Kirk Cousins attributes one-year deals to God

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Like most of us, Kirk Cousins hopes to earn eternal life. The Entity with the ability to give it to him has suggested that, for now, Cousins take his existence one year at a time.

Speaking last week at Liberty University’s convocation, Cousins said that God essentially told the Washington quarterback to rent, not buy.

“I prayed about it, and I do believe that the Lord, at least in my life, likes to use one-year contracts and not long-term contracts,” Cousins said. “He likes to take me to the edge of the Red Sea and have me see there is water in front of me, there are mountains on either side, and there are Egyptians chasing me from behind. And He wants me to sit there for a moment and go, ‘God, You better show up.’ And then He parts the Red Sea and He’s done that time and again in my life, on the football field and off the football field. The Lord is a God who says, ‘I’m going to give you manna every day. I’m not going to give you manna for three years. You just get enough for today and trust Me for the rest.”

Yes, God has dumped $23.94 million worth of manna on Cousins for 2017. After giving him $19.95 million worth of it for 2016. I hope Cousins has budgeted properly.

I don’t want to suggest that I’m not a believer. I am. And I have been for my entire life. But I always get a little antsy when people with a public platform act like they have a private pipeline to heaven. It’s a subtle way for those who claim to have that power to be even more different (and necessarily better) than the rest of us schmoes who are just trying to get through life with enough manna for one day, not more manna than we’d ever need.

Cousins is an employee in a very unique industry, working at a branch of NFL, Incorporated that has been ambivalent about him at times, but that nevertheless has paid him more than handsomely over the last two years. God didn’t tell Cousins to spurn the team’s long-term deals; common sense and a good agent did.

As PFT reported in July when Cousins and Washington didn’t agree to a long-term contract before the annual deadline, the team offered a six-year deal with only two years of guarantees. For Cousins, it made more sense to take $23.94 million this year and put the team even more firmly over the barrel for 2018, with Washington possibly paying him another $34.47 million for one more year. With out without a telegram from the beyond, Cousins made the right decision.

And if Washington opts for yet another one-year franchise tender in 2018, Cousins hopefully can find a warehouse big enough to hold all that manna.