Mitch Trubisky will be Bears No. 2 QB this week


Whether he’d played well in the preseason or not, Bears coach John Fox maintained throughout the summer that Mike Glennon would be the team’s starting quarterback once the regular season got underway but he was less forthcoming about the question of which of his other two quarterbacks would be serving as the backup.

Fox gave up the secret on Wednesday. Rookie Mitch Trubisky will be the No. 2 quarterback when the Bears host the Falcons on Sunday. That leaves Mark Sanchez as the third quarterback.

“It’s not something we handed him. He earned it. That was the biggest reason,” Fox said, via David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune.

When Fox demurred about naming a backup earlier this week, he said the team wanted to continue Trubisky’s development and talked about the reps he could get running the scout team in practice. That’s generally the job of the third quarterback, but the Bears can handle things differently so they feel more confident that the second overall pick is ready to make one more step up the ladder when and if needed this season.

6 responses to “Mitch Trubisky will be Bears No. 2 QB this week

  1. I suspect we will be playing catch up in most games because we still don’t have a D, but @firejerry has it right. No one to get separation or stretch the field means screen passes and the old 7 yard pass on third and 8.

  2. This one has the chance to get ugly fast. The D has taken steps in the right direction, but ATL has so many weapons, and playing catch up with Big Neck Mike does not bode well.

    Hoping for them to keep it interesting, but this has one of those 34-10 scores written all over it.

  3. Maybe I’m wrong, but I kind of think Mitch would be okay with these receivers. Glennon will take the lumps through the gauntlet the Bears open with, and then I expect to see Mitch around week 5-8. The way he threw open his receivers in the pre season, and yes I know it was against inferior competition, but he threw them open! Mitch has an anticipation that I think can help an inferior WR group be okay. Glennon does not possess that trait. So I’m anticipating an improved defense, and power run game, with a bunch of competitive, close losses in the first half of the season. Mitch will be a bit more seasoned and can come in and make a late season push, and if nothing else be ready for a serious go next year as a playoff team!

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