Jets safety Rontez Miles has broken eye socket, not just a laceration


The Jets are going to be without safety Rontez Miles this weekend against the Bills. More importantly, perhaps, was that Miles was without sight temporarily after an injury much more serious than originally reported.

When Miles left the second preseason game against the Lions on Aug. 19, Jets coach Todd Bowles said he had a “laceration.”

What he actually had was an orbital bone broken in two places and an eye which needed surgery to repair, which sounds a bit different.

“It’s just a freakish accident, an injury that happened,” Miles said, via the Associated Press. “I wouldn’t say there’s no protocol for this, but it’s not normal that this happens.”

Miles explained that while engaging with an offensive lineman, “I took a thumb or a finger directly to the eye.”

“They were saying there was blood on the sideline and I couldn’t open my eyes and see clearly, though,” Miles said. “I just remember them putting pressure on my eye, and at that point when I heard them say ‘blood,’ I was real nervous.

“It was more so about my eye, my vision, my health after football, so that was traumatizing. But it wasn’t as bad when we went inside.”

It might not have been bad, but X-rays showed fractures to the orbital wall and floor, and he did need surgery. He’s maintained his humor about it, clowning for the television cameras at one point in the description.

“I mean, shoot, an eye injury and hearing that you’ve got to have surgery, you don’t know what to expect at that point,” Miles said. “I feel fine and I look good, right?  What’s up, Mom? How you doing, everybody back home? Nah, but I feel good. It feels good and it looks good. A little blackness still and a little swelling on the outside, but overall, you probably couldn’t tell I even had surgery. That’s a good thing.”

You also couldn’t tell it was that serious from Bowles’ description of the injury, which may or may not be a good thing.