Shaquill Griffin expects to be challenged often by Aaron Rodgers

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While he may not be starting yet, rookie cornerback Shaquill Griffin will play plenty for the Seattle Seahawks this season.

In facing Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in his first career regular season game, Griffin knows that Aaron Rodgers will test him frequently this Sunday. As one of the few contributors in Seattle loaded defense to have not been named to the Pro Bowl at least once, he knows he’ll be seen as the weak leak until he proves otherwise.

“I’m definitely expecting that and that’s something I’m preparing for,” Griffin said. “Even in practice, they continue to throw the ball on me even when I’m tired. That’s something that’s going to happen and I feel like I’m good with keeping poise and understanding that I’m going to be put in that situation again. It’s a task I’m ready to take control of and I’m excited for.”

Griffin was one of Seattle’s four third-round draft picks this spring. While Jeremy Lane continues to hold the starting job opposite Richard Sherman, Griffin will take over on the outside when Lane slides into the slot in nickel situations.

In facing one of the most efficient and effective quarterbacks in league history, Griffin knows it’s an early chance to show he can handle the workload at the NFL level.

“That’s going to be very exciting. It’s going to be different, but I’m excited about it,” Griffin said. “It’s a situation that I want to be in. It’s a task that I want to take and get a chance to prove to people I really belong here and I’m here to make plays and help this team get back to a Super Bowl and bring one back home.”

Both Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin referred to Griffin as one of the most poised rookies they’ve ever been around.

“He seems like a 10-year vet maturity wise,” Baldwin said.

He’ll get his chance to see if he’s ready for everything one of the league’s best quarterbacks can throw at him in Green Bay this weekend.

15 responses to “Shaquill Griffin expects to be challenged often by Aaron Rodgers

  1. When Lane slides to the nickel and Griffin has the right corner, Thomas is going to edge over to the right just a little to help out Griffin. That will free Griffin to go for the INT much more often than he normally would.

    Rodgers is an outstanding QB but he is going to run out of options. He will try the short routes–normally Seattle’s Achilles heel–but that won’t work because of the tremendous pass rush up the middle with Bennett, Avril, Richardson, Reed, and Clark. Green Bay’s pass protection won’t hold up.

    Still, Green Bay is an excellent team. Can’t wait for the game!

  2. SEA is in trouble at cornerback, Jeremy Lane is horrible ranking 95th out of 110 corners last year with a pathetically low 43.2 overall grade last season. Shaq Griffin looked terrible in the pre-season against starting offenses and was constantly picked on and exposed, he is a guy who gave up 7TDs just last year in a weak college conference. QBs, especially good QB’s like AR are just going to sit back and pick those two apart all day long, the Seahawks are in a major trouble at CB.

  3. “one of the league’s best quarterbacks”

    Easily the league’s best quarterback. Guys like Brady and Ryan fall apart when they need to make plays on their own, as was on display otnight. Rodgers does it all the time and makes the weak links around him look much better than they are.

  4. Of course Rodgers will go after him… unless he sees a match-up he likes even better on a given play. This ought to be just one more good story line among many in this game. This one is kind of a win/win for Seattle. If the kid gets burned, no big deal; he’s supposed to get burned as a rookie going against a guy like Rodgers. If the kid holds his own or has a big game, it should be quite the confidence builder. Sunday can’t get here fast enough.

  5. The Packers usually start the season slowly. It would be nice to do something different this year.

  6. Whoever said Griffin looked terrible in the preseason is crazy. He looked like a rookie at times, but looked plenty competent. I don’t expect him to have a great day against the best QB in the league and some of the best receivers in his very first NFL game because even the best CB’s in the league don’t usually have good days against them. But I don’t foresee his play being the make or break difference in the game. Seattle’s D-line and Kris Richard being able to dial up some pressure will be what determines the game. If the D-line gets pressure, Seahawks win. If they don’t, like last year, Rodger’s will torch that defense. It would also help if Wilson doesn’t throw 5 picks in this game… Should be a fun one. I’m just glad football’s here again.

  7. theashleyguy says:
    September 8, 2017 at 12:24 am
    Rodgers is an outstanding QB but he is going to run out of options. He will try the short routes–normally Seattle’s Achilles heel–but that won’t work because of the tremendous pass rush up the middle with Bennett, Avril, Richardson, Reed, and Clark. Green Bay’s pass protection won’t hold up.

    We will see if Rodgers runs out of options and what will hold up. The last couple of meetings at Lambeau have not been pretty for Seattle’s offense or defense. New year, new season, but you might be underestimating GB O line and Rodgers ability to make use of his options. Should be a great game and a nice way to kick off the season. I am sure Seattle will bring it and hope the Packers do too.

  8. A-Rod will attack as he always does against rookies. I want to see some hook & go routes mixed with down & ins plus the fly all on one play!! I don’t think McCarthy even knows how much firepower he has on this team!! He should not be calling those dull plays from yesteryear because every offensive weapon we have at our expense is capable of taking it to the house!! This should be one quick trip to the Super Bowl if we can dodge the injury bug that keeps biting the PACKERS at the worst times…GO PACK GO!!!😎

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