Jon Dorenbos trade may be rescinded

Getty Images

The Saints recently sent a seventh-round pick in 2019 to the Eagles for long snapper Jon Dorenbos. With Dorenbos now needing surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm, the Saints may be getting their pick back.

“Yes, that will handle itself,” coach Sean Payton told reporters on Friday regarding whether the trade will be rescinded. “In other words, this is a preexisting condition that he had genetically at birth. Yes, absolutely.”

Payton explained that Dr. John Amos “basically saved his life” by finding the weakness in Dorenbos’ aortic wall. If the aorta had burst, Dorenbos would have had literally minutes to live.

“I can’t speak for Philadelphia or the other teams he’s been with,” Payton said, “but I do know that that’s something that came up on our physical and there is a blessing to it in some ways regarding him. I mean finding an aneurysm this size is something that will require immediate surgery and credit Dr. Amoss [who] was the first one that caught the red flag.”

Six years ago, Eagles doctors found a brain tumor when administering a physical in connection with the trade for running back Jerome Harrison.