Las Vegas police: No evidence Michael Bennett was racially profiled

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Las Vegas police held a news conference Wednesday after Michael Bennett accused its officers of mistreating him and threatening to kill him last month. Las Vegas Police Department undersheriff Kevin McMahill said investigators have found no evidence the Seahawks defensive end was racially profiled during the incident that followed the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor boxing match.

“Many of the folks today have called this a incident of bias-based policing, police officers focusing solely on the race of an individual that they’re going to stop,” McMahill said, via USA Today. “I can tell you as I stand here today, I see no evidence of that. I see no evidence that race played any role in this incident.”

McMahill could not explain why the officer who apprehended Bennett didn’t have his body camera turned on. McMahill added that his department will review 126 videos from officers, and if those reveal that “any policies or training was violated, those officers will be held accountable.”

Partial video of the incident surfaced earlier Wednesday.

Bennett claimed in a social media post that he was singled out for “simply being a black man.”

McMahill said he was unaware of the incident until Bennett’s letter.

He said officers claim Bennett was crouched behind a gaming machine and was spotted running. Officers were responding to reports of a possible active shooter in the casino.

“You hear the officer approaching the door saying, ‘There he is.’ He gives chase; Mr. Bennett jumped over the wall, our officer jumped went over the wall immediately thereafter,” McMahill said.

Bennett was detained for 10 minutes and released, the undersheriff said, though Bennett wrote he was not given “any justification” for his apprehension.

89 responses to “Las Vegas police: No evidence Michael Bennett was racially profiled

  1. I simply cannot stand for the national anthem in a country where simply hiding behind a slot machine and then jumping over a wall when you’re spotted is considered suspicious behavior. I thought this was AMERICA.

  2. It’s weird in that whole social media post about the awful things the Police did to poor Mr. Bennett, that he didn’t mention that he fled the officers and jumped a wall. It’s almost like he wasn’t telling the whole story because it didn’t fit his narrative.
    It’s just too bad he didn’t ask for this moment, cuz it seems he’s getting alot more than he asked for.

  3. So why didn’t the cops think any of the other people who were running and hiding could have been the active shooter.

    It’s not suspicious if everyone is doing the same thing is it?

  4. If it’s true then why are you running Michael? Innocent people tend not to run, especially famous people like yourself. Frankly cops tend to treat famous people better then the average citizen. Why were you running?

  5. I don’t care about the particulars of this story or Michael Bennett…actually the only thing that bothers me is that these police officers seem to have those cameras turned off an awful lot…they are there for a reason…maybe they could even exonerate officers accused of wrongdoing…but not having them turned on seems like they are hiding something…

  6. Let’s be realistic for a second here….for once! If the LVPD didn’t have legit video evidence in hand of no wrongdoing on their part….they wouldn’t come out with this statement. There will be a Federal investigation into this clearing the LVPD of any wrongdoing. At that point, we will expect an apology from Mr. Bennett for fabricating the details of the incident on top of a suspension from the NFL. This is no different than a woman falsely accusing rape. Peoples’ lives get ruined. In this case, it could be hardworking police officers trying to support their families.

  7. There is possibly an active shooter and he runs and jumps a wall and is wondering why he was detained?

  8. I love Michael Bennett. Great human being and great for the game. My favorite Michael Bennett moment was after that playoff game……………During tirade, Michael Bennett asked Q13 reporter Bill Wixey “What adversity you went through?!” Well, Wixey survived Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

    Never change Mike….never change.

  9. It was 2 hispanic cops that apprehended him, not white. I watched the video and didn’t see anyone pointing a gun in his face either.

  10. If I were in a casino and security or the police pointed in my direction and said ” there he is” I’m going to be turning to see who they’re pointing at near me, not running and then jumping a wall.

  11. I have no idea when or how to stop this in regards to a large scale. But I love this country! I respect all those who seek freedom and respect each other’s rights and personalities regardless of race, religion, or gender. I’ll keep looking myself in the mirror hoping to be the change I think this country and world needs, hope others will join me.

