Browns make Kevin Hogan their backup quarterback


Cody Kessler entered Browns training camp as the starting quarterback.

He’s entering the regular season as their No. 3.

Via Zac Jackson of The Athletic, Browns coach Hue Jackson announced that Hogan would be the backup to DeShone Kizer when the Browns play the Steelers Sunday.

Hogan appeared in four games for the Browns last year, while Kessler actually started eight games (losing all eight). Coupled with the rookie Kizer, that means they have no NFL wins on their quarterback depth chart.

Which seems kind of appropriate, actually.

12 responses to “Browns make Kevin Hogan their backup quarterback

  1. Browns about to lose a lot of games. Kizer isn’t ready, and Hogan is a decent #2 and not much more. The Factory of Sadness will continue on for at least another year. Cleveland deserves better.

  2. The right call. Hogan has outplayed Kessler. Nice to see them demote one of their draft picks, of whom Hue said “Trust me on this one”, as it shows their commitment to putting the best players they have on the field, rather than puffing up their own picks. Ultimately W’s will determine their fate, not what percentage of their own draft picks play.

  3. Hmm, interesting. Kessler didn’t win a lot but he seemed pretty good last season considering. Seems a little like overthinking the situation especially since Osweiler seemed to be the best QB for the short term. To me, it looks a little more like he’s trying to prove he’s a QB guru especially since the guy on his own team felt like Osweiler was the choice. Guess we will see.

  4. Kessler won’t throw the ball downfield. He checks off to the shorter routes, which does a nice job in keeping is completion average up, but doesn’t back the defense up enough to allow the running game to get going. If he’d air it out a few times, he’d still be #2, or even the #1; and maybe they’d have won a couple of those close games.

  5. Hogan should be starting IMO after cutting Osweiler. Kessler is atrocious. I’ve been a browns fan why whole life, this opening day game is shaping up to be a typical bloodlettting. I hope Kizer proves me wrong but seriously the odds are on my side. Why roll this Kizer kid out there against the steelers?

  6. If Kizer were to go down Hogan provides a much better comparison in terms of the read option game and means less changes to the game plan. Kessler would be the backup if the Browns were going to run a drop back and throw offense.

  7. It’s easy to poke fun at the Browns team and organization. Their tenure of losing makes it easy, if not deserving. All three Browns QB’s have a total of ZERO NFL wins. Why would a GM put his team in that position? Winning isn’t just about talent, it’s about a culture of NOT LOSING. The Browns organization has excelled in losing for years. Seems like they’re hoping they have the next Dak Prescott.

    I feel bad that Kizer is being put out there with a team that’s been pared down due to cost-saving measures, except for their front five. Prescott inherited one of the best offensive lines; Kizer is in the same position, but lacks one essential ingredient–a culture of winning. If the Browns can win with the rookie then they’ve definitely found a diamond in the rough, well, second round.

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