Chiefs’ 42 points are most allowed by Patriots team since 1993

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A New England Patriots team coached by Bill Belichick had never allowed as many points in a game as they yielded to the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday.

The Chiefs’ 42 points scored was the most of the Belichick era and most points scored by a Patriots’ opponent since the New York Jets rolled to a 45-7 victory in September, 1993. That team was coached by Bill Parcells.

The Patriots had only allowed 40 or more points four times under Belichick. The last team to accomplish the feat? Well, that would be the Kansas City Chiefs, who beat the Patriots 41-14 at Arrowhead Stadium in 2014. The San Francisco 49ers won 41-34 in 2012, and the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers each scored 41 points in victories over New England in 2005.

The loss also snapped a streak of 87 straight victories at home when the Patriots led at halftime. The last defeat coming in December, 2000 to the Miami Dolphins.

52 responses to “Chiefs’ 42 points are most allowed by Patriots team since 1993

  1. It was pretty funny to watch the “fans” leave as soon as they lost the lead in the 4th Quarter.

  2. 87 straight “regular season” home victories when leading at halftime…Ravens bullied Tom & Bill out of their own house in the 2nd hall of the AFC Championship a few years ago.

  3. Thanks for coming Patriots fans. Gronk is done, you have no team speed, no receivers, no running game, no defense, awful special teams and your quarterback is 40-years old. Chiefs aren’t even good and look what they did to you.

    See you in 2017.

    Or maybe not.

  4. Guess Bill couldn’t keep his team focused after all the Patriot mania for the evening. Ol’ Al and Chris continued to gush nearly the entire night before reality set in.

  5. No other way to say it KC outclassed the Patriots tonight. Alex Smith looked pretty good guess he had to shut up the Mahomes people somehow. KC’s defense was great they had pretty good coverage on the receivers especially Gronk hope Berry and Hill are ok. Patriots need to be humbled to forge their path get the losses out of the way early.

  6. And all day, every “expert” Chiefs don’t have a prayer, you know you’re laying the Patriots right? They are going perfect and winning the Super Bowl. What players do you have? Anyone still need that answer. GO CHIEFS!!!!!

  7. Oh, what fitting beginning to the 2017 football season… After having to endure all the PRIDEFUL, OBNOXIOUS chatter these past few months to see the Pats fall so hard…

    At least their will be NO undefeated yacking from them this year!

    YAY Chiefs!
    Thank you

  8. I think it should be pretty clear to all now, that what I have been saying all off season is legit.
    The Kansas City Chiefs have been assembled to go on a string of Super Bowl runs.
    Alex Smith will lead them this year, and future HOFer Mahomes will take over next season.
    the Chiefs DOMINATED the Patriots tonight, in front of the whole country, and showed why (as i stated) they are the best team this year.
    It was so funny to see all the sad faces on the obnoxious Pats fans faces, and to see them fleeing for the exits midway thru the 4th quarter.

    Chiefs Nation will be rockin in the leagues LOUDEST Stadium for the playoffs, and as we move the Chiefs Nation convoy on up I-35 to take over Vikings Stadium for the next Chiefs Lombardi Trophy

  9. Chiefs won the game but lost Eric berry. To me, losing berry basically dooms any Super Bowl hopes they may have had.

    Patriots decision to trade away Collins and jones finally caught up with them. But hey, they won the Super Bowl last year. Lol. At some point, you’re going to get your butt kicked. Last time that happened was ironically against the Chiefs. And you know what happened after that game? The patriots won the Super Bowl.

  10. Felt going in that if the Chiefs played a good tough game, they could pull out a W. Great start to the season for KC!

  11. Blows my mind how everyone deems the Pats as an unearthly, Godlike team that is impossible of loss. Every team is beatable bud. Got smoked by Alex Smith. Alex..Smith.. Let that one sink in.

  12. Scoring defense fail out of the gate. Amazing how weak the entire until looked once Hightower went down. Missing one guy can do that? Not good!

    Depth issues.

  13. Well if we had to take a whipping, at least it was Big Fat Andy. You gotta love Andy and those Cheeeeeeeefs cheers. Hats off, KC was great. Back to the drawing board for our boys; won’t have to listen to anymore of that 19-0 media crap. Bill will figure it out and have a good team, always does.

  14. Impressive game by the Chiefs tonight. Handled their business. Smart defense and explosive on offense. Hate that Berry got hurt, but health and good play the rest of season Chiefs. Going to be fun.

  15. Smith looked possessed and driven tonight. I have always thought he was underrated and I like rooting for him based on that.

    If he keeps it up people will question the mahomes pick but that is probably what pushed smith to leave his comfort zone.

  16. That was pretty shocking. KC has some playmakers and NE just couldn’t keep up.

    Also Brady was missing some passes bad.

    Patriots will likely be fine, but they are officially behind everyone else in the league as of now.

  17. The Chiefs moved that ball at will, gapping holes made by the offensive line. WHEW !!!!!! Alex made some beautiful throws downfield too, and all around Awesome Butt-Kicking…………. “Lucy you have some Splaining to do !!”

  18. Pats were weak and KC was strong. Respect to the visiting team and hope the Pats can sharpen skills in all three phases bc they all looked sloppy.

  19. All streaks come to an end. It’s just nice to see the Chiefs on the right side of it for once!

  20. Congrats to the Chiefs. Their future is bright, but the AFC West will be tough this year. I’m guessing either the Chiefs or the Raiders will win the division, but home field will matter. Neither team will win enough games to get the number 1 seed. The AFC East will be soft as usual, so the Pats will probably still get the number 1 seed. I don’t really like this playoff system.

  21. slick50kc says:
    September 8, 2017 at 5:16 pm
    Keep talking about the raiders. We’ll keep laughing about that.

    The Pats were laughing right up until the Chiefs beat them. Re the AFC West, I’ll pick the Chiefs to win, as they have the most complete team. Raiders have the best long term QB, a very good O, and a mediocre D. Bronco’s O is anemic at the moment, and the D can’t overcome the O. Chargers have Rivers. He’s a great QB, but getting older, and the rest of the team ????

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