Su’a Cravens on social media: “I need to follow what makes me happy”


Washington safety Su'a Cravens made a few statements via social media, but didn’t shine much light on the reasons for leaving the team.

Via Master Tesfatsion of the Washington Post, Cravens posted six Snapchat videos and a photo, which gave a glimpse inside his decision. The team put him on the exempt/left team list Sunday, after he expressed his thoughts of retirement to teammates the day before.

Cravens said he wanted to respond to those wondering about his motivation, but added: “I don’t feel like I need to explain myself. I don’t feel like I have to. I think I need to follow what makes me happy, get my mental right, my well-being right, my family right.

I’m not worried about the comments or what people think about me.”

He also posted an Instagram message thanking those “who showed their true colors today.”

“I’mma be a lot more open with y’all now that I can, not that I have nobody to answer to at the moment,” Cravens also said on the Snapchat video. “I’mma be open with y’all. Y’all are really gonna get to know me. You can hate me, you can love me, but there will be no gray area or in-between. I don’t prefer it any other way.”

That’s far from a clear answer, but it’s obvious that this issue runs much deeper than football at the moment.

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  1. In the military, boot camp detects these guys early and when they are sent home it solves problems for Uncle Sam and the recruit. Non-hackers who can’t pack the gear.

  2. Head case, need more mental evaluations at the combine & before committing to people who might be committed (white jacket).

  3. After one or two Immas or y’all’s…what you say has no bearing on rational thinking. Quit or play… No one cares

  4. I imagine the GM, coaches and players could be frustrated yet mental health is important. If he needs time away or has doubts about the profession he should be shown support and empathy.

  5. I’d like it if he could stop being so dramatic. If you want to quit, quit. This isn’t a story to me (admittedly I am not a Washington fan though) but this is like reading a story on the Kardashians on People as though we have to follow their every move. I don’t care what this individual’s every move is. If he wants to go away, I just want him to go away.

  6. My problem with this is the total disrespect that Cravens has shown the team and fans:

    – The timing is awful; he could have done this in January last year or this year to give his team time to replace him with a draft pick;
    – His use of social media is reprehensible – it is a cowardly action where he has to face no one and is typical of the snowflake, fake men who are “so in touch with their feelings” that they place themselves ahead of others;
    – He signed a contract. Evidently this jerk’s word is worthless.

  7. “at the moment” is also telling as well.

    Here is my take, Su’a is frustrated with his injury progress and is completely home sick. It is pretty awful that he would do this to the team right before the start of the season, but that is none of our business. I bet that the team asked him to tone down his social media presence (face timing publicly with Mia Kalifa -porn star and hanging out with troublemaker Jake Paul) and that was a dagger in his heart. No one wants to be controlled, especially a youngster from Cali that has money and fame. We just have to remember that Su’a is still just a kid learning his way. I wish him the best.

  8. Why did this guy even enter the NFL Draft if his heart wasn’t in football?? You gotta feel bad for the Skins now out a starting SS/ILB And a mid 2nd round pick after burning a 2nd to draft him last season, this just sets their team back further and makes their already mediocre defense worse entering the 2017 season.

  9. A concussion in his second ever game nearly cost him his eyesight. At 21. That’s a legitimate excuse for losing your passion for the game of football.

    “Oh but that wouldn’t have bothered James Harrison/mean joe Greene/Reggie white/drew brees…” So Cravens isn’t one of the tightest players in NFL history, let’s crucify him. I’m the biggest su’a fanboy on the planet, and a die-hard Redskins homer, but what happened to him is really scary and if he wants to walk away now he should be totally forgiven.

  10. Ah, if only Skins fans could put Lil Danny Snyder and Bruce “Winning Off the Field” Allen on the exempt/left team list.

    But no . . . Dumpster Fire: Year 19.

  11. Ah, if only Skins fans could put Lil Danny Snyder and Bruce “Winning Off the Field” Allen on the exempt/left team list . . . but, no, it’s just Lil Danny’s Dumpster Fire: Year 19.

  12. Wow so much hate. The kids hurt, he just had surgery. Last year he took a bad hit that could have cost him his eyesight.

    Maybe he had his wake up call early and calls it a career. I would rather him retire and move on then play a game for others or money.

    I just hope he finds happiness in whatever decision he makes.

  13. thirdistheworrd says:
    September 5, 2017 at 8:37 am
    A concussion in his second ever game nearly cost him his eyesight. At 21. That’s a legitimate excuse for losing your passion for the game of football.
    It sure is. But waiting till the 1st week of the season to make that decision is hard to take. After watching that video he posted from freakin’ Chipotle, I get feeling he’s still suffering from some sort of medical condition.

  14. Cravens has some soul searching to do and we should wish him luck in that regard but it’s harder to feel good about where it might be headed when it’s playing out on social media. It’s almost always better when the junk stays in a private trunk. The constant need for validation endemic to the social media generation is frightening at times.

  15. I would think if an injury almost cost you your eyesight, you’d be pretty apprehensive about your future in the sport as well. This is something he’s been wrestling with for some time, it’s not a new development, it just so happened he shared with people what he’s going through. Athletes are also human.

  16. I would retire too from that horrid organization. he already sees they are going to suck for the next 10 years…

  17. RussianBreadMaker says:
    September 5, 2017 at 8:23 am

    We just have to remember that Su’a is still just a kid learning his way. I wish him the best.
    I wish him no ill, perhaps he has a mental illness, etc. so there is a valid reason for his issues. But I am tired of how people are being called “kids” when they are 3-4 years into legal adulthood. Part of being grownup is accepting grownup consequences for one’s actions…period.

  18. As a die hard REDSKINS fan, I can say that with all my heart..I don’t care. Y’all gonna get to know him. If he’s not a football player nobody cares. Welcome to the working class!

  19. His heart isn’t in the game, he has no business being out on the field. They should just cut him and be done with it. Their fault, don’t make him pay back any money, just sayonara.

  20. I mean people called 32-year old Ryan Lochte and multiple grown politicians kids. So a 22-year-old definitely constitutes as a kid. A year removed from college and you’re just trying to figure life out, not sure if a large percentage of posters on this site are college educated, but it’s most definitely a struggle. The pressure that comes with a job of this nature is amazing.

  21. @youngnoizecom, your philosophy of citing more ridiculous, more inaccurate examples as a reason to continually lower the bar is the problem.

    Just because somebody else got it completely wrong, you don’t have to lower your own standards. Try leading, not following; improving, not regressing; setting a better example; not seeking a lesser one.

    To follow your attempt at logic, a grown man with a fully-paid college education is further behind a man of the same age who didn’t benefit from attending a top-level university, and isn’t capable of making intelligent, informed choices even a few years after graduation.

  22. A kid coming from Cali, where the beaches are minutes away, In n out, the best mexican food, a layed back atmosphere with an outter core liberal hardcore inner conservative place to a place like Virginia thats the complete opposite of where he came from. I wouldn’t be surprised if that came to factor as well.

    I blame the scouting staff for not seeing it ahead of time and moving on so they dont waste a 2nd rounder on him. His decision can cost those people their jobs as well..

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