  12. Is it just me or is it a remarkable coincidence how many issues with Police officers occur when their body cameras are seemingly not functioning!

  13. I find it so interesting that one of the kneelers ran into trouble with the cops at a boxing event that was almost 2 weeks ago, and decided to wait to tell the world about it for this long. Yeah pretty much this guy likely did something to piss off the cops, and if it was done at or around a casino we will see the tape soon enough regardless of body cam. This country is in deep trouble.

  14. Im not sure why he thinks hiding behind a machine..then running and jumping over a wall as police spotting him is NOT suspicious. But in the real world it defiantly is.

  15. And I am sure he had his hands up and his back turned and yelled “Don’t shoot” to the two white Hispanic officers who detained him.

  16. If Las Vegas PD spends all that money for Police cameras, why is it that they don’t make it mandatory that they turn them on? Are the police officers allowed to pick and choose when they take someone down? Does Las Vegas train these officers, or do they send them out to cowboy it?

  17. rolltide510 says:
    September 6, 2017 at 9:00 pm
    I simply cannot stand for the national anthem in a country where simply hiding behind a slot machine and then jumping over a wall when you’re spotted is considered suspicious behavior. I thought this was AMERICA.


    Dude, when a loud thump is heard and everyone is running, I’m sure he wasn’t the only one jumping over a wall. Now, if the Officer’s had their body-camera’s on, we would at least understand a little bit more of the incident. Wake up, bro. Everyone has an agenda.

  18. Maybe dude was try to get away from someone shooting. Just because they say wall doesn’t mean he scaled a fence. Does no one care that the cop didn’t have his camera rolling? Does no one care the cop is accused of threatening blowing Bennett’s head and it wasn’t denied? Pretty sure that’s not standard police protocol. The facts are is that Michael Bennett is innocent of any crime. If you were treated like you were a criminal even though you are completely innocent would you be ok with that ?

  19. Shots fired, you run to safety and you’re treated like a suspect for hiding behind a slot machine during a shooting? I ask, what was the proper thing to do during an active shooting? Would you run, hide, play possum, what is the correct answer?

    Bennett became a suspect the second he started running, as a black man. I suspect the missing video is just coincidental. So far everything is corroborated, except the gun to the head, which would have been on the cops body cam, but that evidence doesn’t exist.

    You don’t have to be Columbo to figure out why there’s no body cam video. It fully backs Bennett’s story. Is this about race? Maybe, but for sure it’s about RIGHT & WRONG. You decide if Bennett is wrong and why he would make up a story, he surely thought would be captured on POLICE BODY CAMS & maybe even smart phone cams.

  20. No evidence Bennett was racially profiled? What does that even mean? The police should have to prove he was not profiled. Where there any white men running from the danger of gun shots, at the same incident? If not, why not? Surely some white person was running to safety. Where they treated the same? Where they even stopped, let alone, placed face down on the pavement?

    Continued and incessant denying what’s real is a mental illness.

  21. So. You’re a cop, responding to a shots fired report at a location with a lot of people, and a nightclub known for trouble. You arrive. You note that when you come into the premise a person that was previously (crouching/hiding) suddenly gets up, runs, jumps over a obstacle and sprints out the door after you announce your presence as a LEO. You pursue do you not? Could this be the shooter? You detain until otherwise cleared once you catch the person.

    One says a weapon was held to his head. Cops say no. No video of it. I don’t know. Perhaps happened perhaps not.

    Bear in mind that there was no report that the scene was secure yet when he was detained.
    There was no report or physical description of any potential suspect.
    There are many examples of people of ALL races being detained in very similar circumstances and once cleared, released after having the situation explained.

    Thankfully MB was smart enough to comply.
    If it is found the officer w/o his body cam on did so with intent he should be fired and at a minimum severely disciplined.

