Chiefs release C.J. Spiller, Jordan Devey

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The Chiefs got ready for their season opener by releasing a pair of players a few hours ahead of kickoff.

The team announced on Thursday afternoon that they have released running back C.J. Spiller and offensive lineman Jordan Devey.

It’s the second time the Chiefs have released Spiller in the last week. He was cut as the team moved to 53 players last Saturday and then returned to the team a day later when cornerback Steven Nelson was placed on injured reserve. Kareem Hunt and Charcandrick West are the running backs left on the Chiefs roster.

Devey was set for a backup role in his return to Foxborough, where he spent parts of the 2013 and all the 2014 season as a member of the Patriots. With Parker Ehinger listed as doubtful with a knee injury, Zach Fulton and Cameron Erving are set to be the reserves on the offensive line Thursday night.

13 responses to “Chiefs release C.J. Spiller, Jordan Devey

  1. Not saying they don’t know what they’re doing… But RB is a high injury position and you’re saying they only have 2 RB’s going into the season?

  2. jbaxt says:
    Not saying they don’t know what they’re doing… But RB is a high injury position and you’re saying they only have 2 RB’s going into the season?

    There’s an old saying that if you have two quarterbacks, you really have none.
    To paraphrase, if you have two running backs plus C.J. Spiller, you really have just two running backs — and neither has “Spiller” sewn on the back of his jersey.
    Now, if you’re saying the Chiefs should have kept someone else in order to have three, you make a solid point. I suspect they’re not done looking.
    But as for Spiller, he’s bounced from team to team of late. From what I’ve seen, he’s as done as the toast I burnt this morning.

  3. It might have something to do with them being vested veterans that would have their salary for the entire season guaranteed if they are on the Week 1 roster. So it’s possible the Chiefs would bring these guys back next week and at that point they would just be paid for however many weeks they are on the roster throughout the season.

    September 7, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    Inside voice please. How is it you always manage to have caps locked but spell check disabled?

  5. I hope neither of these guys made the flight to Mass. I’d be really annoyed if I were these guys… not only did I get fired, but I fly halfway across the country for you to tell me I’m fired. Do I take the team flight back to KC or must I find my own flight?

    Just wondering outloud.

  6. Spiller hasn’t been productive since 2013 (look it up). So no shock there.

    But correct in that RB is a high injury position…they do have a “3rd” RB in Tyreek Hill…who will probably carry it at least 75 times this year.

  7. They also have 2 practice squad RBs – Redding, who got a lot of preseason touches, and Akeem Hunt who is actually a decent RB. So not active roster, and maybe not great quality depth, but depth.

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