Dante Fowler: I want to show I’m a pro, can be a role model

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Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler‘s first couple of years in the NFL did not go according to plan and the offseason leading into the third one didn’t go much better.

Fowler tore his ACL as a rookie in 2015 and he was quiet on the field while making one start during his second season. He was less quiet off of it this July when he was arrested and charged with three misdemeanors after allegedly hitting a man and that arrest led to public revelations about other off-field issues for Fowler since he entered the league.

All in all, it’s not what the Jaguars were hoping to get when they drafted Fowler with the third overall pick and Fowler knows it is time to start changing the story.

“I just want to be able to show I’m a pro and I can be a role model off the field,” Fowler said, via the Florida Times-Union. “I want to be a big part of the community in Jacksonville. I want to be the best. And I know that I can be the best. But the thing is I got to be able to want it that bad for myself, and I got to be able to showcase it and display it.”

Fowler’s first chances to showcase his on-field ability will come off the bench as Yannick Ngakoue won the spot opposite Calais Campbell on the Jaguars defensive line. If he doesn’t take full advantage of those, the chances he’ll be in Jacksonville long enough to be a big part of the community won’t look great.

5 responses to “Dante Fowler: I want to show I’m a pro, can be a role model

  1. Great physical talent. Lots of potential. Huge red flags with maturity. That’s what he was coming out of college. Apparently, nothing has changed. Can’t say this is shocking news.

  2. The GM that took Fowler over Amari Cooper, Leonard Williams and Vic Beasley still has his job somehow.

  3. 1. Just do, don’t say you’re going to do.
    2. I preferred Leonard Williams at 3, yes. I think the Cooper non-pick worked itself out in the next draft (Lee, Robinson, Hurns – yes, I know undrafted), so I’m not worried about it. I’d take Robinson over Cooper all day long. I also think that Beasley would have been a stretch at 3.
    3. This is the biggest point to all these ‘fire Dave Caldwell’ 20/20 hindsight folks… This is an exact quote from a well known draft site in grading the Dante Fowler pick AT THE TIME, “Fowler was the most obvious fit in the draft. A blazing fast pass-rusher with legit three-down size, he’s an ideal focal point for coach Gus Bradley’s defense.” I think we, fans, get a little full of ourselves with the looking back and being hyper-critical. Do I like all the losing? No, of course not. I think this team is an average QB away from being a playoff team. I think Caldwell has done a good job assembling a team… and for the record, I think Bortles has all the tools – except the mental part. If he can’t get that squared away, someone else needs to come in.

  4. Whoa. Correction. My #2 above about the receivers. I must not have been awake yet as the Lee, Robinson, Hurns draft was the year BEFORE. My bad. The resulting ‘I’m not worried about it’ remains.

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