    I don’t know what AA men face in America. But in this incident it at this time seems to be a stretch to assume it was on its face without more info.

  22. “We had our own investigation into our own wrongdoing and found we did nothing wrong”

    Yeah, that sounds like a dependable and trustworthy conclusion

  23. Officers will be held accountable. You mean a paid two week vacation? I need to get in on this police racket. If I make a mistake at my job, I’m fired and won’t be eligible for unemployment, make a mistake as a cop, paid vacation. I need to enlist!

  24. Michael Bennett lacks common sense. Seriously, cops were called to to scene due to reports of an active shooter. They gave clear orders for everyone to get down and not move. And instead of obeying law enforcement, Bennett tried to hide and then began to run away. Now that raises an immediate red flag that officers are trained to detect. I’m sure the officer who gave chase probably assumed he was the shooter in question or knew something about it. Seriously, if Bennett knew he was innocent, there was no reason to disobey the police officers and obstruct their investigation. Every single action undertaken by Bennett points to a guilty man.

  25. It’s obvious for some reason the officer said there he go why he singled out Bennett we don’t know did someone tell the officers that Bennett was the one that was shooting we don’t know odd story good he’s still alive!! Officer needs to be asked why his body camera was off if on truth would be known.

  26. Speaking about race can be nauseating sometimes, but you people who are bashing Michael Bennett because he was hiding – after random gunshots have gone off need to examine your own selves!!! And I find your cavalier behavior disgusting! And honestly quite, well lets just say seems “racial” at this point. Please click the thumbs down if you are a racist on this issue. Thank you.

  27. He owes the entire Las Vegas Police department an apology.
    So sick of the race baiting meatballs, stirring up trouble simply to promote a suspect agenda

  28. “There he is!” … maybe not racial …. but they didn’t know who the shooter was either, since there wasn’t one according to some reports…

    So why say “There he is!”… Who id they think HE was?

    Lots of stuff to go through

  29. I’d probably be crouching and running too if people were talking about a shooter on the loose.
    Anyways, Vegas is probably the most video surveyed place in the world. I’m sure more footage will be out soon.

  30. Bennett’s story first began sounding fishy when video disproved his claim about an officer threatening to blow his head off, and his “racially targeted” claim never sounded plausible. More and more it seems Bennett is not telling the truth here and that officers in fact acted properly.

  31. Has Bennett given any statement why it took this long to tell everyone?
    I find that odd, especially with the LVPD saying Bennett wasn’t angry and was understanding when released that night.

    This is why the police have such a tough job, the instantaneous judgement. There are apparently shots fired, Bennett acting somewhat suspicious in the situation, he runs, they chase, its discovered he isn’t a threat, released and the end.

    That seems pretty standard, but it’s turned into this story because it can play in to the current narrative.

    People must have watched too many cop shows and movies. They don’t just instantly zero in on a suspect, go on an epic chase through Las Vegas and get the guy.

    Really makes you think what would happen if Johnny Manziel was crouched behind a slot machine, sees cops, runs, hops a fence and gets apprehended? Can’t go the race route then even though its the exact same scenario

  32. This crap sounds fishy to me. It smells. I believe Michael Bennett’s story and I do not believe the version being spouted by this under sheriff. Bennett will have to file a lawsuit to get to the bottom of this incident.

  33. Officers claimed Bennett was hiding behind a gaming machine and jumped a wall. Just because they said that happened doesn’t make it true–just as Bennett’s account isn’t necessarily true just because he said it happened.

    However, it is awfully suspicious when the spokesman for the Las Vegas Police Department says, gee, I can’t explain why it turns out that the police officer who apprehended Bennett didn’t have his body camera turned on. Huh… Imagine that.

  34. If you feared for your life, I think running from the cops is the worst thing you could do. Based on the rash decisions of cops in the past to use their weapon when faced with these situations, I would think running away would greatly increase your chances of getting shot. If you really did nothing wrong though, why run? Makes you look guilty.

