Long snapper Jon Dorenbos needs heart surgery

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Jon Dorenbos, the NFL long snapper who’s also a famous magician, has been diagnosed with a serious heart condition.

Dorenbos was traded from the Eagles to the Saints during the preseason, and Saints coach Sean Payton told reporters today that Dorenbos has an aortic aneurysm and will need heart surgery immediately.

According to Payton, the condition was discovered during a physical exam, and the discovery may have saved Dorenbos’ life.

Long snappers are usually overlooked in the NFL, but Dorenbos is well known for many television appearances in which he shows off his magic skills. Dorenbos became involved in magic during his childhood, and he has opened up about how it gave him something to hold onto after his father murdered his mother when he was 12.

The 37-year-old Dorenbos played 11 years for the Eagles, two for the Titans and two for the Bills. His NFL career may now be over, and the greater concern is his life.

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  1. Sending prayers, hope everything turns out ok for you Jon. You will always be an eagle in my mind. Get well soon.

  2. That is an extremely scary condition. If that thing pops.. it’s game over man. Almost impossible to save.

  3. Jon sending all best wishes and very sincere hopes for a full recovery. Mad respect for you and the life you lead.

  4. Sending sincere prayers out to Jon. True inspiration to many people every year. I hope his football career is over so he can continue for hopefully many years as a magician and making millions smile. I have had the pleasure to meet him several times at the annual Eagles carnival. He has a gift and I am not talking about football or Magic. His gift is making people smile with his infectious personality

  5. So the eagles send Mathews to the bills with a break in his sternum and now Dorenbos to the saints with a serious heart condition. I feel sympathy for Dorenbos but the franchise in philthy should face some sort of scrutiny as there are rules in place with trading players that can’t pass a physical.

  6. First priority is his health, and I wish his a speedy recovery. However a concern, much further down the list than his health, is what happens to the trade between Philly and Saints? Did he pass his preliminary physical, and therefore the Saints still have shipped the 7th round pick off to Philly, or is the whole thing negated at this time?

  7. I’m really glad this was caught in time. As a Eagles fan he’s a great guy. I’m VERY concerned the Eagles doctors didi’nt pick this up during the annual physical in the spring, and begining of pre-season camp.

  8. This is indeed a serious condition, and it is only through luck that it was discovered as it shows no outward symptoms until it ruptures, and then that is it. This is what killed John Ritter and Alan Thicke.

    Luckily, if detected prior to a rupture, there is a 95% chance of surviving the open heart surgery. I went through this surgery in January. A 2 – 4 inch portion of the ascending aorta will be replaced with a Dacron sleeve…it will be a tough recovery, but once through it, there will be no further risk.

  9. Matthews got that 1st practice w/ BUF. Dorenbos…might have just developed. Best wishes to Jon – he’s a good dude.

  10. Classy guy great outlook on life and a great eagle many prayers and get well soon buddy signed a lifelong cowboys fan

  11. RE: sportoficionado says:
    September 8, 2017 at 10:56 am
    So the eagles send Mathews to the bills with a break in his sternum and now Dorenbos to the saints with a serious heart condition. I feel sympathy for Dorenbos but the franchise in philthy should face some sort of scrutiny as there are rules in place with trading players that can’t pass a physical

    Inaccurate. Matthews chipped his sternum the first practice – and frankly, this trade of Dorenbos could have very well saved his life because it quite possibly could have gone undetected. Open your eyes!

  12. As others have said, Matthews was healthy when traded and then got hurt in his first practice. As far as Dorenbos goes, this is not the type of thing that a team would discover in a routine football physical unless the player complained of symptoms.In 2011, the Eagles traded RB Ronnie Brown to the Lions for RB Jerome Harrison(who previously was with PHI) and in his physical with PHI he told the physician that he had been having bad headaches and occasional double vision(IIRC he hadn’t told the Detroit doctors this for some reason). The Eagles doctor then did additional tests/MRIs and discoverd he had a brain tumor. The trade was rescinded of course but more importantly it likely saved his life. Same deal here.

  13. At least it was caught. Scary that something like that doesn’t show symptoms until it’s too late.

    Best wishes to him in recovery.

  14. Everyone in the Philly area loves Dorenbos and hopes this gets taken care of swiftly. Everything football is secondary here- a good man’s life is on the line.
    I sincerely hope this gets taken care of and he’s okay.

  15. What is it with people today accusing the Eagles of knowing and working him out for all of training camps then trading before the start of season. People, turn off the TV especially if your watching Fox all day. Read a lot more, take walks, do something outside.

  16. Each and every year (no matter how long a player has been with the team), players are subjected to a physical prior to being able to participate in team sanctioned practices (cba)–this should’ve been caught prior to Dorenbos being shipped out. So no I don’t buy the “this trade saved his life” argument. It should not have come to this point.

  17. I’ve never heard of the guy being an Arizona Cardinals fan, but him being a fellow human being I wish him well. I will pray that his surgery goes well so that he can live a long and prosperous life.

  18. I had this exact same surgery 3 years ago and I’m now the healthiest I have ever been in my life. Sometimes, a wake up call really makes you appreciate life and realize you are given a second chance to make the best of it. I wish The guy all the best.

  19. @objectivefootballfan says:

    My Heart goes out to the magical magician man known as Jon Dorenbos, I wonder if this was the reason the Eagles traded him to the Saints and did they know about the condition?
    You are NOT a very objective football fan. You’re implying the Eagle knew he had a life threatening condition and decided to trade him rather than place him on IR. On top of that, the picture shows him in a Saints uniform talking to Saints QB Drew Brees. They (Saints) must of thought he was healthy enough to play. It’s quite possible he passed the physical but had another physical done based upon something not disclosed in the story.

  20. This would be a great opportunity for PFT to provide a Public Service Announcement regarding the type of physical exposed his condition, what symptoms he encountered etc. Considering the vast majority of readers on this site aren’t aware of things like a “stress test”, echo-cardiogram, etc. A stress test most certainly saved my life.
    Who remembers the high school physical…look to the right and cough…look to the left and cough while the doctor held the gonads. Those things couldn’t detect a common cold, let alone something serious.

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