that caused the riff in San Fran, between Aldon Smith and Kaep and divided the locker room. If the Ravens had signed Kaep as a backup as soon as Flacco would have a bad game. She and every other non-football knowing Kaep supporter would be crying out it’s unfair Kaep isn’t starting.

    I sometimes wish he would be gifted a starting job somewhere. So everyone can see what most 49er fans know about Kaep. He’s just not that great. Based on talent alone, yes he should probably be at least a back up. But businesses have always measured the talent to distraction ratio. If Kaep played like Aaron Rodgers he’d still be a starter in SF.

  30. “If Lewis is telling the truth, an NFL franchise actually spurned a player not because of something he did but because of something his girlfriend did.

    If it’s true, it’s lame.”

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Twitter does not make you look like an idiot. Twitter only confirms it.

    This is social media at its most destructive capabilities. An owner considers signing a guy with baggage, and gets compared to a slave owner pictured with a team legend by that very baggage.

    If the Ravens felt that Kaep would become a Ravens legend, they would have probably ignored Nessa’s tweet. It’s safe to say Kaep would never have become a Ravens legend.

    It’s not lame at all. It’s cause and effect.

  31. True or not, that stupid tweet gave them the excuse they need, and it’s one more item to consider when asking if he’s worth the trouble.

  32. I don’t believe Ray Lewis for one second. All this drama. Lewis and Bisciotti sound like a couple of little school girls who are trying to pick their first boyfriend. I just don’t think NFL teams choose their QB’s based on what their girlfriends are snap facing about. No wonder New England wins every year. These other teams are clueless.

  33. Social media does nothing but kill jobs. Anyone with anything to lose should not have a sm account of any kind. Sooner or later you’re going to offend someone.

  34. I dont get it Tessa… if Biscotti is such a slave owner, we just don’t want your man to feel even more oppressed than he “already is” – who wants a contract with a slave owner anyway, right?!

  35. Can’t imagine me getting a job if my potential employer found my girlfriend comparing him to a slave owner, and another employee to a slave. No matter how good you might be at the job, anyone close to you insulting your potential boss in such a manner isn’t going to help you. How is this any different than the Brent Grimes situation where his wife essentially lost him his job anyways? Colin chooses to have this girl around, and is obviously okay with her making racist comparisons.

  36. I wouldn’t sign him because of his GF either. So far this offseason you probably heard more from the GF then you did from Colin Kaepernick. IF he wants to play football then step up to the plate. But he’s not even worth it for most teams. He’s a second stringer. I could only seeing him working out in Carolina to be cam newtons backup.

  37. What did you think was going to happen? She says all that stuff and they just bring him in like nothing happened? Its hilarious how upset you’re getting about this, but you can’t seem to understand that nobody wants to have a back up that is a distraction to the team.

  38. There are consequences for a lot of people in regards to the people they associate with, especially wife, husband and girlfriend/boyfriend. If its so egregious that the Ravens didn’t sign him because of his girlfriend. Then can’t the same be said about his girlfriend commenting or injecting herself into business she is not part of? It goes both ways.

  39. The real truth has more to do with Kaps inability to learn a playbook in time to be a real asset. NO team is going to dumb down the playbook for a backup. In short, He is of no use.

  40. It likely is true, and it’s not lame. His girlfriend is the catalyst behind his activation. She has been nothing but trouble in his career since they started getting serious from issues with other teammates over her to motivating the behavior that has contributed to him currently being unsigned. She has a lot of influence, check the timeline.

  41. Without diving in to all the layers of this story and digging up a bunch of dead horses to beat, I think it is easy enough for people to agree that this girl hasn’t done anything to help him get back on a team.

  42. Not lame at all. She compared the owner to a slave master and the greatest franchise player to a house That would be very offensive to an organization. I don’t know how anyone can’t see an issue with this.

  43. So it sounds like X’s and O’s weren’t on the table or a primary factor when discussing signing Kaepernick. To the surprise of nobody with a functioning brain.

    Also, why in the hell are we to believe Ray Lewis is the deciding factor when it comes to signing a player? Where was Ozzie Newsome, and the rest of the Front Office? It is almost as if they are using Ray Lewis’ name and popularity as a prop.

