Eddie Lacy wondering whether he should make a Lambeau leap

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Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy is hoping for an opportunity to leap.

And apparently, he’s in good enough shape to do so, and to possibly carry the team’s offense this weekend.

Via Brady Henderson of ESPN.com, the former Packers running back said he’s pondering whether or not to leap into the Lambeau Field stands if he scores a touchdown in his return this weekend.

“You know, honestly, I’ve been thinking about that for the past two days,” Lacy said. “Part of me wants to, but I don’t want to get pushed down. I really don’t know how the crowd will react to that. Maybe I could find like a small patch of Seahawks fans and do it there.”

He’s probably going to have chances to get there, as Thomas Rawls is still dealing with an ankle injury and may not be able to play this weekend, which could put him back in the 20-plus carry per game range.

“I’ll definitely take as many they give me,” Lacy said. “I haven’t played since October, but going through the first [three] preseason games and getting the feel back and getting hit and reassuring myself that my ankle is perfectly fine, I feel like I’m equipped for whatever I have to do.”

And he’s apparently sufficiently svelte. Lacy had another weigh-in this week, and when asked if he made his target weight, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said: “Eddie’s doing great. He’s done everything we’ve asked of him.”

If he indeed hit his 245-pound limit, that’s another $55,000 in his pocket from the weight clauses inserted in his contract. He had previously hit the first three in May, June, and August, and has three more over the course of the regular season. That means the only thing weighing him down this weekend should be his wallet, which will be safely tucked in his locker.

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  1. If the Packers get a crane into the stadium, maybe they can hoist him up over the green walls for a Lambeau leap; but he has to make it into the endzone first. He could sprain his cankle on the way down though. Eddie will do nothing this Sunday.

  2. Good for Eddie. I always liked him as a Packer, I wish Ted would have kept him and structured his contract the way the Seahawks did. But, I’ll take a WR turns running back that averages 5.9 yards a carry and will be a nightmare for defenses to cover coming out of the back field for passes.

  3. You ate yourself out of Green Bay, infuriated the best quarterback in the league with your lack of professionalism to stay in shape and probably cost them at least one trip to another Super Bowl and you’re thinking of making a Lambeau Leap?

    Can he even make the Lambeau Leap without the help of about a half dozen Packer fans?

  4. He better just enjoy the carries he gets. My guess is they will use him this week feeling he has an axe to grind. But as the year goes along, he will find it harder to meet his weight requirements ( as he is sitting during the games watching other running backs play)

  5. I’ve always thought when an opponent tries for a leap, instead of pushing him away, the fans at Lambeau should embrace him; tightly; and then pass his butt all the way to the top of the stadium like a crowd-surfing rock star. Let his team play without him for awhile.

  6. He wouldn’t be the first visiting player to leap into the stands.

    But it would be very fitting for him to do it to spite Mike McCarthy for his fat shaming…

  7. I love Eddie and yet if he tries the LL I hope some fun-loving Packers fans will stone him on his way up. I think if the Hawks get close to the end zone Carrol will believe GB is keying on Lacy and the play goes elsewhere. Lacy a decoy is more likely than Lacy a leaper.

  8. As a packer fan – and a lacy fan while he was here – the guy just could not pull away from anyone. He was just too slow. Loved him when he made the pro bowl as a rook but guy just got too big. Lineman could actually catch him in the open field.

  9. I heard this interview live. He didn’t bring it up, he was asked if he would do a Lambeau leap if he scored. He kind of laughed about it when saying the Packers fans would push him back down. He definitely didn’t seem to have anything against the Packers or their fans. Football is a business. I’m sure he’d have preferred to stay in GB if that was an option.

  10. Doubt Packer fans should have anything against Eddie. Always a good citizen while in GB, and played some great ball. He’s just not motivated to be a killer, and probably not by money either. After another 2 years, probably won’t be in the league.

  11. Most Packer fans have seemed pretty reasonable when opponents do the leap — unless the player spills their beer. . . . .

  12. GenXJ says:
    September 8, 2017 at 12:15 pm
    The leap is played out for all the bandwagon fans to feel important. New tradition please. Like, maybe, punch a packer-backer.
    Or if it was Minnesota it would be to berate your QB’s pregnant wife till she is afraid to leave the house.