  35. Interesting that Bennett’s version of the incident fails to mention his hiding behind a slot machine, his running away, and his jumping over the wall. I’m sure that was inadvertent. If you accept Bennett’s version of the ‘truth’, which no doubt was carefully crafted by his lawyer and/or agent, it leads to a conclusion that might be false. It might be wise to wait until all the evidence is presented before deciding what happened that night.

  36. there ought to be plenty video evidence available to the casino security, don’t you think? Surprised that none of that has cropped up on TMZ yet.

  37. This is the new America:

    The police harass an innocent man, hold him at gunpoint, detain him for 10 minutes – when no crime was committed, no probable cause existed.

    Our Constitution and the laws of this country prohibit detention by police without probable cause. It is covered under search and seizure law.

    And yet, here are so many Americans, ignoring the blatant disrespect of our Constitution by law enforcement. Without law, we have chaos. And when we excuse or ignore the trampling of law by those tasked with enforcing it, we have problems MUCH larger than race.

  38. MOST of these incidents happen because the so-called victim simply would not listen to the police. If they stop and follow the officers instruction, instead of resisting and becoming belligerent, they wouldn’t be slammed to the ground and handcuffed. Act reasonably and you will be treated reasonably. Act like a belligerent idiot when an officer is doing his job and you will be treated as such. It has nothing to do with race – its just a convenience to coverup their anti-social behavior.

  39. Detained for 10 minutes? I thought Bennet’s lawyer claimed Bennett was arrested?

    Cops detain people all the time until they can figure out the situation. Ten minutes sounds like a very short amount of time. Where is the issue here?

  40. We get body cams to help protect the innocent police and / or citizens in these incidents..and magically the police body cam isnt on nor ant explanation given..doesn’t that seem to be odd

  41. Hiding behind a slot machine then jumping over a wall. That’s what I would do when the police showed up. What does he expect them to do? Everyone one of us would be detained. Ignorance has no color.

  42. If we had a media that cared about the truth all sides would be investigated and a story based upon the facts could be presented. Racism is intolerable but so is promoting it for ratings or notoriety. As the facts come out on this story what gets lost is the basic premise for the story itself. Would a white man or any other race of similar build be treated the same way if they acted as Mr. Bennett did? I do not know what is in Mr. Bennett’s heart or in the officers hearts who he encountered, nor does anyone else. Perhaps Mr. Bennett is just trying to justify his actions much like anyone who gets defensive when confronted whether child or adult and perhaps the police thought his actions were highly suspicious. The police face life and death everyday and not following a police directive or running and hiding are actions any reasonable law enforcement officer would interpret as hostile. Race as an explanation does not seem to hold up here.

  43. Bennet was big man profiled. He is a large man who is a professional athlete. Would you want to try to handle him? I am a large *white* man and have had cops take strong measures against me. It is not his skin color that caused them to make him lie down, but his size. It sucks, but the truth is the cops were afraid of him just like the one I had was afraid of me.

  44. I choose to wait for all the facts come out before I form an opinion. More often than not, the first wave of information is usually partial and inaccurate. Best to let these things sort themselves out.

  45. I’m white as rice & I don’t trust cops either, but I wouldn’t run from them, hide from them, jump a wall trying to elude them. No wonder they chased him he was acting like a criminal.
    Of course, if there was a mad rush of people running from gun shots, I guess that’d change the circumstances. How bout we wait to hear the whole story, maybe, before we crucify the cops or Michael Bennett? Clearly a lot of the pieces aren’t fitting

  46. This was racial profiling plain and simple. There was a gunshot fired at or near a casino and the first thing that went through this cops mind was which black guy do I get to tackle. I am 100% certain that Bennett would not have been the only person running away from a gunshot. Common sense here people.

