Ezekiel Elliott’s legal team “very pleased” to have an impartial decision-maker

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Ezekiel Elliott‘s legal team is celebrating a judge’s decision to temporarily set aside Elliott’s six-game suspension.

In a statement released shortly after Elliott won a temporary restraining order, his lawyers said the judge’s decision showed that the NFL didn’t give Elliott a fair hearing.

“We just learned of the Honorable Amos Mazzant’s decision to grant Mr. Elliott’s request for a preliminary injunction staying the NFL’s six-game suspension,” the statement said. “We are very pleased that Mr. Elliott will finally be given the opportunity to have an impartial decision-maker carefully examine the NFL’s misconduct. This is just the beginning of the unveiling of the NFL’s mishandling as it relates to Mr. Elliott’s suspension. As the Court noted, the question of whether Mr. Elliott received a fundamentally fair hearing was answered: ‘he did not’. We agree.”

The NFL may continue its court fight with Elliott and the players’ union, and it’s still possible that the league will ultimately win, and Elliott will have to serve his suspension. But for now he’s preparing to play, and his legal team is celebrating a victory.

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  1. Sheesh, I hate lawyers. And while I respect the laws of our great nation, I despise the fact that the laws don’t govern our behavior, the lawyers do. In Zeke’s case, there’s video footage of some of his unacceptable behavior, but thanks to the lawyers, this will be battled out in courts while Zeke continues to be unaccountable for the obvious.

  2. To put him jail requires conviction of a crime, which requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt as determined by a jury of average folks. The DA didn’t think enough of this case to even present the “facts” the DA had to a jury of 12 average folks, much less let them deliberate over them.

    The NFL’s own investigator, a woman, and the only NFL person to interview the alleged victim, did not recommend discipline.

    If the people most closely involved in figuring out what happened don’t seem to think there’s enough evidence to try him in a court of law or to recommend to his employers that he be disciplined, why should the rest of us just assume he “beat a woman”?

  3. Unless a judge ultimately decides to overturn the CBA, Goodell still has the authority to do whatever he feels is appropriate in these cases.
    Until then, this is all just sound and fury. With plenty of idiots to go around.

  4. stexan says:
    September 8, 2017 at 8:57 pm

    Unless a judge ultimately decides to overturn the CBA, Goodell still has the authority to do whatever he feels is appropriate in these cases.

    He doesn’t have the authority to lie and suppress evidence/testimony. If you can find that in there, I’d love too se it.

  5. @ magnumpimustache says:

    “He beat a woman. He belongs in jail”.

    Hmmmmm. Really? Because the Ohio PD found otherwise and dropped the case accordingly after confirming the accuser was a liar who tried to coerce her friends to lie for her. It is the PD who are the actual investigators, and they are paid to look at the evidence OBJECTIVELY. The recent decision to grant Elliott the TRO was truly impartial, and he found Henderson’s and GOodell’s decision to be anything BUT impartial.

    Henderson is a tool, who was hired by Goodell. Henderson is the same guy involved with the Cowboys and Redskins losing cap space in an uncapped year. Go figure…….

    So, you can hate all you want, but when it comes to investigating, let the professionals do it, not some hack named Henderson and the severely overpaid Bozo Goodell who is pillaging the good fans of the NFL.

  6. Boy…a Texas judge…hearing a case on a Cowboys player on an incident that ostensibly happened in Columbus Ohio. Wow…I wonder how a Texas judge is going to rule here…surprise, surprise.

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