  13. As a packers fan, I wouldn’t mind it if it happens. I like Lacy. It’s just unfortunate that he had to get so out of shape. His leaving the packers was beneficial for all parties involved, Lacy, Packers, and Seahawks, because he needed contract enforced weight limits for motivation.

  14. cheeseisfattening says:
    September 8, 2017 at 12:07 pm
    Don’t do it Eddie, Packer fans have been fat shaming you ever since you left.

    ……says the self-described fat-shaming professional.

  15. As a Packers fan, I hold no ill will towards Lacy and I don’t think most GB fans do either. If he had the opportunity I expect Packers fans would welcome him in the stands. I used to love his tweets about “smashing China food”

  16. I have 0 confidence in Lacy bringing anything other than Chinese food to the table in Seattle. He looks like his only goal is not to fumble and appears not to get 1 extra yard other than what the play was blocked for.

  17. The jokes just write themselves sometimes.

    I’d make a joke about this but my head is still exploding from the insane irony of Eddie Lacy being fat-shamed out of Wisconsin.

  18. The NFl is all about speed. The good big backs have speed. The good little backs have speed. The good middle sized backs have speed.

    Lacy is just too slow. Even at 245lb he’s too slow. One would think the guy at that size would be able to drive the pile but he doesn’t. One would think he could get 1 yd on 4th down but he doesn’t.

    Lacy is a 245lb, slow RB who thinks he can dance and accelerate but all he can do is dance.

    He will get hurt and the Seahawks will let him walk after this season. The knock on the guy coming out of Alabama was that he wasn’t motivated. It would seem that the knock was correct. He said he liked to sit at home and watch cartoons. Seriously. That is what he said in an interview. He should have added that he ate Cheetos while watching Thundercats and Xmen. When I read that I knew he was going to be a one contract guy.

  19. sweetnlow44 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 12:12 pm
    I hope he doesn’t do it.

    Only because the Lambeau Leap is stupid and one of the worst traditions in all of sports.

    You need some context to understand why the lambeau leap is so special to the packer fans. Watching a man briefly escape the crushing gravity of Earth, if only for a brief moment is an extremely rare spectacle in g.b. For packer fans, the earth’s gravitational pull is the only opponent more reviled than those pass-happy Falcons.

  20. omeimontis says:
    September 8, 2017 at 3:39 pm
    I hope he looks before he leaps. Otherwise the Cheeseheads may serve him some cold beer and a knuckle sandwich.
    Yes! This is just another example of Packer fans trashing their former beloved players as soon as they go elsewhere and become ex-Packers. Seriously look at all the fat jokes from Packer fans now where 1 year ago they scorned Eddie Lacy fat jokes and defended him.

  21. cheeseisfattening says:
    September 8, 2017 at 6:41 pm
    This is just another example of Packer fans trashing their former beloved players as soon as they go elsewhere and become ex-Packers.

    I had to read this twice. I wasn’t sure if you were describing Lacy and the Packers and Packer fans, or Peterson, the Vikings, and Viking fans.

    Because it’s exactly the same. In fact, it’s just about exactly the same just about everywhere every time. But you knew that already.

  22. Technically it’s against the rules for anybody other than the Packers to Leap into the stands, and it’s only allowed in Green Bay. It was grandfathered in when the league cracked done on celebrations. If Lacy or any opponent does a Lambeau leap, it probably won’t be enforced in Green Bay, but it’s technically a penalty.

  23. Lacy doesn’t need to be fast. Pete Carroll wants him big. He’s going to be used a short yardage battering ram. He has a good chance of getting into the end zone.

  24. Technically it’s against the rules for anybody other than the Packers to Leap into the stands, and it’s only allowed in Green Bay. It was grandfathered in when the league cracked done on celebrations. If Lacy or any opponent does a Lambeau leap, it probably won’t be enforced in Green Bay, but it’s technically a penalty.
    Packer fan arrogance on full display again. No it is not only allowed in Green Bay. it is only done there because that is the only place where fans consider themselves special for it so players stroke their egos to get them into the game. The Lambeau Leap is legal, it’s not showing up the other team with an excessive celebration, not because of its storied past all the way back to 1993.

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