  44. I don’t see it as lame at all ,his girlfriend sounds like a punk just like him !

  45. I don’t know? I kind of agree with Ray Lewis.

    It shows something about Kaepernick’s character & the company he keeps.

    Birds of a feather…

  46. Wanting to not enrage your fanbase, ie, the paying customers is “lame”. Wanting to avoid hiring an employee who is openly mocking team institutions (“no, no, the girlfriend did it”). Who’s to day he doesnt start calling coaches slave masters? Already called the owner one.

    It isn’t anyone job to give this guy a platform for his hate and bitterness. Especially given that he’s mediocre at best for his job.

  47. I am so over this Kaepernick crap. Please stop. Just stop. He made his own bed either by his diminished football skills or his stance on society. I don’t care and neither does most of America.

  48. It’s time to give up the crusade. It’s reached the point of stupid. Kaepernick isn’t good enough to counterbalance the negatives (on and off the field) and he has a racist girlfriend to boot. His cause is just, the choice of methods and the platform used are debateable. I don’t know of any honest (and non racist) person who would hire an employee who closely associates with racists, especially when they are openly attacking their character.

    Give it up, it’s over.

  49. Colin kaepernick is not a very smart person. How do you let your girlfriend mess up your business. I don’t blame the ravens. Kaepernick should take some advice from my wise father in law, “if you play with crap, you get some on ya”.

  50. a business owner will never hire someone whose girlfriend is blasting them on social media. especially if it slander and youre calling him racist. where was kaepernick to offer an apology, get her to take it down, maybe call biscotti?
    nope, the ravens were in the right here.

  51. This story is over. Kapernick isn’t good enough to offset the distraction. Plus his cause is warped. He doesn’t deserve a medal for it. Luckily with most teams only keeping two QBs their will be enough players with current experience to draw from if their is an injury. So no team should feel pressured to sign him.

  52. Ya, and the dolphins got rid of Brent Grimes because if his wife’s antics.
    Why is everyone so obsessed with kaep’s unemployment when rg3 is unsigned? They’re both bad And. Remember when kaep got beat out by gabbert in training camp before all the protest happened?

  53. This just in, Ray and his ego make a situation not having anything to do with him, mostly about him.

  54. Two things…if my girlfriend insulted my next potential employer for all the world to see, whether that be an NFL team or a typical 9-5 job we all have, the expectation would be to no longer be a candidate for hire. What makes Colin Kaepernick any different?

    Secondly, if the millionaire quarterback can’t prevent his girlfriend from irrationally lashing out on social media while he is unemployed, what makes you think he would be able to do so at any point in the future as an employee of the company?

    I’m a Ravens fan. I wasn’t opposed to bringing Kaep to Baltimore, but don’t bite the hand that feeds, and in this case Ray Lewis and Steve Biscotti are that hand.

  55. Why is this a lame reason for not signing Kaepernick? His girlfriend posts a racist image of the owner. Kaepernick does not denounce or distance himself from the post or do anything to let people know he does not agree with the post.

    I don’t know about you, but if I am interviewing a candidate looking to fill an open position and someone as close as his girlfriend post a racist image of me, I’m not hiring the candidate.

    As the saying does, “you are who you roll with”…

  56. If it’s true, why is it lame? Consider the circumstances for a second…It’s already a polarizing issue and Baltimore knows that by signing him they are taking a risk. Then, his idiot girlfriend compares the most famous raven of all time to a slave. If I’m Baltimore, I’m seeing that as a prequel to what’s to come if I sign him. She’s just dumping fuel on a fire. Of course, she will never take responsibility for her actions if this comes out as being true; that’s not what people do when they adhere to a victim mentality.

  57. The worst part of this may be that it gives Ray Lewis a reason to be in the spotlight. It’d be nice if someone who works for the team had the ability to speak up, instead they seem content to have a gibbering ex-con represent them.

  58. If Kaepernick’s value as a player outweighed the drama he brings, he would be on a roster. Can we stop hearing/reading/talking about this already?

  59. Why not…. Miko Grimes got her husband tossed out of Miami with her antics.

    Again, actions have consequences.

    You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

  60. Sounds like Kaep has a Miko Grimes situation on his hands. My girl would never call out my employer or potential employer especially on social media. If she did it would be over.