  47. I bet Michael wasn’t the only black man at Drai’s nightclub that night. Yet trouble found him. Not one of the other hundred black persons around him. It found him. Let that sink in then ask yourself why? It certainly was not because he was black. He friggin’ ran! This is so stupidly obvious.

  48. What a lucky break that the arresting officer didn’t have a body camera…I mean, what are the odds? smh

  49. I have no idea if Michael Bennett was actually profiled or not. I do know that the police were looking for a potential active shooter and if I was in that casino, I too would be hiding behind a slot machine in that situation and would run like hell to get out of there. Yes, this would normally be somewhat suspicious behavior, but if he was aware of a potential active gunman then that completely changes the context and is in fact pretty normal.

    Either way, the officer’s body cam should have been on. Start the downvoting crazy PFT commenters!

  50. People need to understand that Body Cameras aren’t constantly recording. The ACLU simultaneously demands that they always run, but that Police never record someone who doesn’t want to be recorded. Cops need to turn on their camera when they learn that something is happening. They’re natural reaction is to react. Now they have to learn to delay their natural reaction for a second and turn the cameras on. It’s not impossible by any means but it will take time. Cops now have to interrupt their subconscious and delay their natural reaction. Think of this way: you see your toddler start to fall down the stairs. You’re first response is to lunge out and try to catch him. Now you have to delay your response and turn on your camera before reacting. Don’t forget, you have no warning it’s about to happen. Cops will get it but it’s hard to change your bodies involuntary, physiological response.

  51. we absolutely have a problem with police brutality in the country. With that said, this problem affects all races, and is perpetrated by officers of all races. When players like Bennett continue to make this a black thing and disrespect the nation as a whole is what turns 99% of rational people off to their movement.

    I get that police officers face dangerous situations all the time, and interact with the worst of society. And I understand that those situations affect how they handle other parts of their jobs. But what is totally unacceptable it how a few officers use this as an excuse to break the law, mis-treat people, and violate our god given rights. We need to find a solution to rooting out those few bad cops, but please stop painting the whole of America as racist.

  52. “regaliaimagewear says:
    September 6, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    but you people who are bashing Michael Bennett because he was hiding – after random gunshots have gone off need to examine your own selves!!!”

    I don’t think anyone is bashing Bennett for hiding. They are reacting to his decision to run away after he (and everyone else present at the time) were given instructions to stay where they were.

  53. who wouldn’t run with gun shots going off nearby? Everyone else ran too and he was picked out because of the color of his skin. You people need to remove the hoods and come to reality.

  54. “One thing that McMahill did note is that the officer accused of threatening Bennett either didn’t have a body camera, or he had it and it wasn’t on.”

    It’s amazing how many idiots have condemned Bennett already for something they have yet to prove happened the way you’ve been told by the LVMPD, despite the fact that the lead officer has no video. All we have is a very exciting 5 minute scene of a group of police running through a casino, then we go outside to see Bennett already on the ground, with someone pointing something at the back of his head. How is it the one officer whose body-cam would definitively say one way or the other what happened either didn’t turn his on or didn’t have it at all?

  55. nords14 says:
    September 6, 2017 at 9:10 pm
    If it’s true then why are you running Michael? Innocent people tend not to run, especially famous people like yourself. Frankly cops tend to treat famous people better then the average citizen. Why were you running?
    Duhhh! Maybe because there was a wild gunman on the lose and he had no idea what or where the threat was coming from-terrorist or criminal. Maybe he thought he was at practice running the obstacle course. He had every right to get to freedom away from the danger area. I guess you can agree Michael was not a criminal nor was he the shooter.

    And here’s a thought. Why not require the POLICE OFFICERS TO take a polygraph test? They certainly ask civilians to take them. And yet, I don’t believe I have ever heard them being even ASKED to take one in such situations. WE ALL MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. We cannot give every cop carte blanche to be abusive to the very people they are paid to protect and allow the to hide behind the shield.

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