No practice for Andrew Luck

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Given that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck already has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Rams, it’s no surprise that he didn’t practice on Wednesday. But it’s important to point out that, even though he’s now on the active roster, he still hasn’t practiced since the end of the 2016 season.

By shifting him from the Physically Unable to Perform list, the Colts have secured the ability to let him practice until he’s able to play. But if he’s still not able to practice, his ability to get to where he needs to be will continue to be impaired.

It’s one thing for Luck to be healthy enough to play. It’s another thing for him to be prepared to play. He has now missed weeks of practice sessions that would entail focus on fundamentals and other skills aimed at getting him truly ready to play. And so the question of when he’ll be able and when he’ll be ready continue to be two different propositions.

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  1. Who do they think they are fooling? Did anyone see Ballard on TV trying to explain the lies and how “mentally prepared” AL is for the season. It was weird and, actually, kind of creepy.

  2. Back in July, when it was revealed that Luck wouldn’t participate in training camp, I reasoned that Andrew was far more hurt than the team was letting on.

    Having surgery in January, it’s more than plausible that Luck hasn’t performed the simple action of throwing a football to another player in almost a year. Not good.

    The phrase ‘no timetable’ being used repeatedly to describe his return and the sudden importance being thrust on trading for third string QBs suggest that it may be months if ever before we see him on the field again.

    And I’m going to gamble that he won’t bring that reckless abandon that he used to will the Colts to a couple of playoff years will return with him… or that he’ll last long trying to stand and deliver behind what is now a putrid offensive line.

  3. I believe the only reason the Colts didn’t PUP list him is they didn’t want the fans to know how long he is actually going to be out and stop showing up for games.

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