Suggestion of bringing Dolphins’ London game home seems fair, also quaint

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With Hurricane Irma ripping its way across the Atlantic toward the United States, the NFL’s priorities have obviously been placed on safety, if not player safety.

With the Dolphins’ home game against the Buccaneers postponed until their scheduled Week 11 bye week, both teams are now faced with playing 16 straight games, which is not ideal. But the Dolphins are already a home game short, since they’ve given the league a home date to send their Oct. 1 game against the Saints to London.

That means after their bye this week, the Dolphins will be playing in Los Angeles, New York and London before playing their first actual home game in Miami Oct. 8 against the Titans.

One suggestion for relief comes from Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, who believes that canceling the London trip and letting the Dolphins play that game at Hard Rock Stadium would be the fair thing to do.

He’s careful to point out that this option hasn’t been discussed at the league level, and that it seems unlikely to come to fruition, since it would require Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to ask for it. That Dolphins-Saints game is one of four in England this season, as the league has gradually increased their inventory overseas.

To be honest, Salguero’s idea is sensible, and logical, and humane. It also has no chance of happening.

For the league to pull the plug on one of their pet projects would require them to value the welfare of the Dolphins’ players over their own international ambitions, something that few would imagine possible.








24 responses to “Suggestion of bringing Dolphins’ London game home seems fair, also quaint

  1. Here’s a thought: have the Jets play all of their eight home games this year in London. It would be the humane thing to do for Jets’ fans.

  2. All the suggestion does at this point is cause a stupid argument. The game in London has been scheduled for a long time and it is not going to be moved. Salguero is tying to be outrageous to get more traffic to his column, good for him. Businesses, people, etc, have all made travel arrangements and spent money. I never liked the idea of losing a home game, but the fact that the decision was made, I rolled with it, made my plans to travel to London, and visit a city that I probably would not have otherwise visited to see my team play. To change that now would be a disservice to a lot of fans outside of Miami and to the city of London. Again, Miami should never lose a home game, but what’s done is done, and you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

  3. mikeyhigs says:
    September 7, 2017 at 7:29 am
    What about all of the fans who bought airfare to London to see the game?
    Mikey, you win the internet today or at least this morning. The team, itself, probably sold expensive packages to London and people are looking forward to that trip. The same goes for people in London who love the NFL and already bought tickets.

    Miami is not losing a second home game here either. In fact, conditions for fans in Miami are probably much better in November than they are the first week of September.

    These things happen.

  4. They probably get more money out of the International Series games than a US home games which would give another reason as to why that wasn’t an option.

  5. That would be the right thing to do for the Dolphin players, but since when has the the NFL cared about the welfare of their players ? The league is greedy and by playing overseas is more valuable to them than the welfare of the players.

  6. Not going to happen, competitive disadvantage for a team is a very small price for the league to pay in order to increase their European footprint. No one should kid themselves about this either, Ross is fully on board with 345 Park Ave.

  7. They should have just moved the game to tonight or Friday night and got it over with before the storm hits.

  8. Too late for that. I personally know of many fans from both sides who have spent thousands on airline tickets and hotels. We’re talking one game whereas the Saints had to spend an entire season away from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, things happen so deal with it and move on…..

  9. Great call just move it to tonight or friday never mind the histeria going on in Florida no gas no water people have alot more on their mind than this game

  10. I wonder if Miami had an away game to start the season would they canceled that to let the players be with their families and prepare? You know very well they would never cancel that game so the reason of letting their players be with their families is complete BS. Miami and Tampa play the Jets and buffalo later in the season and jets and buffalo play each other they could have just swapped out weeks and had Miami go play the Jets and Tampa Bay Go play buffalo in the first week.

  11. “For the league to pull the plug on one of their pet projects would require them to value the welfare of the Dolphins’ players over their own international ambitions…”
    The league office will not do anything to make themselves look bad in the eyes of people who are giving them money, ie: the fans that are paying to go to the game overseas…and the TV money that comes in from it. Player safety is one of their concerns, but not nearly as much as making money off the backs of those same players.

  12. The league did what’s best for the players and their community. I don’t care if that was their motive, because the right thing happened in cancelling this game. Now the league isn’t going to do any favors for the Dolphins, and if this article is right, neither will Stephen Ross. Why should any of us care if Stephen Ross doesn’t?

  13. Adapt baby adapt. It will make you stronger, better, sharper if you don’t feel sorry for yourself. Stuff happens and this thing has killed and there will be more if you don’t look after yourselves and your families.

  14. Way too much logistical work has been put in from several entities for this to even be a consideration, not to mention the thousands of people that have travel plans and have spent hundreds or even thousands for this trip. I personally know someone that’s planned his entire wedding and honeymoon around this trip to London to watch the Saints. Less than four weeks before the game, this idea is simply not feasible.

  15. Am I the only one wondering where the Bucs and Jags are playing this week with the power out and the flooding from Irma ????

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