Jerry Jones remains “uncharacteristically pretty silent” while awaiting judge’s decision in Elliott case

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Jerry Jones admittedly isn’t a patient man. But the Cowboys owner can do nothing except wait on a judge’s decision. Judge Amos L. Mazzaint III is expected to rule by 6 p.m. ET on Ezekiel Elliott‘s preliminary injunction motion.

“We’re, as a group, we’ve got our team around here at The Star, and we’re waiting on the judge’s decision,” Jones said Friday afternoon on 105.3 The Fan.

The Cowboys know they have their star running back for the season opener against the Giants, but arbitrator Harold Henderson upheld the six-game suspension NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handed Elliott. So games 2-7 remain in doubt for Elliott.

If the temporary restraining order is not granted and Elliott chooses not to pursue the case further in the legal system, Elliott would not be eligible to play until Nov. 5 against the Chiefs.

Jones has said little since Goodell suspended Elliott, clearly unhappy with the league’s decision. He has promised to comment further when the case reaches an end point.

“I have been very careful and uncharacteristically pretty silent in commenting on how the pact or the strategy of the Players Association, Zeke, our own,” Jones said. “I’m not going to get into it because it’s probably still being deliberated right now. I will say this, though, that I think that Zeke’s team is very competent. I’ve said that, but I think they’re showing that as they work through this thing. Hopefully, Zeke, the Cowboys will benefit from this.”

7 responses to “Jerry Jones remains “uncharacteristically pretty silent” while awaiting judge’s decision in Elliott case

  1. OMG stop! The NFL is an EMPLOYER and can discipline their employees any way they choose. In this case, the NFL is bound by the CBA, as is the NFLPA. Since when is employee discipline a matter for a court of law?
    IMO if a player commits a crime, or puts himself in a compromising situation, or ANY situation that will bring negative publicity to himself, his employing team, or the NFL, then he should be banned for the the next 17 games without pay. Also, the team would not be charged a salary cap hit for that player and the player must return a portion of his signing bonus.
    THAT just might cause players to think twice before doing something stupid. Then we would avoid the media gangbang against the NFL and Goodell.

  2. Elliott really should sue the NFL for slander. By suspending him; they are doing something the law refused to do, and label him a woman beater. They are costing him game checks and a ton of $$$ in advertising contracts.

  3. Where’s Goodell’s contract extension? That was like 2 weeks ago, but haven’t heard it’s been finalized, maybe Jerry is holding up that extension until this Elliott situation gets resolved. Guessing, but Jerry might holding the purse strings on the Goodell extension if he doesn’t get his way with the Elliott case.

  4. Jerrah’s yapping might influence the league office, but it would probably not be welcomed by a federal judge.

  5. Zeke’s in-because Pats Chiefs game had lousy TV viewership. So to save face with the advertisers the NFL needs Zeke and “Diva” Jr to ratchet up its prime-time Sunday night game to draw viewers. It’s all about the money!

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