Michael Bennett’s lawyer welcomes an investigation

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The Las Vegas police union wants the NFL to investigation the claims made by defensive end Michael Bennett. The NFL won’t be doing it. Bennett wishes the league would.

Bennett’s lawyer, John Burris, told PFT by phone on Thursday that Bennett welcomes an investigation. Indeed, he wants one.

The police union claims Bennett is lying. Burris insists Bennett is telling the truth, pointing out that it’s standard police protocol to “demonize” anyone who alleges misconduct.

As to Bennett, an investigation ultimately could be conducted by Burris and his colleagues, within the confines of a civil lawsuit.

10 responses to “Michael Bennett’s lawyer welcomes an investigation

  1. I saw the extended video that’s out there from another cops body cam. There were tons of people, black white and whatever, running away and the cops didn’t bother with them. The cops were doing what they needed to do to find a shooter. The video shows the cops going outside, then coming back in, and soon after, they get told, maybe not even from other cops but from casino security or onlookers, that someone suspicious is running away, and seconds later they are back outside where they just were, and grab Bennett.

    So, the cops get a tip that there’s someone that appears to be more suspicious then the many others that were fleeing the casino, and acted responsibly in my opinion given the situation.

    Don’t get me wrong, do so think there is racial profiling in cops, sure. But not in this case, this wasn’t some traffic stop in some backwater county, this was a potential active shooter situation on Las Vegas Blvd. I’ve had friends pushed to the ground and tied up by cops, and just thrown in the drunk tank, so, the moderate force used here was nothing.

    Obviously mistaken identity from whoever fingered Bennett as acting different then the others who were fleeing the casino, and the cops were just acting on that tip. Too bad Bennett got caught up in that but you don’t mess around with active shooting situations. Bennett should be upset at whoever fingered him but my guess is that wasn’t the cops, who just reacted.

  2. So if we all get to sue anybody we want for what we believe is racism then how do I go about suing the NAACP? And the NFL for suspending Zeke and ironically for also having more black players than white and the black man walking down the street the other day who made sure to take up enough of the road so that I couldn’t drive by (had to be because I’m white) Some may ask me what they’ve done to violate my rights but I’d have to ask the same to Bennett about the police.

  3. So have the investigation.

    1. Gather the witnesses because there were hundreds of people there, and Bennett didn’t go to the fight alone.
    2. Grab cell phone footage from people because there were hundreds there.
    3. Make the police explain TO A JURY why their body cam was turned off. That was awfully convenient.
    4. Find out if other blacks were detained. Find out if whites were detained. If whites were detained with relatively the same frequency as blacks were detained then that should exonerate the police. If it turns out that not a single white person was detained but that several black people were, that’s suspicious.
    5. I know this may sound odd, but how about if they gather the facts and THEN reach conclusions.

  4. Bennett was detained because he’s stupid. Here’s a tip…when you see a policeman, if you run they will chase you because they think you did something wrong. A smart person would just walk away calmly. Shootings are a serious situation so of course the police will be very wary, especially of someone who looks suspicious. Bennett can push whatever agenda he wants but in this situation he only has himself to blame. It’d be interesting if they investigated some of his statements. He may wish he had kept his mouth shut for once.

  5. Here’s something interesting. Per The Washington Post, there were 995 people killed by U.S. police officers in 2015. Of that total 497 were white, 469 were non-white and 29 were “unknown”. So if you ignore the unknowns, that’s 51% white and 49% non-white. If you look at the numbers by the states that Trump won (more conservative states) vs. the more progressive liberal states that Hillary won, it looks much different, but not in the way liberals might expect. Trump states: 58% white and 42% non-whites killed. Hillary states: 42% white and 58% non-whites killed. That’s per the Washington Post, a hard liberal news outlet. Thought that was interesting and relevant.

  6. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. If cops are pointing guns at you, you might want to stop and reflect on why that is other than assuming everyone is out to get you because of your skin color. Responsibility. Be an adult who lives in a civilized society ruled by laws and not anarchism.

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