Report: Browns cutting Calvin Pryor after fight before practice

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What was already a bad day for the Browns keeps getting worse.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Browns are releasing safety Calvin Pryor, after he got into a fight with a teammate before practice. According to his co-worker Mike Garafolo, the teammate in question was wide receiver Ricardo Lewis.

The Browns traded for the former first-rounder earlier this offseason, hoping the fresh start after his Jets days would pay off.

But on the same day they found out No. 1 overall pick Myles Garrett would miss several weeks with a high ankle sprain, this is one more thing for the Browns to deal with.


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  1. Following up on Slash714 – This is a good thing. I’m not a Browns fan at all, so I feel like I can be objective about this. Hue Jackson will be the leader to take this Team to relevancy. How far they go will depend on the front office feeding worthwhile players to him, but make no mistake about it. There’s a new way of doing things in Cleveland and you either get on board or get shown the door. It won’t be this year, but it won’t be long before the Browns fans have something to feel good about.

  2. This is what the Browns fans were saying when they supposedly “fleeced the Jets” in June…

    csszrr says:
    June 1, 2017 at 1:58 pm
    love…love…love love love to see the haters come out on every single Browns article. So creative; no trade clause, career is over, etc.–still haven’t seen the mistake on the lake. here is the thing. you have talent being added, and not just questionable talent, but real actual talent, and you all think that history will inevitably be repeated. Lame. Lamer than the Daisy Duke posters that hang in your parents’ basement…i mean in your walk-down brownstone apartment. O_o

    Newsflash…history has repeated…mistake by the lake (again!)

  3. edukator4 says:
    September 7, 2017 at 1:57 pm
    loving the steelers survivor pick more and more everyday
    Not sure how great I would feel about using one of the better teams in the league in week one of a survivor pool, but that’s none of my business

  4. Fights during or after practice I can understand. Guys get overzealous, frustrated, hot, sore, etc., and pretty soon tempers flare even among the best of friends and teammates. But starting a fight before practice? That’s just a locker room cancer.

  5. Don’t you have to be on the roster for the first game to guarantee your salary? Does this mean that Pryor lost an entire year’s pay because of a fight? wow.

  6. Sheesh
    So glad the JEts dumped this clown
    but so sad it was either him or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Jets picked wrong. Ugh.

    At least Pryor and the guy that drafted him are long gone.

    And so glad the Jets got ANYTHING to dump him!

  7. A little known tidbit on Calvin Pryor, he was drafted 3 spots ahead of where the Packers picked Ha Ha Clinton Dix. As fate would have it, the Jets played the Packers in the middle of their rookie seasons and Rex Ryan went out of his way to praise how the Jets got the better player, the bigger hitter and the better cover guy.

    Flash forward to today, Rex Ryan is out of the NFL, Pryor is a step behind him and Clinton Dix went to the Pro Bowl last year.

  8. whatjusthapped says:
    A little known tidbit on Calvin Pryor, he was drafted 3 spots ahead of where the Packers picked Ha Ha Clinton Dix.

    Sorry, my friend, but you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who knows that little tidbit. On the plus-side, I enjoyed your dredging up of Rex Ryan’s silly little comment.

  9. No great loss. He was playing special teams in the fourth quarter of the final preseason game. Would not have gotten on the field much anyway. Big swing and miss by the Jets drafting and where they did.

  10. Maybe Calvin Pryor just wanted to get the heck out of Cleveland. He was with the Jets, then Cleveland. I’ll bet that wasn’t his boyhood dream. Now the Jags pick him up. Maybe he gets in a fight there and someone like Denver picks him up. Maybe the Raiders. Perhaps Seattle?Then he turns into a good boy. This kid can play.

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