  61. It seems to me that Ray Lewis is just taking a stab in the dark here. His cutting remarks do nothing to help the situation, only adds fuel to the fire. He should be enjoying a slice of life instead of carrying the Raven’s water here.

  62. I think not standing for the national anthem “even more lame.” Kaepernick choose to kneel and knew there would be consequences. he choose to wear a Castro t-shirt, knowing he was in Southern Florida. He choose to stay with the 49’ers when the Broncos wanted him if he was willing to take less money, restructure his contract. Sometimes we reap what we sow.

  63. It’s not lame, if I’m biscotti I’m not signing someone whose family is going to post racist memes against me the moment I fire them. Her and miko grimes can both go somewherr

  64. His GF has been the problem the whole time. Never an activist or proponent of racial inequality until he “finds love” or becomes her puppet. She’s the wacko, not him.

  65. Kap cant control his girlfriends social media and the Ravens were supposed to trust he could control their offense?

    This is all a moot point because like we all knew months ago Flacco is starting week one. Kap wouldnt play a single snap of meaningful football anyway.

  66. Ray Lewis is a jerk. Who would believe anything this idiot say’s.He should be in Prison.I wouldn’t believe him if he said rain was wet.

  67. Eye roll is correct. This has less to do with Kaep’s girlfriend posting a picture and more to do with Ray’s face-saving attempt.

  68. Time to give up the crusade. Do the people carrying the torch for Kaepernick even know that he wants to play? Is he even in shape? He certainly isn’t talking for himself and voicing that he desires to be on the field.

  69. LOL I don’t understand the infatuation with a back up QB. When a guy protests against oppression that’s one thing and I will listen. When the same guy supports Castro who oppressed millions for years, this same back up QB message means nothing anymore and can’t be taken seriously.

  70. Whether anyone likes it or not, your social profile can affect your employment situation. Why would a team want double baggage – Kaep and the girlfriend? If they, collectively, affect the image of the brand which is the Ravens or any other employer, then the employer will consider that decision very carefully.

    As I have said often, Kaep has the right to say anything he wants. But he does not have the right to use the megaphone of the NFL, or any employer, or their soap box to stand on to deliver his message. And he has to understand that there are sometimes consequences.

  71. What they are saying is – there has been no feedback from Colin about his interest in playing football. He is allowing others to speak on his behalf.

    His girlfriend posts an inflammatory photo about people who are trying to help him, and his silence in response to the posting speaks volumes.

    Me – If my wife/girlfriend did something that i thought could damage efforts in pursuing opportunities in my chosen career – you can be sure i would repudiate it immediately, vocally, and if she was unwilling to help with damage control, i would consider ending the relationship.

  72. A good relationship is based on teamwork or its not a good relationship. Thats just a basic life rule that applies to all of us. If Kaep wants to play football again she should be supporting his goals not undermining them. What you see here is her putting her own agenda over his well being. Thats not teamwork.

    I also cant help noticing that even as she accuses the Ravens of racism it is actually her that is posting the racist memes.

    The owner and organization were very good to Ray Lewis. He should not be faulted for being fond of them after that. He should especially not be faulted if his fondness ignores skin color.

  73. No kidding, people have been pointing that out in the comments ever since it happened. I hope he enjoys playing the role of a martyr because at this point that is the only playing he will ever do.

  74. Why does anyone even care about Kaps present or future in the nfl,if he was good enough he would be starting for the Niners but he is not.as for his kneel down protest,what the hell good did it do,he really should have given it more thought before he foolishly went ahead with it,it hurt him and accomplished nothing.his fame came with the zone read,does anybody even us that anymore on a consistant enough basis for Kap to ever be successful again were he to qb an nfl team,nope.he done!

  75. Everyone in Bmore knew he wasn’t getting a deal after that Django picture…u don’t disrespect the GOAT MLB and Steve Bisciotti, who is a Baltimore legend.

    And if it really was his girl and not him who did that, then further Shane to him for letting her do it.

  76. How stupid is Kaepernick’s girlfriend to be posting that when she knows the Ravens are considering hiring him? My guess is she’s happier with him being a cause than actually having s job.

  77. Kaepernick wasn’t political until he started dating Nessa Diab. She’s super hot so maybe she’s worth the trouble, but there isn’t much of a demand for a backup QB who uses his employer’s time for his pet cause and which involved protesting the national anthem. If CK used his own time to speak on behalf of Black Lives Matter, nobody would object.

