Giants officially list Odell Beckham as questionable for Sunday night

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On Thursday night, PFT reported that Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham is 50-50 to play against the Cowboys on Sunday night.

The Giants confirmed it on Friday. Beckham has been listed as questionable for the season opener due to the ankle injury he suffered in the team’s second preseason game of the summer.

Beckham did not participate in any of the team’s practices this week, although he was spotted running on the side while the rest of the team worked out on the field. Beckham has played a few times without practicing in the last two years, although his absence from practice was never as long as it has been this year.

Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard, Tavarres King, Dwayne Harris and Roger Lewis would be the Giants wideouts if Beckham is unable to go.

The Giants ruled linebacker Keenan Robinson out with a concussion. Everyone else on the roster is expected to play.

20 responses to “Giants officially list Odell Beckham as questionable for Sunday night

  1. Even if he plays, he won’t be 100%. Cowboys fan here, but if I’m the Giants – you don’t want to risk further injury. The guy is a pain diva anyway, and refuses to tape his ankles. The smart move is to set him.

  2. The guy whose bad on-field behavior two seasons ago ruined Giants’ must-win game for any playoff hopes got Coughlin fired, and then whose poor on-field performance was blamed for last season’s playoff exit? Yeah, I’d say he always questionable and beg that the Giants field him every game.

  3. People hate Odell for being dramatic and eccentric on the field, but OFF the field he has had NO issues.. He took time to visit the young boy in Texas that was dying of cancer a few days before he passed. In my opinion, that supersedes any immaturity he displayed on the field.

    These athletes are hero’s to these young kids, and that young boys face when he saw Odell was precious.

  4. He most likely is insured out the wazoooo so this is just about him being addicted to drama , you wanna sting this guy,,,,let him sit go out and win the game and and no being in the spotlight will drive him crazier than he already is !

  5. objectivefootballfan says:
    September 8, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    I have this sneaky feeling Odell is going to miss the game, if he does play, he won’t be 100%.

    Hot take there….

  6. Cowboys fans are hoping and praying Odell wont play simply because of those no name nobodys in that weak secondary will be exposed!!!…..One more thing every team has a diva and yours is over rated under 1000 yds receiving Dez Bryant!!!!

  7. Perhaps he’s not cut out for the game.
    Unfortunately, we have to watch him play.
    Seems like he craves attention more than the ball.
    Should probably focus more on the team than himself.
    Yet, here we are still talking about him.

  8. JFC so much hate. What has big bad Beckham done to you, personally? It was the visiting the sick, dying kid with cancer who just wanted to meet OBJ before he passes, wasn’t it? What a terrible human being.

  9. xavier179 says:
    September 8, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    Questionable still means that he can play. Mara and his puppet coach need to man up and say whether he is in or not
    Why? Does your fantasy team depend on him playing? The Giants owe you no more information than they have given, which is that he is “questionable”. If you “demand” more information, then feel free to be part of the next CBA.

  10. Indybear says:
    September 8, 2017 at 1:49 pm
    Perhaps he’s not cut out for the game.
    Unfortunately, we have to watch him play.

    So don’t watch. Problem solved.

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