Sean McDermott says Bills want the “right guys” rather than his own guys


Between trading away assets for future picks and some of the cuts they made, it’s reasonably clear the Bills are trying for a clean slate.

But coach Sean McDermott said it wasn’t a deliberate attempt to purge players who were put in place by former General Manager Doug Whaley. After cutting running  back Jonathan Williams, there are just six Whaley draft picks remaining on the roster, two each from 2014, 2015 and 2016.

It’s not so much bringing in our own guys. I’m not in that mode of thinking,” McDermott said, via Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News. “It’s about the right guys. It’s about the right guys at the right time. That’s really what we’re interested in, is good people, good football players that are interested in the team-first mentality and embrace what this city’s all about.

“So in regards to that, there’s good football players that were brought on by Doug, and that’s what we’re interested in. Whether it was past regime, current regime, I’m not interested in that mode of thinking.”

Still, it doesn’t take a long look to realize why they might want to, and why such moves are necessary. Of the 20 draft picks made by Whaley, only Shaq Lawson (first round) and Adolphus Washington (third) from the 2016 class, Nick O'Leary (sixth) and John Miller (third) from 2015 and Preston Brown (third) and Seantrel Henderson (seventh) from 2014 remain.

Meanwhile, the turnover throughout the roster is significant.

Only 22 players on the Bills’ 53-man roster played a game for the team last year.

“I believe in the first year, when you look at it, you’re always going in and looking to make sure you get the right people on board, on the bus. And get people that are already on board in the right seats,” McDermott said. “That’s a natural occurrence the first year at times. Some of those are tough, difficult decisions. Unpopular in some ways, and I recognize that. . . . But it takes some of those decisions for us to get to where we’re trying to go.”

And mostly, where McDermott and new G.M. Brandon Beane are going is the opposite direction which Whaley had the team pointing.

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  1. The Bills, under Whaley, had a lot of good football players on the roster. They just couldn’t find a QB. Now these guys have come in and gotten rid of some of the best players, but they haven’t brought in a QB. I don’t know when the owners are expecting to win, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see another complete house cleaning in a year or two.

  2. Here is hoping their formula works out for all suffering Bills fans out there. I am sure they are dying to release Dareus if not for his contract, another brilliant Whaley move.

  3. Maybe we need more of the “right” coach and GM who can pull the best out of the top athletes who are already on team. Perhaps, you work with what you have instead of shipping everybody out!

  4. Kim Pelugas spokesperson has spoken… Get a grip coach, you have no say in this matter…what a joke

  5. Jonathan Williams’ “development will be KEY to our success moving forward.”
    (Head Coach Sean McDermott, Jun 13, 12wks before cutting the healthy player).

    I’m beginning to think McDermott just says anything that sounds good on the day – when Rex Ryan did it he at least made it entertaining.

  6. I hope McDermott is successful. As far as this season Bills season is concerned, I’m looking forward to the April Draft.

  7. .
    McDermott jettisoned a bunch of players for picks. At the next draft he’ll use those picks for extra bodies. The media will then label him a genius. That reputation will cling for 4 years or 40 losses, whichever comes first.

  8. 2018 draft is yuge for this front office. Will make or break how this regime is remembered. Either the year the FO laid the foundation for ending “the drought” or the year Buffalo sold off many of their assets for picks.

  9. Is there a coach out there who doesn’t think “his guys” are the “right guys”? Also, isn’t the first thing the new coach does is get rid of the old coach’s players?

    The PR department is working overtime on the new boss doing the same thing as the old boss. It all comes down to whether the new coach’s players can execute better in the new scheme than the old coach’s players were able to execute in the old scheme.

  10. McDermott is doing the right thing. The only thing left to do is fumigate what’s left of the Whaley era from One Bills Drive.

  11. I was glad the Pegulas bought the Bills as it pretty much guaranteed the Bills would stay in Buffalo, but never in my wildest dreams did I envision the Bills being a serious Super Bowl contender. Just look at the Sabres since the Pegulas bought them and you know what I am talking about.

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