  78. Sooooo everyone going to just take the word of a man associated with a murder and the company who built a statue in his image?

  79. First off, not just some girlfriend, but radio personality in New York City. So she has some reach. Second, if Kaep can’t manage those closest to him not to be racist, then he really doesn’t need to be on a NFL team.

  80. As a Ravens fan, I’ve either never understood or believed anything that ever came out of Ray Lewis’ mouth…nothing has changed. Now how do you go on Fox Sports and say on camera saying you have no interest in what they (being the Ravens) do within the organization, but the now on HBO, you’re in the back of the Castle trying to get a deal done and couching for Kap…bruh you need to quit it and stick to ya preaching and squirrel dancing.

  81. “Kaz says: Sooooo everyone going to just take the word of a man associated with a murder and the company who built a statue in his image?”

    Its not hard to figure out, since she posted the pics publicly.

  82. -the paying customers (folks that actually buy tickets and go to games) dont want him
    -his girlfriend trashes the potential employer on social media

    gee, i cannot imagine why he was not hired….

  83. Ray Lewis can’t speak for two minutes without contradicting himself.

    He has demonstrated, time and again, that he is not able to comment intelligently on anything.

    He may be right. He may be wrong. Either way, we should not waste time discussing his statements.

  84. I put myself in the owners position and if a girlfriend, wife, sister or whatever trashed me in the news, twitter or whatever, I would step back and say, this person is in the head of the person I’m trying to hire and could come in here and fester team spirit. Hell no I ain’t taking that chance.
    We all know how one bad apple can and will spoil the bunch. Frisco got it and got rid of the bad apple.

  85. This girlfriend, if that’s what you want to call her, is the kind of circus that follows this fringe backup QB around the league where ever he goes.


  86. When I looked at that picture of Lewis and Biscotti it actually warmed my heart a little bit with all the crap that is going on now days. So sad that some SJW idiot has to pervert that image into something tasteless and racist. Good on the Ravens for not hiring this loser.

  87. Kaepernick’s girlfriend is just a bad influence. Take every popular fad today and she’s all for it. Kaepernick, by associating with her, is displaying a mental incompetency that teams can’t overlook for the most important role on the team.

    She also created conflict for the 49ers when she went from Aldon Smith to Kaepernick. So, you’d get trouble from Kaepernick’s protesting and being an absolute moron supporting Castro/Che, as well as a girlfriend who creates trouble. Oh, and Kaepernick only throws one type of pass, does not have the touch needed for some passes.

    But by all means, keep burying yourself declaring this guy a victim. For all we know he’s asking for 10+ million a year for what teams would consider a backup QB role. Kaepernick’s career was on the downturn. Then he starts “protesting” and people have kept him in the spotlight.

  88. The simple fact is that CrapperNick used to be good and his playing skills at QB Deteriorated rapidly and have never returned. If he was still playing at a high level then one or more teams would be happy to sign CrapperNick despite the PR baggage he brings.

  89. Again. Let us never forget that this man walked away from a $14,500,000.00 contract with the 49ers by opting out. He wasn’t waived or cut. It was his choice. And now it’s a race / personal choice issue? who made up that narrative?

  90. Lol it’s funny how everybody keep talking about how they tired of Kap but yet he continues to be one of the most commented topics on this site and most other football related platforms within the last year or so. Y’all only helping him.He going to be in history books if things continue at this rate he was already on the cover of time lmao.

  91. “Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are.”
    ― Esmeralda Santiago

    Kaep continues to make bad choices, and surrounds himself with bad actors. He is being held accountable for those choices and actions. Isn’t that the real world that the rest of us live in?

  92. I believe it. As a Ravens fan I was vocal about bringing Colin Kaepernick to Baltimore. Good fit, position of need. But what his girlfriend did was give an indication of the kind of nonsense a team will apparently have to deal with in order to sign Kaepernick. She did exactly what many GMs and owners have said anonymously: “He’s not worth the drama”. And, besides, why would any owner give a dime to a player that won’t distance himself from an allegation that said owner is a racist? Sorry, Kaep: you played yourself.

