Eli Manning will become only third QB ever to start 200 consecutive regular-season games

Getty Images

Being the Giants backup quarterback is either the easiest job in sports . . . or the worst. It’s definitely the most boring.

Since Nov. 21, 2004, Eli Manning has started every game for the Giants at quarterback. That’s 199 regular-season starts and counting. Washington has started 10 quarterbacks in that time, Dallas 12 and Philadelphia 12.

Five Giants backup quarterbacks have combined for 89 total attempts over the past 12-plus seasons.

“I think as a quarterback, as a player, you want to be out there each and every week for your team with the other guys,” Manning said, via Michael Eisen of the team website. “There are tons of guys that play hurt and play injured, and you know they are doing what they can to practice and be there for me. I want to make sure they know I am going to do everything I can to be out there for them, as well.”

Only two quarterbacks in NFL history have made 200 starts in row: Brett Favre started 287 consecutive games for the Packers, Jets and Vikings from 1992-2010, and Peyton Manning had 208 straight starts for Indianapolis from 1998-2010.

“It’s not only just showing up,” said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, who was a backup quarterback in his NFL playing career. “It’s showing up and playing as well as anybody plays at their position in the National Football League. And it’s day after day after day. It’s practice, practice, practice, game and let’s do it all over again. Again, tremendous amount of appreciation.”