Sean McVay: Sunday “a chance to really evaluate” Jared Goff


Sean McVay was named the Rams’ head coach early this year, which means has had several months to work with quarterback Jared Goff and he said on Wednesday that he’s come away from that work impressed with Goff’s “mental toughness.”

That’s left him confident that Goff can take a step forward from his rookie season and continue developing into the kind of quarterback the Rams were looking for when they traded up to make him the first overall pick in the 2016 draft. Any assessment that McVay has made about Goff is missing a significant data point at this point, however.

That would be how Goff fares in regular season action and McVay will get a chance to start filling in that portion of the puzzle when his team faces the Colts this weekend.

“I think any time that you get guys in the games, that’s where you get a chance to really evaluate them,” McVay said. “I think we’ve been really pleased with what we’ve seen in practice – the pocket movement, the ability to work through progressions. The best test is when you can truly get tackled and I think in spurts, he’s showed some really good positive signs of going in the right direction with what he did in the preseason. Certainly this game on Sunday will offer a great opportunity for us to see if what we feel like the confidence that we have in him and that we expect to see. Looking forward to seeing him deliver and we have a lot of confidence in Jared that he’ll do that.”

McVay’s background as an offensive coach who helped Kirk Cousins succeed in Washington and the hope he can do the same for Goff was a big part of why he got the Rams job. Sunday will provide the first look into how that process is going in Los Angeles.

18 responses to “Sean McVay: Sunday “a chance to really evaluate” Jared Goff

  1. Against that secondary and lack of pass rush this may be Goff’s best game of the season…at the very least it will be a big confidence booster for him. Rams win big

  2. Ram fans are going to come to love how obsessed McVay is with fade passes in the Red Zone and by love I mean WISH they had any other HC. McVay is god awful and the Redskins upgraded by getting rid of him.

  3. Sadly, the reason Jeff Fisher had the job previously because he was really good killing any interest in the team and crushing the will to live out of the offense.

    The most mindnumbing, unimaginative offenses in the league.

    They should’ve let Fisher coach one more game so he would’ve gotten the record. They deserved it.

    I can’t imagine how much better those players feel now.

  4. On the surface this kid doesn’t have the “it” factor. It’s also odd you never hear his teammates talking him up. Teams have short windows in this league and the Rams have some decent pieces. I think their headed in the right direction but I don’t believe Goff is the answer at QB. Wouldn’t be surprised if they make a run at cousin next year.

  5. Deer in headlights. With the Rams OL, a rookie head coach, and minus any D without Donald whats there to evaluate? Actually, its best to watch Carson Wentz as then judge how bad a decision it was for the Ram’s to select Goof.

  6. As a Rams fan it is put up or shut up time for Goff IMO. Last year he had a horrible O-line with an absolute terrible offensive game plan. This year the O-line has been improved (although still not as good as it needs to be), they got some decent WR’s, and a way better offensive game plan. If he doesn’t look any better than adequate against a below average Indy defense this team is in serious trouble.

  7. This might be the most boring game of the week, except maybe my Bill and the Jets. I think the game will come down to who makes the fewest mistakes as I don’t envision a lot of offense from Scott Tolzien and Jared Goff. Also kind of scary that the compliment McVay used is “impressed with Goff’s mental toughness.” Too bad it wasn’t more along the lines of skill set or decision making.

  8. Anybody remember the best NFL rookies of 2012. This was a great class with Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Russel Wilson at quarterback, and Alfred Morris and Doug Martin at running back. Some players start red hot and burn out fast, others take time to develop. How well are they playing now.

  9. By the way, the Rams have the second youngest team in the NFL. It would be a shocker if they won 8 or more games.

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