  93. You all are missing the bigger issue here…. This all started because he got benched in the preseason. He had NEVER EVER sat down or anything else other than stand before that happened. He used some “cause” to cover it up and everyone fell for it. thats the bottom line

  94. Ray believes a girlfriends dumb tweet should keep somebody unemployed but obstructing justice in a murder case and settling for undisclosed amounts for the family members of the people that were killed should get you in the hall of fame and a job on CBS. As for people saying Kaepernick shouldn’t start in this league there is at least 10 teams with worse starters. People forget when he had talent around he went to NFCC & Superbowl. He regressed but so did all the talent around him. He lost 4 of 5 linemen that he went to superbowl with, lost Crabtree, Boldin, Gore, Vernon Davis, and Dalanie Walker and was basically playing with bad draft picks and guys off the street.

  95. It’s rather amusing that in the interview with Lewis the lady says to him…”the NFL has taken chances on some unsavory characters” or something like that! I think it kind of went right over his head because he was too focused on himself and what he had to say! idiot!

  96. Oh dear. She really sent that? Don’t forget what appears to be a cozy relationship with another America hater Linda Sarsour.

  97. myasylum11 says:
    September 6, 2017 at 4:04 am

    I don’t know? I kind of agree with Ray Lewis.

    It shows something about Kaepernick’s character & the company he keeps.

    Birds of a feather…


    I was going to say the same thing. It shows the lack of intelligence and character of the people he chooses to associate with. Lack of intelligence because it REALLY shows a lack of understanding of what slaves went through to compare a person that has paid millions to an employee to a slave master and someone that has earned millions to play a game to a slave.

  98. This is a bad make up story. If the Ravens were moments away from signing Kaep why were they checking out his GF’s Tweets? Bogus story. Good one Ray.

  99. Growing up, I really looked at Ray Lewis as a hero. Now as a grown up, I just think he’s a tap dancing idiot looking for acceptance. Crazy to see your childhood heroes disappoint you and sad he would even talk about this.

  100. Consider this scenario. You’re considering hiring a guy to work at your business, who wasn’t the best, more like below average at what you’re considering him doing at your biz. And not only is he not that good at what he does, he brings baggage that will garner negative attention for your biz. But even with all of that, you’re on the fence in hiring him. But then his SO decides to bad mouth you and the recruiter because the decision is not coming fast enough. Would you still think it’s lame to move on from giving that guy a job?

  101. youngnoizecom says:
    Growing up, I really looked at Ray Lewis as a hero. Crazy to see your childhood heroes disappoint you and sad he would even talk about this.

    Translation: “Gee, I sure do hate it when my childhood heroes publicly disagree with my personal politics.”

  102. Stop defending the indefensible. The photo is despicable. He could have disavowed the post — “she doesn’t speak for me; I don’t feel that way.” But nothing; complete silence. It is not just the kneeling protests — it is the pig socks; the Fidel Castro and Che Geuvara t-shirts, the Malcolm “the white man is the devil” t-shirts, etc. There is already enough baggage not to want this player, this is just another example of a dude with no self awareness. Kaepernick is a malcontent. What business says, “Yes; I’ll hire the malcontent. That will be good for business and good for morale.”?

  103. Why on earth is his girlfriend tweeting a photo putting Lewis and Biscotti in bad light during negotiations to sign Keapernick? Maybe her/their cause has more to gain if Kaep remains unsigned.

    You can split hairs over how big a deal is it, but why would you do that? why would a sane person do that. And kaepernick apparently being fine with her doing that.

  104. You think it’s lame. I think it’s well; his fiance. And she’s anti-american and that was offensive to who would have been his boss.

    If my wife called the person interviewing me something derogatory when I was interviewing and about to get an offer, I wouldn’t get the job.

  105. Ray Lewis is a garbage human being. It’s embarrassing to watch the NFL try to shovel this moron down our throats. Nobody wants tips on morality from a guy who watched a guy be murdered.

  106. good gawd, you are so purposely oblivious. All of map’s political BS is part and parcel of their relationship tenure, not to mention she is muslim and like it or not they are not known for assimilation.

  107. I mean, if I was thinking about hiring someone and then it came to my attention that their significant other-regardless of legal status-is posting derogatory things about me (and someone they’ve never actually met) on social media, I’d put that resume in the recycling pile and move on to the next candidate. It’s almost impossible to believe that that situation wouldn’t cause headaches going forward.

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